Walmart robber sent to jail for second probation violation

Mom: "I think she needs more counseling when she is out."
Cary Ashby
Nov 13, 2013


A former local woman will be spending nearly three months in the Huron County Jail for her second set of probation violations.

Catharine M. Sostre, 30, already served 98 days and was sentenced Tuesday to 82 days -- the remainder of a six-month term. Afterward, she will be kicked off unsuccessfully from her community control sanctions.

"This is the second violation of probation," said Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Daivia Kasper, who also said the state doesn't believe keeping Sostre on probation would benefit her or the community.

"I think it was fair. I think she needs more counseling when she is out," her mother said after the hearing.

Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway recommended Sostre consider taking advantage of a Veterans Administration substance abuse treatment center -- which she'd been ordered to complete last year -- once she is released from jail. The judge told her she might be more invested in the in-patient program if she went there on her own.

"I think it would be good for you to do," Conway said.

At Tuesday's hearing, Sostre admitted to several probation violations.

After she left the VA, she failed to return to Sandusky and failed to notify her probation officer of her new address. Sostre also admitted to a Sept. 16 curfew violation, leaving the VA program without permission that same day and on Sept. 22, she tested positive at the jail for marijuana usage.

On Sept. 22, the Norwalk Police Department, which set up surveillance after receiving information that Sostre would be in a U.S. 20 business parking lot, arrested her on a Norwalk Municipal Court warrant. She was charged with failing to show proof of substance abuse counseling.

"To my knowledge she was in Texas. She had been there a while," Detective Sgt. Jim Fulton said soon after the arrest. "She was back here about a week."

Sostre's underlying conviction was attempted robbery. Huron County Public Defender David Longo called the offense a "glorified shoplifting" incident.

Sostre was homeless and destitute Jan. 13, 2012 when Walmart security officers witnessed her attempting to hide $200 worth of clothing. She struggled with two employees -- a scuffle that went into the parking lot. It's unclear if anybody was injured.

She served 30 days in jail for three drug-related misdemeanors for the same set of circumstances in the robbery.

Later, Sostre served 15 days in the Ottawa County Detention Facility for driving two male suspects away from the Port Clinton Walmart with two stolen, large-screen television sets in a pickup truck. That incident happened June 21, 2012.

The trio was arrested at the intersection of Ohio 2 and Ohio 269. Authorities have said Sostre was under the impression the men were going to buy some beer and while she agreed to driving them, she didn't know they were going to steal anything.

In early August 2012, Sostre admitted to several probation violations. The offenses included a June 21, 2012 curfew violation and failing to provide a urine sample to a state parole officer while she was in custody in Ottawa County.


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