Victim doesn't think justice was served

Woman convicted of stealing guns in drug-related crime remains free.
Cary Ashby
Nov 12, 2013


"I didn't feel like there was any justice in the system."

That's what the rural Willard man said about a case involving two firearms that were stolen by his daughter's mother.

Late last month, Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway ruled the defendant, Norwalk resident Shauna R. Greaves, 32, will remain free on a $15,000 bond until she is healthy enough to serve a 90-day jail term. Her probation officer can impose the sentence, which comes with possible work-release privileges.

Greaves, who is subject to random drug screens, and her attorney had cited multiple health issues, including respiratory problems.

The victim said Greaves' breathing issues probably are related to her heroin usage.

"That's one of the side effects of heroin ... respiratory disease. It tears up your immune system," he said.

In mid-August, Greaves pleaded guilty to theft of a firearm for a May 17 incident on Townline Road 12, Willard. Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler has said it was a drug-related crime and that Greaves has been using drugs for the last nine years.

The victim told the Reflector what led to the crime.

"She would come out and visit our daughter. ... She was supposed to drop off something for my daughter," he said. "She just went into my house and helped herself to my guns."

Greaves was convicted of stealing a Mac .9-mm machine pistol and a .270 Winchester Magnum high-powered rifle. The Mac is worth about $900, and Winchester is valued at $1,200.

"I was legally allowed to own it and use it. It's a semi-automatic gun," he said about the Mac, which is similar to an Uzi. "She knew they were some of my most-prized guns."

While Greaves hadn't mentioned his guns before the thefts, he said "anybody who knows me knows I'm an avid gun collector."

The Huron County Sheriff's Office investigated the case.

"She staged the whole scene," said the man, who explained how Greaves reportedly stacked up guns and an Xbox video system by the front door to make it appear someone was ready to grab them.

Five to eight deputies and Sheriff Dane Howard responded to the victim's home.

"Right off the bat, I suspected (Greaves) because she has a prior (criminal) history. That's why I have custody of the baby. I've had custody of her since she was 3 days old," the man said.

When deputies interviewed, the victim said he told them Greaves "is your No. 1 suspect."

"One of them looked at me kind of strange and said, 'Really?,'" the victim said, but deputies told him they were "familiar with her."

Deputies questioned Greaves at the scene. She wasn't arrested at the time.

The victim said Greaves had deleted all her text messages from her smart phone and deputies discovered a scope in his truck, which had been driven. He said he knew something was unusual because his keys weren't on the dresser as they typically were, but were found inside his truck.

Greaves came to the sheriff's office on her own May 19. She served 14 days in the Huron County Jail.

"That (theft) happened on a Monday and by Saturday, we had convinced her to turn herself in," the victim said.

"I ran a couple ads for several days. I told her we had a tip from Lorain County about (someone) admitting to breaking into the house and stealing the guns," he added.

At the Oct. 30 sentencing hearing, the court ruled Greaves' alcohol and drug use has led to her committing other offenses. The defendant has an extensive criminal history, but this was her first felony conviction.

"She hasn't done particularly well on community control," Conway said. "I think there should be a punishment. I just don't think right now is the right time."

Theft of a firearm is a third-degree felony punishable by nine months to three years in prison.

The victim stressed he wanted Greaves to receive a longer sentence than 90 days in jail, which he considers a "slap on the wrist." She also must pay $2,825 in restitution.

"I don't feel the punishment fit the crime at all," the victim said.

The gun owner is concerned that since Greaves stole his firearms, they could be sold to someone who might commit a crime with them.

"Because of her actions, she's made someone else a victim. Someone else will be a victim at some other time," he said. "There's the potential for someone else to be a victim."



She wasn't too sick to commit the crime. But is not too sick to do the time?? Boo-hoo. Are we supposed to feel bad for her?


And how exactly, does she pay $2,825? Lock your house and don't let heroin addicts in, even family. There is no cure when they see easy money.


She steals something from someone else and sells it. Or sells some more heroin. I mean, she isn't in jail or anything. Sounds like she is pretty resourceful she will think of something.


Another member of the snitch & release program...


Conway is at it again . . .


She is trash and wld rat out her own mother for a $1!


Floater from the stagnant shallow end of the gene pool.

swiss family

of course Justice was NOT served.. all you have to do is read to the point where it says "Judge Conway, or Russ Leffler" and you can pretty much figure out that Justice is not anywhere close.

On another story, people asked why they threw so many almost unrelated charges against someone, and the reason is that in the Plea Bargaining process, that is so dominant in this area, if they were only facing 1 or 2 charges, they would plea bargain it down to somewhere near a "littering" charge... trust me the terms Justice and Huron county, and Judge Conway,is only a farce... now Huron County and Judge Conway and INJUSTICE is pretty prevalent as far as I see it.. of course this is just my own opinion!!!

Scranton Tibbs

Another subject of the Huron county "Catch & Release" or "Snitch & Release" programs. By the time Russ Leffler and dealers rights activist Longo the public defender get done with this, these people will be back to dealing in no time at all. The system has failed.


The victim in this case is NOT a victim. He and the addict were living together when this all happened. This is a fact. I believe this was an insurance scam from the start. If it wasn't than why did the victim bail her out of jail after she confessed and took her back to live with him again? This should be public record. The victim was happy living this way until he replaced the addict with an alcoholic like himself. Now he plays the part of "victim".
The only reason he has custody of his daughter is because the mother "addict" thought he would be the better parent until she straightened out her life. I think the only victim here is the child they made. He is just as guilty as her, at least she admitted to what she did.


If it was an insurance scam or he was part of it this snitch wouldve told in a second all about it. Stop defending this trash who has chosen this life over her children for years. She's a junkie. Always has been always will be. Just glad we dont have to pay for her med treatment and the judge chose to leave her on the street to struggle. Also posting bond is public record. One was personal recog bond and the other Valli Bonds posted. The reason he has custody is because the court system thought he was the better parent not because she gave a crap. Funny you claim hes an alcoholic but where's his record? Shes another snitch and tell and if he was in on it she wouldve sang like a bird to get herself cleared like she usually does.


Who do you think paid Valli bonds? He did! And all alcoholics do not have records. He drinks his case of beer at home every night and is just smart enough not to drink and drive. He is still an alcoholic. And why did he lie in this interview about her living with him? If she truly stole his guns then why bail her out???


Why didnt she tell the police she was living there? Even if he's an alcoholic and allowed her to stay there, im guessing she doesnt have many other options anyway shes a junkie, that still doesnt justify her stealing from him for her drug habit.

for it was mama

She will never change she has been this way since high school and is never going to change use and abuse geez wtf is wrong with this world! Yep the system in norwalk sucks!! just saying snitch and release program is right dumb!