Traffic stop nets two arrests

Norwalk residents face charges after they allegedly "pooled their money together to travel to Oberlin to buy heroin and crack cocaine."
Scott Seitz2
Nov 7, 2013


Two Norwalk residents were arrested after a recent traffic stop in Townsend Township.

During the past weekend, the Huron County Sheriff's Office had extra patrol on the roads due to funds made available from a state High Visibility Grant.

"Deputies are looking for traffic offenses, OVIs (drunken driving) and drugs," Detective Sgt. Josh Querin said.

"On Friday night, Nov. 1, at 5:40 p.m. I was following a car on U.S. 20," Querin said. "The car turned on to Hartland-Center Road and then on to Townsend-Angling Road in a clear attempt to avoid me."

Querin stopped the vehicle and noted four occupants inside.

"We had received information that three of the four individuals were involved in abusing and selling heroin in Huron County," he added.

"I ran my K-9 around the car and received a positive indicator for narcotics," Querin said. "A search of the vehicle was conducted by Sgt. Steve Shupp, Deputy Eric Bardar and myself. In that search, we recovered suspected heroin and a syringe."

As a result of that search, Brett T. Ziemke, 24, of 125 E. Main St., was arrested and charged with possession of a drug-abuse instrument.

A female, Kayla Warrer, of Norwalk, was also arrested on a Sandusky police warrant and transported to Sandusky officers.

Deputies seized $505 in cash.

"We believe they pooled their money together to travel to Oberlin to buy heroin and crack cocaine," Querin said.

"The money was seized as evidence and the suspected heroin was sent to the lab for analysis," he added. "Once we receive the results of the analysis, additional charges could be filed."



The other two agreed to snitch and were let go?

Anonymous Enigma

That's what I was thinking. In the article itself, it states that three out of the four people were suspected to be involved with drug activity...

...But only two people were charged? Come on, man. That just smells suspicious as hell. Someones loose lips sank a ship that night.


They're heroin heads. Who cares what happened. Junkies. Sounds like you're a junkie too.


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@myer468 Spammer...reported. Get a job, punk!

Whiskey Tango F...

they need rehab... on a deserted island far far far away.

simply me

Thank goodness his children live with their mother! What a dead beat


You must not know the mothers boyfriend then.. Drug dealing pile of crap!