Norwalk school levy fails

District asked for 1.25% income tax replacement.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Nov 5, 2013


Voters in the Norwalk City Schools district shoot down the levy request, 1,873 to 1,422.

Look for the full story in Wednesday's Norwalk Reflector.



Good! What did they expect, asking for more than DOUBLE the current tax?!




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Yea seriously,look at the size of Norwalk,then look at all the school buildings we have(are that many really necessary?)integrate a couple into other schools and eliminate two of the school buildings? That intern would free up money such as maintenance/repairs on them,eliminate utility costs for them...


I hope that the board will finally listen to the voters- no new taxes. Do your job and make the budget work- no matter what it takes. You asked for the job, now do it.

Kobayashi Maru

You do realize the state has slashed the local budget? They have cut 28 staff positions in the past five years. They spend way less than every other school district in the area.

Are you suggesting sports and the arts? What are your ideas?


Mr. Cashen stated in his debate held by the student govt. class that he had experience in cutting the budget. I suggest letting him and Mr. Doughty go to work. What areas can be cut? The schools are only 2 positions above state minimum. The only thing left to cut is bussing, asst. coaches, the music and arts program. I hope the tax payers are happy when that happens.

The levy may have passed if all board members had gotten behind it and publicly supported it. How can it pass and get public support when some of the board publicly stated that they are against it.

The board members who opposed the levy stated that they are for the arts and music, yet opposed the levy knowing that if it failed that those would be the programs that would be cut. This seems like a contradiction to me.

How can someone say that they are for the children of Norwalk yet oppose the levy.

The voters of Norwalk have spoken. I hope they are happy when the state comes in and takes them over. If they want cuts to happen, just wait till that happens. I have seen first hand what happens when the state takes over. They take everything away from you and you are left with a bare bones program. Norwalk will never be able to attract industries and build up the tax base if that happens.




The Norwalk School levy failed because if you make 40,000 per year you would have had to pay $500.00 dollars a year more, on top of what you already pay via outrageous property taxes! NCS also receives federal funds, state funds, local funds, grants, lottery funds, and private donations!

Stop avoiding the real solution!



My math says 3/4% increase times $40k = $300.


don't let facts get in the way of his rant (he/she obviously has no idea what he/she was even voting on).


Wanna repeat that "sport"?


You were already paying .5% on your income, so voting yes would've cost you an additional $300 ($40,000 X .75%), not an additional $500 (which is $40,000 X 1.25%). Those not subject to the earned-income tax (such as the retired) would've had that .5% tax removed altogether.


Oh really? Norwalk City Schools PERMANENT 1.25-percent earned income tax!!!!!!
1.25 on earned income, according to the Sandusky Register today they stated if you earned 50k it would have cost you 625.00....I figured 40k was more the average so I went from there.

Never ceases to amaze me how you people justify your agenda!


You will see my response above. Never ceases to amaze me that people don't know exactly what their vote means. What you really needed to do was compare earned income vs your portion of property taxes that goes to the schools. For some, it would cost them more. For others, it was less (obviously depends on how much you make and the value of your house). One thing is for certain, the retired would have paid zero and businesses would have paid zero.


The total for 40k a year would be $500.00, I'll give you this, I should not have written the word "more" in my statement, but rather it costs a total of $500.00 for this PARTICULAR tax, which does not include all the other sources of revenue (mostly via the taxpayer again!) as stated above.

$500 bucks is way, way too much for a permanent tax, especially when you add in all the other sources of revenue (taxes!) so please, stop trying to justify taking more of our hard earned money!


No problem. I saw "more" and just wanted to make sure taxpayers understood. For some, $500 is too much. For others, $500 is affordable. We all have to make that decision for ourselves. I just don't believe the earned income proposal was the proper route, since many were confused about what it would truly cost them.


I will sleep well tonight!! Wonder when the village idiots will put it to the voters again? See you at the polls...


The school has lost massive funding due to the tax cuts by the Koch Brothers (I mean the governor). I have voted for every school levy for the past 40 years. I was sad to vote no on this one - but I felt that 1.25 is just too much to ask for in this economy. I also cannot support the tax as income based. It should be a property tax. I know that as proposed it only taxed wage earners, but in a town where rents are 700-1000 a month, often more than house payments, I feel this is an unfair burden on working families. Forget the income tax, go back to a property tax.


re...1.25 was too much to ask. Have you figured out how much a property tax will cost you? I have figured it out and a property tax will cost me $315 versus $200 in income tax. The property tax will cost most people more, that is unless you rent which you probably do if you are for the property tax.

re...go back to a property tax. The people of this town have already said NO at least twice before. What other tax do you suggest?

Thank you for voting on every school levy for the past 40 years. That shows that you have an interest in the students of Norwalk. I only wish that you had continued this support in this election and supported a tax increase. If this had passed, the board would not have had to come for another tax for several years.

If a property tax is passed, the board would have to come back in a few years to ask for more as the amount they collect cannot (by state law) increae as the value of your home increaes. The earned income tax could increase over the years.

Also, the homestead exemption would not apply to any new property taxes. Therefore, taxpayers would not get a break and see their taxers go up even more.


Well said!


I don't understand why every liberal in this country blames their woes on the Koch brothers. Do you know who they are? Do you know what they're worth? Do you realize they likely could care less about school funding in Huron County? By the way, did you know they are responsible for a $4 billion payroll with an average $80K wage? How many people do you employ?
Maybe, instead of sniveling, more people should try to make a difference in their own situation and that of their children rather than looking to government to make others provide for them.


Actually I own my home free and clear. And I am getting ready for retirement, so you would think an income tax would appeal to me. However my church works with those who are struggling in Norwalk. If you are a single parent earning $8 an hour - you are making $16,640 a year - after current taxes - about $10983 take home. $915 a month. With rents upward of $650 - $25 more a month in income tax is like a million. Even in a two parent home - take home 1830 a month - you are just breaking even. ($850 rent, $75-150 gas/elec, $40 water, food, gas, car payment, insurance, etc). I stand by my decision on further income taxes. I totally agree with Keystone - things have changed in teaching and it is not fair to blame the teachers. The state of Ohio decided to reduce taxes and therefore reduce subsidies for schools. Now we are expected to make it up on a local level. Win, win for the governor; lose, lose for the students and residents.

Cliff Cannon

@ Ehovemom : Thank-you. Well put.


quit baming on state cuts and say the rea reason..teachers retiring at 55 with ful bennys..i dont care that it is in the contract. change it so future teachers can teach and retire.


when you raise taxes on "income". You punish the successful and reward the failure. Now i realize all children need a good school program, but... in a town where over half of the school age children come from broken families with no "real" household income and "multiple" children under that roof. Of course you are going to have a split of opinions on this blog. It's no wonder where the true "worker" is tired of footing the bill for other irresponsible parents children to enjoy the same as theirs. Some say that is cold, I for one feel, if you have them, you pay for them. Sure, some children get a sub-standard schooling which means a sub-standard future job. Well if it is REAL important to them they will work REAL hard so their children can have more.. May take a generation or 2, but the thought of breeding responsible in a low economy just hasn't sunk in to some..and like some blaming the rich?? It just comes down to the people are split in current times. Those that want more, more, more and those who want to hold on to what they have.




The BEST thing possible happened for Norwalk City Schools yesterday, as Cashen was voted in and Broz was voted out. Now the Board can actually get to work instead of dealing with petty issues and supporting their personal agendas (or those of their spouses). I would urge those that truly care about education in this town to get involved. Our schools have taken financial hits, have cut teachers to the bare minimum, and STILL provide a wonderful education. If we don't get a levy passed, the only ones being hurt in the end will be those kids in the school system.


You are spot on sport! I have worked in and around numerous school districts and Norwalk City Schools is at the top of the list when it comes to quality teachers, administrators, academic programs offered, and resources available to students. My children were extremely prepared for college when compared to their peers from other schools. I hope now that we have eliminated some of the pettyness from the board, we, as a community, can also put these petty issues that time has been spent on in the past as well as petty issues of teachers salary & benefits aside (which I felt was beautifully explained by the way) and concentrate on continuing to give our children a quality education. If we don't maintain quality schools, no one will want to relocate here, especially businesses. If we lose our businesses, we lose our tax base. It's a vicious cycle. We do need to pass a school levy fellow Norwalkians!


Sorry-explained by keystone I should have said.