Repo gone wrong

Man pulls handgun and tells local woman he would 'blow her head off' if she didn't give him the keys; she answers with her stun gun.
Scott Seitz
Nov 3, 2013


A Mansfield man is facing a pair of charges after attempting to repossess a vehicle Thursday at a Maple Ridge Road location.

Ronald D. Maddox, 37, was trying to repossess a van owned by a Willard couple, according to Huron County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Ted Patrick said.

Patrick said Maddox arrived at the Maple Ridge Road residence and encountered a 51-year-old Willard woman who was there visiting her sister.

Patrick said Maddox indicated he was not receiving any cooperation from the woman when trying to seize the vehicle.

Patrick, along with deputies John Vogel and Eric Bardar responded to the scene.

"The woman disputed what Maddox was saying," Patrick said. "The woman said her husband had been making the payments and they were current on the debt.

"The woman indicated she would leave to get her husband so he could show Maddox they were current on their bill," Patrick said. "The woman said Maddox was free to follow her.

"When the woman attempted to leave in the van, Maddox reportedly stopped her and started banging on the hood of the vehicle," he said. "Maddox demanded the keys and told her not to leave the property."

Patrick said things went from bad to worse after that.

"The woman then backed up the vehicle and Maddox approached at the driver's side door," Patrick said. "Maddox pulled out a handgun and told her he would 'blow her head off' if she didn't give him the keys.

"Maddox had a concealed carry permit, but that does not allow him to do that," Patrick said.

Patrick said the woman then parked the van.

"Once she parked the van, Maddox re-holstered the gun, but then began wrestling with her over the keys," he said. "She then pulls out a stun gun and fires it near his (Maddox) head, but did not make contact. She did give him the keys prior to us arriving."

Maddox was arrested and charged with assault and aggravated menacing.

"He did admit he used the handgun to try and get the keys from her while she was in the vehicle," Patrick said.

The woman was not charged.

The handgun was a semi-automatic pistol.

"Maddox did have the paperwork to repossess the van," Patrick said. "But, he certainly was in error in how he used the handgun."

Maddox bonded out of the jail Friday.

"The gun is in evidence," Patrick said. "His concealed carry permit was confiscated and sent to Richland County Sheriff's Office for review of the incident. The permit is now suspended pending the outcome of the court case."



I do not buy this story for one minute. If the accused is such a good guy why did he not call for police assistance immediately before this escalated? Excuses do not contradict the fact this guy fueled the fire instead of managing the situation. He needs a new line of business.


KElkins Hate to tell you but you are to let the authorities know you are doing a repo and show them your paper work once they see that they ask if you want an officer to go with you or tell you if you have any problems call 911 and they will come and assist. now you use the word our car so that means their were two of you that means some one could have dialed 911.if what you are saying is true im not discrediting you but once she started the vehicle he put himself in harms way by getting in front of it while it was running an able to be moved around if she backed into the car that the two of you occupied now their is proof for law enforcement that she was hostile with you if you would have let local law officials know what you were doing you could have gotten in your car waited and got your vehicle been their done that and you are to let them know if you do obtain the vehicle ive been in this line of work 16 yrs you handled this like rookies and put your self in harms way and created a situation. the accused caused a situation for him to fear for his life. people can get really nasty their is no denying that but the accused purposely put himself in immediate danger by stepping in front of a running vehicle he created the situation that endangered him their for he did not have the right to draw his weapon if she would have repeatedly slammed your car yes but to step in front of a running car on your own accord sorry im a firm believer in the second amendment but the accused created the life threatening situation and did not have the right to draw his wepon


The Repo Guys are not always right or the Banks. My Wife and I had a car we no longer wanted but my dad did he liked the car we did all the paper work so the loan could be transferred to him so he was the legal owner of the car. He pays what is owed on the car and completely pays the note off as soon as the paper work is done. 2 months later i get some guy knocking at my door says hes here to reposes the car.I tell him the loan was transferred into my dads name and the loan was paid off and my dad had the free and clear title for the car he wants to know where they live because he is an official repo agent and flashes a badge at me and hes taking the car i get on the phone why the guy is still here with the finance company they cant tell me why he was here or why he has orders to reposes it because they show it as paid off.we had two more repo company's come to our house over the next month trying to repo a car that was paid for in full so it docent mean these people are dirt bags and didn't pay their bills it means some moron let having a ccw go to his head and used a weapon to force a situation to go in his favor he should lose his ccw and be charged with a attempted armed robbery.I own a towing and recovery business I quit doing repos for several reasons. one their is allot of miss communication between lenders and who they hire to rpo a vehicle two after talking to people and looking at their paperwork and making a few phone calls you find out something was typed wrong or you get it must have been a computer error granted some people were behind some allot some but only a few days and some not at all and the not at all was more than the ones that were allot or a little I started to feel like a bully and quit doing it just because you have papers dosent mean the lean holder is right or on the up and up




I commend the female for standing up to this guy. Maybe not the brightest thing in the world and everyone has their opinion but I for one am glad to see a female doing something to protect herself. She deserves every consideration regardless. Big brave man pulling his gun. Throw the book at this idiot. As far as a CCW--it appears we have way too many incompetents packing.


The accused posted there side of the story. There are always two sides to every story.


The repo man went to the auto owners property and tried to make her comply with his orders using a deadly weapon,No matter if this family paid the car payment or not.That car payment is 100% a civil matter,drawing a weapon and threatening is a criminal matter.Otherwise you could answer your door and the cable guy could aim a gun at your head and demand payment for your cable package.It don't work that way for a reason.

Yall Make Me Sick

What in the heck is this world coming to? It's going to poop in a hand basket.


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Most Wanted

I think the Reflector is getting ticked off because KElkins story is better than theirs!


Ha. I'm thinking so, too. So long as we are telling the truth, I don't care what people are saying. I have faith in God and He knows the truth. I pray for the best in this situation. Please pray for us and our family. ♡