Georgian Manor Inn honored again by AAA

For the eighth year, Georgian Manor Inn in Norwalk has been named a Four Diamond Award winner by AAA. "Its a real honor to be among a very select few of prestigious lodgings only 11 in Ohio to be selected for the award," said Gene Denney, who owns the Norwalk bed-and-breakfast with his wife, Judy.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 25, 2010


For the eighth year, Georgian Manor Inn in Norwalk has been named a Four Diamond Award winner by AAA.

"Its a real honor to be among a very select few of prestigious lodgings only 11 in Ohio to be selected for the award," said Gene Denney, who owns the Norwalk bed-and-breakfast with his wife, Judy.

"As the smallest lodging, four rooms, at the ceremony, it's a somewhat humbling experience to accept our award with the Ritz-Carlton and InterContinental Hotel of Cleveland with their 200-room properties," he said.

The Denneys opened the B&B in 1996 after completely renovating the house built in 1906. They also added several gardens and a stream, waterfall, and 32-foot latticed pergola in the back yard.

Georgian Manor, 123 W. Main St., has four levels and more than 9,000 square feet. Four rooms, each with a private bath, are designated for guests. Each room has a walk-in closet, cable television, wireless Internet and a phone.

The home also features a well-stocked library, a mahogany-paneled dining room and a sun porch and living room with fire places.

Georgian Manor was featured on the cover of Ohio Magazine in 2002 and the cover of the Columbus Dispatch travel section in 2006.

Judy serves as chef for the B&B, using her years of experience in cooking for her family and entertaining business colleagues and friends. Gene, retired from Mayflower Vehicle Systems after almost 30 years, helps run the business.

Other Four Diamond Award winners in northeast Ohio are Red Maple Inn Bed & Breakfast, Burton; Intercontinental Hotel, Cleveland; The Ritz-Carlton, Cleveland; and Julia's Bed & Breakfast, Hubbard.

The Walden Country Inn & Stables in Aurora has earned its fourth AAA Five Diamond Award.

The Four Diamond Award winning restaurants in the area are The Leopard Restaurant, Aurora; Ristorante Giovanni's, Beachwood; and The Baricelli Inn, Cleveland.

Just 3.2 percent of the 60,000 rated lodgings and restaurants throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean earn AAA Four Diamond Awards.

The assignment of a AAA rating of One to Five Diamonds marks the completion of a successful annual evaluation. All properties must first meet AAA's rigorous requirements and guidelines during an evaluation by one of AAA's 65 full-time professional inspectors to become AAA approved.


Mean Gene (Anon...

News flash: Gene Denney is not a nice man and it is a miracle people stay there with his foul attitude.

re: mean gene (...

how do you know did you stay there? If he is that mean then I guess they would have closed by now.

MEAN GENE (Anon...

Go stay the the Victorian Lady - way better place, nicer people, better food,a nd overall better facility .... the Georgian Manor SUCKS!@!

it is true (Ano...

Gene Denny wanted to break the union years ago where he was in charge. I do not respect him. Sheller Globe.

Typical Norwalk...

Let's bring down the people who get recognition for a job well done. When is this town going to grow up.

wonder (Anonymous)

There are a few losers out there that cannot stand to see someone else do well. When someone gets recognition over and over for a job well done and you say they suck, what does that say about your opinion?

howard (Anonymous)

The City of Norwalk is proud to have an establishment in Norwalk like the Georgian Manor that is first class.

There was a time when most of Norwalk was like the Georgian Manor.

It's time for the Norwalk administration to wake up and determine why an upscale business can thrive and try to expand the base of like businesses.

The wave of undesirables and the businesses they support (44 bars, now really) is now Norwalks trademark.

We need more folks like the Denneys and the Berrys and perhaps Norwalk can once again become a town with character and appeal.

hey howard (Ano...

Check on the victorian era. There were many elegant homes; but there were more average/poor homes. Sure it is nice ;as for undesirables; check out how one back then could buy their way out of military service. If you look for good you can find it. If you look for bad you can find it to. Gene Denny wanted to take away from Norwalk's tax base when he was plant manager @ Sheller Globe. How you ask? By trying to take away established benefits from "undesirables," the working class people @ Sheller Globe.The same people that served in Vietnam - unlike Denny.Lower wages= lower tax revenue for Norwalk.

I don't know if...

with Howard or not I dont know the Berry's and Denney's just some of the children and we won't go there about some of their behavior that is less than respectable.

mistake (Anonymous)

find it too.

for Howard (Ano...

It is a beautiful home. Reminds me of a long time ago. You see Howard we farmed. Some people with lots of $$ were always nagging my father about purchasing 10 acres of land. They were from Shaker Heights(Cleveland area).Finally because of many factors my father relented.These people paid a handsome price. Soon a mansion was built. It is a spectacular home. Then the trouble begin. We see some old equipment behind your barn. We don't like the smell in the summer of the neighbors dairy operation. Hey township! We want to change zoning. My father wished he never sold to them.

re: for howard ...

ok so is the "Georgian Manor" the mansion you are referring to or something else?

to wonder (Anon...

Maybe it is how you get ahead. Honesty,courtesy,being decent to others. These words seem almost obsolete nowadays.

for Howard (Ano...

Think about it farm area 10acres. Need more info?

Re: for Howard ...

yes I do I guess I am not that old to remember all this think early 30's.

okay Howard (An...

This about the way we treat each other. I don't think the Denny's are from Shaker Heights. Since I am alive(this happened when I was a kid) you have to know that the Denny's house was already there. I am not jealous of their nice house. It is about attitude and consideration of others. Can one buy a good name or reputation? Or as the old saying goes: "your reputation precedes you." My thoughts of Mr Denny are not positive.

Okay I still do...

It happened when you were a kid yes how old are you? Yes I know from the date the house was built that it was obviously already there as it is less than 20 years older than my house. So all I can come up with is this is about the Berry's. Give me a clue here. Like I said I am in my early 30's so?????


Stealing money out of the mouths of hard working families and now "playing house" in that ancient house he calls a bed and breakfast! Stop patting yourself on your back Gene, we get it already! Go away Gene!

again Mr Howard...

I knew of Gene Denny before he acquired this dwelling. The people from Shaker that bought my fathers small acreage are not the Dennys. Gene Denny's attitude REMINDS me of the not so welcome neighbors from Shaker Heights.

to Mr Howard (a...

I didn't post @ 7:21

I didnt post th...

that said I am in my early 30's. Ok his attitude reminds you of the people that bought the acreage from your father. So where was this farm at? What township? My property used to be a huge farm too and was sold off. My house has been standing 160 years this year. Norwalk needs to focus on preservation in all things.

Mr Howard (Anon...

What I am saying is selfish rude people are a BIG problem for me.

to howie (Anonymous)

S.Western Huron county Richmond twp.

re: to howie (A...

I vaguely know what is out that way. Not where my house sits. I am closer to the center of town.

to hey howard (...

Why are you calling working class people and VietNam veterans undesirables? No one else did. Just you.

because (Anonymous)

As one who has been there. People always seem to lump those who don't have a lot of "nice" things as 2nd rate. I learned years ago that most -Who not all of these people are takers selfish & users. Yeah I'm just a working stiff but I'm also considerate of others. Notice how an earlier post commented about all the bars? When you get older you should get wiser not meaner or more hateful. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

because (Anonymous)

please don't get me grammar police. (4:47 post)

Beth (Anonymous)

I love that house. They obviously must be doing something right to get four diamonds. I'm sure they look at how they are treated while there too. And look, if he tried to get rid of the union, I see why. It doesn't make him a bad person. Unions don't do much but take your money and help people get overpaid for work that's not very hard, but what they do is needed.

here you go (An...

See folks. Beth says so much without saying a lot.If you don't like unions live in a "right to work state."

lemme see (Anon...

Right now we are enjoying our opinions - free speech.Now lets go to a work place. Can I say what I feel without being fired? I can if I work in a union job.Saturdays - from the people who brought you the union.