Janet Broz still on ballot for now

Norwalk school board member has announced she is not seeking re-election.
Scott Seitz
Oct 26, 2013


According to a Huron County Board of Elections official, Norwalk school board candidate Janet Broz has yet to officially remove herself from the Nov. 5 ballot.

Sharon Locke, board of elections director, said Friday, though Broz did announce to the school board, audience and newspaper of her intention to remove her name from the ballot, she needs to also do so in writing by Nov. 4 -- the day before the election.

Locke said if Broz does not remove her name in writing, her votes will be counted on Election Day.

Broz, who is completing her fourth term and has been on the board for 16 years, cited "family priorities" as her reason when announcing her decision at the Oct. 7 school board meeting.

Broz would have been one of five candidates vying for three school board seats in the Nov. 5 ballot.

Incumbents Steve Linder and Robert Ludwig and challengers John Aschemeier and Kevin Cashen are the four remaining candidates.

The three candidates who are elected will join current board members Ralph Ritzenthaler and John Lendrum, who aren’t up for re-election this term.



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Yes. Failure to remove her name from the ballot- not surprised. Trying to confuse voters and potentially create controversy in the event she gets the votes. Just another ploy by an ineffective board member to keep the status quo and drain more money from the public. I hope everyone remembers on election day to vote against all incumbents and get someone elected that is able to reign in the budget and make the school function on the money we provide. There is plenty there- just need to cut the fat from all facets of the system.


Another example of a uninformed taxpayer. You say there is plenty of money there. Where is it? Where is the fat in the system? The state has cut back $2million. The schools are only 2 teachers above state minimum.

There are 4 candidates with 3 positions open. 2 of the 4 running are incumbents. You say to vote against all incumbents. If you do that you only leave 2 choices for 3 positions. How do you propose voting against all incumbents?

I'm glad you have great ideas in how to reign in a budget that is already strapped.. Please come by the board meetings or call your board members and give them your ideas. I'd love to hear another idea on how to balance the budget without raising our taxes. While you're at it, how about working on our federal budget. I'm sure our reps in Columbus and Washington could use your expertise..


Keystone- Sorry for the late reply, but I have been away from home for the last week earning money to pay taxes to support those public employees who benefit from my hard work. I may not be as informed as you seem to be about spending my money, but I manage a 30 million dollar budget for my company and I think that what the school has to work with is plenty.
I did not say that we should cut teacher positions, only that there is fat in the system and it can be cut.
Everything needs to scrutinized and that includes the benefits packages, wages, administration, those positions that had been eliminated and now have been hired back, possible building closure, lean up maintenance expense, utilize personnel and share responsibilities, etc.
Start with the bare minimum requirements necessary to run the school, then add your extras until you hit the budget number. Everything above that is not necessary and can be cut. painful, yes, but necessary to control the system and live on a true budget.
If everyone in the school truly cares about the children like the say they do, they will work harder to make it work.
I am sure you have some sort of budget in your home and when you need to make hard choices, you make them and find ways to make do.