Cemetery robbery motive: diapers and pain pills

Sheriff: Suspect ran naked from barn to house
Scott Seitz2
Oct 28, 2013


Diapers and pain medicine.

That was allegedly the motive behind Thursday afternoon's robbery and manhunt in Hartland Township.

"Basically, we got the call there was an armed robbery that had taken place in a cemetery on DeRussey Road," Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard said Friday.

"The suspect, Garry Ellis, had ordered an individual who was doing landscaping at the Hartland cemetery to get into a small shelter at the property," Detective Sgt. Josh Querin added.

Ellis, 21, of 1475 DeRussey Road, Collins, ordered the landscaper into the small shelter at gunpoint, Querin said.

"The suspect ordered the landscaper to throw his cell phone into a field so he could not call 9-1-1," Querin said. "The victim complied with the orders because he was fearful of being shot. He was still fearful of being shot even after he complied with the orders."

Howard said the suspect had a revolver, which was reported stolen.

"So, at gunpoint, the suspect steals the landscaper's truck and equipment trailer (and money) and flees the area," the sheriff said. "He drives south and tries to conceal the truck and trailer in a thicket alongside Cook Road.

"Another individual observed the suspect, not knowing the crime had occurred, and tries to make contact with the suspect," Howard said. "The suspect flees on foot and the citizen follows the suspect on foot. The suspect then fires a weapon at the citizen. The suspect had the gun concealed in his waistband."

During the course of the next hour, deputies converged on the entire area.

"A witness said he saw the suspect running toward a house on DeRussey Road," Howard said. "We made contact with the homeowners and Detective Querin and Chief Deputy Ted Patrick located an individual we believed to be the suspect on the second floor of the home, but the individual's clothing did not match that of the suspect."

The person located on the second floor appeared to have been sleeping since they were dressed in pajamas, deputies said.

"The folks in the house said they never saw a masked robber," Howard said. "But after a while and after more investigation, we realized the stories weren't adding up from the people in the house."

Later, it was discovered, the suspect had tossed some of his clothing in a wooded area and left his jeans in a barn at the DeRussey Road residence.

"At one point, the suspect ran naked from the barn to the house," the sheriff said.

"We soon realized the stories from the people in the house were untruthful and arrested the girlfriend of the suspect, Shannon Rowe, 27, for obstruction," Howard said.

The obstruction charge is a third-degree felony, which is punishable by nine months to three years in prison.

Ellis faces one count each of aggravated robbery, a first-degree felony, and felonious assault, a second-degree felony. If convicted of aggravated robbery, he faces three to 11 years in prison while felonious assault is punishable by two to eight years.

He also was originally arrested on a burglary warrant from Cuyahoga County before deputies confirmed he was responsible for the Hartland Township robbery.

Deputies also submitted charges for abduction, tampering with evidence, theft of a motor vehicle and theft of a firearm, but those weren't ultimately filed by the Norwalk Law Director's Office.

"I was really hoping for the abduction charge ... because he forced the individual into the structure at gunpoint. The victim was significantly traumatized," Howard said.

Jason Rowe, 30, also at the DeRussey Road home, was issued a summons on possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Howard again said the motive behind the robbery was so Ellis could obtain money to purchase diapers for his baby daughter and pain medication.

The Erie County Sheriff's Office, state Highway Patrol and Huron County Dog Warden's Office assisted local deputies.

"All in all, this was a significant law-enforcement effort," Howard said. "There were several agencies working together. We had the suspect in custody in about 55 minutes from the first 9-1-1 call.

"I'd also like to thank all the citizens who assisted," the sheriff said. "This was truly a community effort."



So why were ALL the charges submitted NOT filed? He stole the truck, right? He stole the firearm, right? He forced the man into the shed, right? Oh, that's right, his aunt said he was going through some hard times and made some bad decisions. He just needed diapers and pain meds. Are these prescribed pain meds? Or just a pill popper? I am pretty sure there are agencies he could go to for help with the diapers and things for his daughter. Maybe he needs to be taught a lesson, along with the family that LIED and hid the fact he was there. Throw the book at them. When people learn there are consequences maybe the will start and think BEFORE they commit a crime.


I agree!! Throw the book at him! The system keeps letting them "off" with whatever, OMG what do they actually have to do before they go away for good? Shouldnt we prevent the death of others? Send his a@@ away, worthless junk, along with his woman!


I wanna hear the story about the girl they found in the middle of the street Saturday night in Greenwich.

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Whiskey Tango F...

This was five miles from my house, wife, child, and great neighbors. This is also why we ALL carry concealed weapons. Little crack heads like this get ventillated out where he was running. Sherriff Howard saved his life by catching him before the locals did. Thanks again to the Huron county sherriff for actually stopping crime. Now all we need is a judge with a rope and a tall tree. Horse thief = Truck thief


I live close as well and you are correct, should be VERY glad the sheriff got him instead of the "ready" locals.


No diapers, no mother, and no father.The moral of this story is what? What has happen to having a purpose in life? Why does staying high all the time become the goal, what has happen to when I grow up my dream is to be....I can't believe the dream is to be a junky and be in and out of jail for the rest of their life.

swiss family

thank you to the county Sheriff and their entire department for the fine work that you do. I feel that if it were not for you, no criminals would even be pursued. I really don't understand why or how the Norwalk Law Director has the option of dropping any of the charges ,the crime happened in the country, not In Norwalk, and the arrest was made there as well.I also want to apologize at the same time to the Sheriff's Dept, it must be really frustrating to have to put your lives on the line, every day, walking into so many unknown situations, and doing your best to capture these criminals, only to see the Law Director, or Prosecutor, or Judge, use their infinite wisdom and either reduce the charges, before trial, and then plea bargain those charges down again at the trial...

Justice in this area seems to be difficult to ever attain.I wish that the people who decide to drop charges and plea the remaining charges down,would see, that this criminal had choices, he could very well have asked the landscaper if he needed help, get paid for helping , and buy diapers and even drugs with that money, instead of going on the crime spree that he went on.I wonder if it were a relative of the Law Directer, or Judge, or Prosecutor, who was held at gun point, told to go into a shed, robbing him, stealing his truck and fleeing etc, if any of the charges would be dropped, or reduced, or even plead away... I think we all know the answer to that...............

Whiskey Tango F...

How hard would it be to arrest someone today, then see them at Gardners next week when you have your wife and kid with you? If I were in law inforcement, it would really warp me as to when to hit the blue lights. Need a bigger jail? We can let them sleep in shifts when they aren't on the chain gangs. They call it hot bunking for the Navy. We can't make you stop doing anything... but we can make you wish that you never had done it in the first place!

HuronCo Resident

totally agree


all charges should be filed.... you do the crime.. you do the time.. and I agree.. stealing a truck should be the same as stealing a horse.. in Georgia and Alabama horse thieving is a hanging offense.. still on the books..


Here we go again..... I have no clue how you people think your comments are cute... I am Garry's Aunt, and no I am not here to stick up for him or to make excuses for what he had done...But I am here to say ...None of you know him so how can you judge him?..also call him a crack head...did the head line of the story say : Crackhead and Diapers? No it didn't so don't call him that because he is far from a crackhead...Throw the book at him?...Really?.. It was a terrible thing he had done, The choice he made was uncalled for ...I agree it was scary to the victim. So what has happened is done and over with and he is in Jail now and he will face the consequences he already knows he was in the wrong, Let me ask you all that are commenting on this..,I asked this before... Are you perfect? Is your whole family perfect? Don't you make choices and regret them and learn from them?.. Well my nephew was in the wrong & to the person that said if he needed money why didn't he ask the landscaper if he could help so he can make a few dollars to get diapers and his pills(which was a prescription for Pain pills not because he is a drug addict on pills is because he was hurt doing some work on the barn and got hurt and was in the hospital and they gave him medicine for the night to get rest he woke up in pain and wanted his prescrition filled and didnt think right because the pain and he made the choice he did and was just going to get the man's (victim) money, but it went further than Garry planned. WAS IT WRONG OF HIM ?..YES..It was! I she ashamed of was he done YES he is?.. Does he deserve to get a punishment for his Crime?..YES he does.. Does he deserve to have the book thrown at his ..NO I dont think so.. 6 months maybe a year prison and with some probation upon his release and a fine,and community service to be done at the cemetary, Would be fair! ..I truly believe in my heart him sitting in jail right now has already taught him a lesson. But you are probally reading this and saying yeah right this is her nephew thats why she is saying this... NO not true, it's that I know my Nephew and this isnt him and as far as the old charge in Cuyahoga it wasn't him that done this he happen to be with someone that he thought was his friend at the time and he got charged with something he didnt do.His friend blamed it on Garry!~ No again I am not making up excuses. I want people out there to know that Garry is a good man he grew up his whole life wanting to Help people and always sweet and loving. He made the wrong choice I am very shocked myself not understanding why he didnt call me or his mom or family if he needed something but let me tell you this,At times in your life you will not think your thoughts threw and you regret it No matter what it is.. So please stop putting my nephew down and Let him alone he is in Jail and he will pay for his crime no one to judge him that is all for the man up-above(GOD)TO DO ON JUDGEMENT DAY! Also for the ones that are saying he better be happy that the cops got him before the town did!!! WOW THAT'S A THREAT & I SURE HOPE YOU USED A FAKE EMAIL ADDRESS BECAUSE I AM THINKING OF GETTING MY ATTORNEY FOR SUING YOU FOR SLANDER AND THREATEN HIS LIFE BASICALLY IS WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Garry is young and he already knows he had done so WRONG and he is SORRY I know he is and he don't deserve to be taken from his little baby girl, SO I ASK YOU ALL PLEASE STOP PUTTING HIM DOWN AND JUDGING HIM AND LET IT REST NOW HE IS IN JAIL NO ONE WAS KILLED! Garry & Shannon are not drug addicts and they are 2 young parents that are great to their daughter,Shannon only stuck up for her baby father the man she loves and you cant tell me if this was your family you would feel offended or hurt to see people talk about them this way! So I am here to ask you all to keep your little comments to yourself when you want to threaten him and call him a drug addict when he isn't that at all..


You aren't helping his case...and PS if it's written it's libel not slander...you know, so you can sic your attorney on everyone.

I am so tired of people defending people who are idiots. Additionally, I am REALLY tired of people not getting charged with everything they deserve. He STOLE the truck...charge him! He abducted the guy by making him go in the shed...charge him!

Whiskey Tango F...

oooh! You is gonna get so sued by her super dooper phone book cover attorney! Just cause he wanted money, pain meds, stole a truck, and shot at someone with a stolen gun, you think he's some sort of criminal. We should all give poor Garry some big hugs, part of our earned pay checks, take care of his kid, and for god's sake!!! THE PAIN PILLS!!! HE'S in PAIN!!!


hahahahahahhahahahahahhaha poor garry

Dr. Information

To be accused of slander, one would have to post wrong information. Clearly not the case here.


LOL. They would also have to prove damages. The guy has no job, no money, and is sitting in jail. Kinda hard to prove there was any financial damage to him considering those circumstances.

HuronCo Resident

it's like the Family Dollar shooter in Willard..... These idiots all have the same story...bad family upbringing, need meds to function in every day life and bought/stole a gun. Deadly combo.


This made my head hurt just reading it!!!

Everyone is fam...

Oh Cheese and Rice! Here we go with the excuses and whining. Let's fish for particulars. Ok it wasn't CRACK. Does that really matter in the grand scheme of things? I was a young parent. I didn't hold someone up at gun point. I got a job. No one died? That's the consolation you are offering? An experience like that is life changing and traumatizing. Stop putting him down? Lady, get a grip. What did you expect? I won't keep my comments to myself when people like you get on here and make excuses. You are part of the problem and just as bad as him. Boohoo let's feel sorry for the young lad. Awww, he is sorry. Blah blah blah. He's sorry he got caught because if he hadn't he would have done it again. Obviously lack of thought process runs in the family. And yes I COULD tell you if this were my family I would NOT be offended or hurt by the comments because they are justified and I certainly wouldn't be on here defending them. And yes, he is a drug addict if he is stealing and pills are a motivating factor. You are in denial.

Everyone is fam...

Ps, no one threatened poor lil Gary. He is lucky the cops found him before someone felt the need to take out a gun welding criminal on the loose for fear of their safety. It was well know he was armed and shots were fired. Boy are you a crack pot or what?! Seriously, I am amazed.

Everyone is fam...

Ps, no one threatened poor lil Gary. He is lucky the cops found him before someone felt the need to take out a gun welding criminal on the loose for fear of their safety. It was well know he was armed and shots were fired. Boy are you a crack pot or what?! Seriously, I am amazed.


The charge in Cuyahoga county....."it wasn't him". He was just with someone. Just another bad decision. Wrong place wrong time. His friend did it. STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR HIM. Do him a favor and tell him to MAN UP AND OWN IT. If he is such a "good man", tell him to grow up and do the right thing. You are part of the problem. You keep making excuses and adding to the problem. Tell him to man up and do the right thing. Noone was killed THIS time. What happens next time? I was a young parent. I never held a gun to someone. I will tell you this....IF this was my family I WOULD NEVER stand up for them or defend them. I would be the first one to smack them up side the head and call the sheriff myself.


@SpankyGurl39, you funny!


He's a piece of sh#t like the others.. stop sticking for him.


Sorry, but he used a gun in a commission of a crime, he will not get a slap on the wrist, there are mandatory sentences when guns are involved, your precious Gary is gonna be going a way for a "while." Certainly not 6 months.


he shot a gun at some one and threatened some ones life and u say 6 months to a year and now ur wanting to sue people who are threading him … hahahahahha


ur taking his pain pills arnt u what is wrong with u … a few days and he's learned his lesson .. lady ur nuts theres something majorly wrong with u …… i hope he gets at least 5 years …. this wasn't like him ??? hahahahahaha get some help lady … u know what i hope u get shot at and then say i hope the guy gets 6 months to a year if one of them bulletshit him dude would be dead …. but he was in pain right … not like him right … hahahaha what a joke ur probably a pill head just like him


future junky and probably crap dad …… real winner

Whiskey Tango F...

If someone steals my truck, locks me in a shed, or fires a gun at me... ESPECIALLY in search of pain pills, they can, shall, and will be ventillated. Better to be judged by 6 than carried by 12!!!!!