Cemetery robbery motive: diapers and pain pills

Sheriff: Suspect ran naked from barn to house
Scott Seitz2
Oct 28, 2013


Diapers and pain medicine.

That was allegedly the motive behind Thursday afternoon's robbery and manhunt in Hartland Township.

"Basically, we got the call there was an armed robbery that had taken place in a cemetery on DeRussey Road," Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard said Friday.

"The suspect, Garry Ellis, had ordered an individual who was doing landscaping at the Hartland cemetery to get into a small shelter at the property," Detective Sgt. Josh Querin added.

Ellis, 21, of 1475 DeRussey Road, Collins, ordered the landscaper into the small shelter at gunpoint, Querin said.

"The suspect ordered the landscaper to throw his cell phone into a field so he could not call 9-1-1," Querin said. "The victim complied with the orders because he was fearful of being shot. He was still fearful of being shot even after he complied with the orders."

Howard said the suspect had a revolver, which was reported stolen.

"So, at gunpoint, the suspect steals the landscaper's truck and equipment trailer (and money) and flees the area," the sheriff said. "He drives south and tries to conceal the truck and trailer in a thicket alongside Cook Road.

"Another individual observed the suspect, not knowing the crime had occurred, and tries to make contact with the suspect," Howard said. "The suspect flees on foot and the citizen follows the suspect on foot. The suspect then fires a weapon at the citizen. The suspect had the gun concealed in his waistband."

During the course of the next hour, deputies converged on the entire area.

"A witness said he saw the suspect running toward a house on DeRussey Road," Howard said. "We made contact with the homeowners and Detective Querin and Chief Deputy Ted Patrick located an individual we believed to be the suspect on the second floor of the home, but the individual's clothing did not match that of the suspect."

The person located on the second floor appeared to have been sleeping since they were dressed in pajamas, deputies said.

"The folks in the house said they never saw a masked robber," Howard said. "But after a while and after more investigation, we realized the stories weren't adding up from the people in the house."

Later, it was discovered, the suspect had tossed some of his clothing in a wooded area and left his jeans in a barn at the DeRussey Road residence.

"At one point, the suspect ran naked from the barn to the house," the sheriff said.

"We soon realized the stories from the people in the house were untruthful and arrested the girlfriend of the suspect, Shannon Rowe, 27, for obstruction," Howard said.

The obstruction charge is a third-degree felony, which is punishable by nine months to three years in prison.

Ellis faces one count each of aggravated robbery, a first-degree felony, and felonious assault, a second-degree felony. If convicted of aggravated robbery, he faces three to 11 years in prison while felonious assault is punishable by two to eight years.

He also was originally arrested on a burglary warrant from Cuyahoga County before deputies confirmed he was responsible for the Hartland Township robbery.

Deputies also submitted charges for abduction, tampering with evidence, theft of a motor vehicle and theft of a firearm, but those weren't ultimately filed by the Norwalk Law Director's Office.

"I was really hoping for the abduction charge ... because he forced the individual into the structure at gunpoint. The victim was significantly traumatized," Howard said.

Jason Rowe, 30, also at the DeRussey Road home, was issued a summons on possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Howard again said the motive behind the robbery was so Ellis could obtain money to purchase diapers for his baby daughter and pain medication.

The Erie County Sheriff's Office, state Highway Patrol and Huron County Dog Warden's Office assisted local deputies.

"All in all, this was a significant law-enforcement effort," Howard said. "There were several agencies working together. We had the suspect in custody in about 55 minutes from the first 9-1-1 call.

"I'd also like to thank all the citizens who assisted," the sheriff said. "This was truly a community effort."



no no he's not a drug addict .. he only shot at someone for money for drugs lol he's learned his lesson in a few days in jail …. hahahahha that woman lol i still can't believe that hahaha


Not for DRUGS...he was in PAIN from working on the barn. There is a difference. He was prescribed them. He wasn't thinking straight. He needs hugs and apparently a back rub. I live with chronic pain and have never woke up and thought oh I think I will go rob someone at gun point, lock them in a shed, steal their truck and then shoot at someone who tries to stop me. Never mind the running NAKED from a barn to the house to try and conceal my identity and hide in my bed, wearing pajamas. (That is hardcore criminal there, hiding in bed with your pj's on!) But no, he's NOT a drug addict. He was in PAIN!


so much pain he robbed some one ran to and from the barn in pain???? did he ever get his pills or just lay back in bed??? i think he got the pills cause his aunts on em


That is another thought. IF he is in SO MUCH pain...how was he able to strip nekkid, and run from the barn to the house, put his pajamas back on and hide in bed. I mean I thought he was in pain??? Didn't he need to go get his pain meds? Did the sheriff get them for him? Was he in such bad shape did they take him to the ER for observation? Treatment? Pain Pills? Is he now under a doctors care? I mean if he is injured or in pain I am sure the sheriff would want him treated and/or medicated properly!


LMAO! Yeah it seems he was in such excruciating pain that he could commit a crime that likely required quite a bit of physical energy and then was in so much pain he could undress himself and run into the house. I'm not buying it. Just another pill head looking for his fix.

Sitting In The ...

The best sentence of this article was "The person located on the second floor appeared to have been sleeping since they were dressed in pajamas". Only in Hazzard County.


my parents live a couple houses down from where they found him. i got to their house about 10 mins after they caught him. definitely a scary thing. and spankygurl39.... no not everyone is perfect. but you know the difference? we don't hold people at gunpoint for some pills! I mean for crying out loud.. he SHOT at the guy!! the only people who hold someone at gunpoint for money to get pain pills are druggies... so don't say "oh he was just sore and needed some meds" because I've had multiple surgeries and needed pain pills for them and when I ran out.. I didn't hold someone at gunpoint so I could get more.. you know why? Cause I'm not a junkie! I hope he get the absolute maximum sentence! and I hope they take that baby away from him! let someone raise her who won't be high on pills or holding people at gunpoint....


Lets put these ppl behind bars n no community based bs either!


oops,,,double posted, my bad......


I'm so tired of people saying God's gonna do this ,God's gonna do that, God's gonna get you if you dare to speak the truth or your opinion.

Guess what?

God ain't gonna do $.hit! Or God wouldn't allow idiots and criminals and people who abuse animals and kids to roam the Earth.






SPANKY what type pills are you on? many of us have bought diapers many us prob had use pain meds but guess what NONE US ROBBED SOMEONE TO O IT! now heres a idea you talk your getting a LAWYER sue people LMAOOOO maybe you should took that money bought diapers so your dumb nephew didnt hold someone at gunpoint.


look at them …. if ur gonna tell me there not druggys ima call u a lier …. he's as thin as a rail and she looks like she been selling her self and has had one hell of a life


look at them …. if ur gonna tell me there not druggys ima call u a lier …. he's as thin as a rail and she looks like she been selling her self and has had one hell of a life


look at them …. if ur gonna tell me there not druggys ima call u a lier …. he's as thin as a rail and she looks like she been selling her self and has had one hell of a life


Spanky your nephew didn't just steal money and a truck, he stole the communities security.He actually shot at someone, You should be thankful he didn't murder the person, instead of making excuses for his behavior and bad choices. Don't be an enabler.


What idiots. Geesh.


Yea, he was in so much pain that he couldn't pick up the phone & ask for help, but he could force a grown man into a shed & he was able to run just fine. That mustve been some god awful pain!!! You can look at the pictures of these two and tell they are drug addicts. You don't need to write a single word to go along with the pictures either. I'm feeling confident when i say that I'm sure he probably didn't call for help cuz they're well passed the point of their family paying for their habits. period, point blank!!! He robbed, kidnapped and shot at someone, family or not lady, you look like the town idiot for saying the things you are in his defense! That's an opinion, one that I'm sure many agree with( hahaha), can't sue overr an opinion. I'm sure the track marks they more than likely found on their arms isn't from drugs either, they were probably trying to make diapers for their baby & they were caused by a sewing accident went horribly wrong huh? Some people are just rediculous i swear lmao


Maybe everybody could just quit bitching and let the Judge deal with him. That is his job. People are stupid. What's new?


LOL. The judge in Huron County will send him to the CBCF for a couple months and he'll be back on the street. The judge in this county is part of the problem.

hor mone

I caint be a pencil necked geek no more.


Armed Robbery for Diapers? how about getting a job.


He needed pain killers too.

all fact or all...

this is to SPANKYGURL39 this might be all done and over as you say but how do you think the family of the people feel....you should just feel real damn lucky that those people are not planning funerals instead of being called into court....YES REALLY throw the book at him before he really does KILL SOMEONE...I haven't put 6 pages on here real simple thank the dear Lord he didn't kill someone hes only going to get a few years verses LIFE....hhhuuummmm