Local man, 26, arrested in soliciting sex from 13-year-old girl

Detective: "His description of their relationship with the victim is quite disturbing and in stark contrast to her feelings."
Cary Ashby
Oct 29, 2013


A rural New London man who reportedly admitted to soliciting sex from a 13-year-old girl is out on bond.

"She's an Ashland County resident, but the crime occurred in Huron County," said Huron County Sheriff's Detective Bill Duncan, who investigated the case.

Elliot J.M. Shepherd II, 26, of 2678 Jennings Road, New London, is charged with importuning in connection with a suspected incident Oct. 19, according to Norwalk Municipal Court records. If convicted of the fifth-degree felony, he faces six to 12 months behind bars. Duncan defined importuning as soliciting sexual activity from someone who is underage.

The sheriff's office received a report Tuesday in which Shepherd was accused of inappropriately touching and soliciting sex from the girl, Duncan said.

The girl was interviewed Wednesday morning.

"Evidence was collected that supported her allegations," said Duncan, who didn't elaborate on the specific evidence. "A report documenting her statement was forwarded to the Norwalk law director that day."

Shepherd came to the station Thursday.

"He admitted to the victim's allegations were true. His description of their relationship with the victim is quite disturbing and in stark contrast to her feelings," Duncan said.

Shepherd said his relationship with the girl was "much more serious" than what she said it was, the detective added.

"He described their relationship (as what) two adults would have and she's a 14-year-old kid. His relationship was light years from what she said," Duncan said.

The detective declined to say if Shepherd described his suspected relationship with the girl as sexual, but he said there are more interviews to be done in the ongoing investigation.

Deputies arrested Shepherd on the importuning warrant Thursday. He was transported to the Huron County Jail, where he posted a $10,000 bond that night.

Shepherd, who has no prior felony convictions, is prohibited from having any direct or indirect association with any non-family members who are younger than 18, according to Duncan and court records.

The suspect's preliminary hearing is scheduled for Friday. Shepherd can waive his right for the state to present evidence and the case would be transferred to Huron County Common Pleas Court for a possible grand jury indictment.



I don't want to even pretend to know what really happened here but I know that there are young girls who play around online and pretend to be older than they are so guys will talk to them. But when Mommy and Daddy catch them then it's all the guys fault. I am in no way saying that this is what happened here just that parents need to monitor what their kids are doing on line more closely. They need to find out exactly who they are talking to and what they are talking about. Some say it's an invasion of privacy but I would much rather invade my child's privacy than to bury them because of some crazy person they met online.


Personally I don't believe monitoring what your children are doing online should ever be considered an invasion of privacy. Parents are responsible for protecting their children from all threats. Whether it be face to face or online. I also know that young girls can play games online, but also with the help of the internet their seems to be a huge rise on how many pedophiles are being exposed recently. I'm not sure what has caused such a disturbing trend. It could be the fact there are more pedophiles out there, even though pedophilia is absolutely nothing new, or it could be the over exposer of things of a sexual nature to increasingly younger and younger children. I remember when I was going to school and was younger this didn't seem to be as prevalent as it is today. Regardless of what is causing it, it needs to be stopped immediately. Our kids seem to be facing more threats from more people these days. And honestly what disturbs me the most is people such as teachers seem to be getting caught more and more often.


He had to know she was underage! I don't care what a little girl says about her age. At 13, she probably is not going to look or act 18! I have an 11 year old, she is my youngest. If someone that age tries anything stupid with my daughter, they will not need a lawyer!! This kind of &%$# really disturbs me! It is obvious that this guy has some serious problems. My opinion is simple on these things. Let the girls family handle it!!!!!


Have you SEEN some of these girls...I've seen 13 or 14 year olds that could pass for 18 easy. Not saying this is the case...but some parents let their kids wear really age inappropriate clothing and tons of make up...I can see how this COULD happen.


I agree 13/14 they CAN look older. Thank you reality TV/social media. Everyone wants to be a star or at least look like them. It is almost impossible to find age appropriate clothing. If you do find it, your child refuses to wear it because everyone makes fun of them. This comes down to parenting. You need to WATCH everything your child does. Facebook, twitter, cellphones, computers, friends. It is not snooping it is INTEL GATHERING. There are PERVERTS everywhere. No excuses, watch your children. Know what they are doing.


agree totally. nothing a garden rake and a few minutes couldnt solve.


You never know who your dealing with on line?There are kids 14 that dress and look 18!Parents you better know where your kids are?


Girls are 14, look 18 and act 21.
Men are 21, look 18 and act 14.


hahahhaha so true


key word here is RURAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Any child that lives under my roof, is my business whatever they do until emancipated.


It seems like everyone is losing track of things. This guy was trying to get with a child! We don't know all of the circumstances but it doesn't matter! That little girl is someone's daughter. And at the end of the day, she is still a child!


You said it...we DON'T know all the circumstances. Maybe this guy is a complete perv...but MAYBE he thought she was way older and they were in a "relationship". I really am leaning toward a story that goes something like this: They are seeing each other. Parents find out. All of a sudden, girl denies everything...and guy is like, "What? Wait..."

Now, I know that in a perfect world, all guys ask for ID's before dating...but in the real world I can see this happening. Not saying it did...just saying it's a believeable scenario.


sicko pervert.. grown man... geez


IM not sure which is more SICK sex offender trash like this or people makeing excuses why they might have done it!!! the reason stuff like this still happens and why rape still happens is because it seems people rather look for excuses for the predetor then JUSTICE FOR THE VICTIM!


You are really naive if you think girls don't lie about their age...all I was saying is that this MAY have been the case. It is BECAUSE of girls/women fabricating stories that people have a hard time believing actual rape victims.

If this girl lied about her age, I think she must carry some of the blame for this and be charged as a delinquent. If she didn't, then this guy deserves whatever punishment he gets.


If a minor is under a parent's roof. and the parent is paying for the computer, or phone or device, the internet, and the electricity.

You damn well bet. It is NOT an invasion of privacy. The adult is responsible for said minor until age of 18.

On another note, the grandparents of a 12 year old girl my relative knows. Found out this girl was on FB and other sites posing as a 17 ,18 year old trying to pick up 20 /21 year old guys. And the grandparents just blew it off like it was no big thing. People need to care more, sadly, not all parents or GR P. will.

That said, ANY GUY over the age of 18 should know better and not be so stupid as to NOT check ID.

If he doesn't and thinks it's no big deal than that makes him a perverted PREDATOR!


P.S. the little girls need to grow up and stop acting like $ .luts - which is what many of them are doing.


First, this is not a Robert Stewart type of situation where a pre-puberty victim has been penetrated by an adult male.
Second, this is the more usual Huron County sex case where a post puberty alleged victim is telling a different story than a young man. And in this case no conduct or contact appears to have been alleged only talk.
Third, we should really wait until the facts come out.


I know that alot of young girls lie about their age and lead men on. I just don't see how someone that is 26 can not tell by the way she acted and even talked that she is too young. But instead of making excuses for this guy, look at the crime. There is no shade of grey here, he has issues! Why in the world would a grown man want to be with a child? If he only goes to jail for 12 months, he will do this again. Next time it could be worse! He obviously has mental issues and needs psychiatric treatment. This should not be taken lightly!


Seriously. She's 14, not 8. You don't think a 14 year old could come up with conversation to sound 18? Especially in this day and age where everyone under 21 seems to be illiterate..."u r gr8. ILY" I mean, really...I'm sure there weren't many highly intelligent conversations going on.


wonder how many you makeing excuses for him would trust hin say watching your little sister or your little daughter be freakin real. it makes me puke when young are molested women are raped the victim ends up accused


Well this girl has changed her story about 10 times so what's that say?