Robbery suspect caught following manhunt

Girlfriend charged with helping man accused of armed robbery at cemetery.
Aaron Krause
Oct 24, 2013


A tip led authorities Thursday afternoon to catch a Collins man charged in connection with an armed robbery at a cemetery and his subsequent fleeing.

Garry D. Ellis, 21, of 1475 Derussey Road, Collins, allegedly stole money and a truck from a landscaper at gunpoint.

Huron County Sheriff's Detective Sgt. Josh Querin added Ellis forced the worker to discard his cell phone and go into a shed before Ellis drove off.

Individuals who spotted the truck in a parking lot realized the vehicle didn't belong there, confronted him and one of them chased Ellis, Querin said. He added the suspect fired the gun at the man giving chase, but missed.

Authorities were alerted to the robbery at 1:15 p.m. and had a suspect in custody at 2:16. The search continued, however, because they were unsure whether they had the right man, Querin said.

(NOTE: To see pictures of the manhunt, click HERE.)

Querin said police found Ellis hiding upstairs in a bed in the home in which he and his girlfriend live. They recovered the gun and the money Ellis allegedly stole from the landscaper.

"It was a great collective effort by members of law enforcement in bringing these two into custody," Querin said.

The girlfriend, Shannon N. Roe, 27, was arrested shortly after Ellis and charged with obstructing justice, a third-degree felony. Querin said she lied to authorities in the early investigation about her boyfriend's alleged involvement and hid him in their home.

"She had knowledge of what her boyfriend had done," the investigator said.

Ellis is being held in the Huron County Jail. He faces multiple felonies, the most serious of which is aggravated robbery, a first-degree felony. Querin said authorities also anticipate filing kidnapping or abduction charges against Ellis, since he allegedly forced the landscaper into the shed. Ellis also was arrested on a Cuyahoga County warrant in connection with a burglary.

"The information kept evolving and went from (Ellis) being a person of interest to a primary suspect," Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard said.

"He was deceptive for quite some time," Querin said, but added he wasn't combative.

"He lied to us several times but later fully confessed to the crimes," Howard said. "This was a very significant manhunt."

Howard said 30 law enforcement officers from the sheriff's departments in Huron and Erie counties, K-9 units and an Ohio State Patrol airplane were involved in the manhunt, which took place near Derussey Road, 2 miles south of Ohio 18.



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Armed robbery at a cemetery?? Wow, I bet there is a special place in Hell for that!


Collins cemetery ? ?

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Something don't sound right about this story. I don't know if it the way its written or the information released by the Sheriffs Dept.


or the way you like to be over critical. Get over it.


great job getting the bad guy.




Hiding upstairs in his bed. Hmmm...we're dealing with a real genius here. I bet he had his eyes closed tight that whole time, too.


Wow, good job to the men and women at the Huron County Sheriff's Office!!! Your the best!!!

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look here to all who left a comment DONT ACT LIKE YOU NEVER EVER MADE THE WRONG CHOICE IN YOUR LIFE My nephew has been going through alot and wasnt thinking straight and Made a wrong to the one that said Wow a cemetary bet HELL has a place for him ....well guess what he is a child of God and he will be given forgiveness and for you to be the JUDGE it isnt your place !... if you all want to leave a nasty comment you are welcome to go look in the Mirror at yourself ...I know for a fact you are no angel...So to all of you back off my nephew ! He is young and learning from his own mistakes ! ...NO-ONE IS PERFECT!...


I can look in the mirror...I have never ROBBED someone. I have never COMMITED a crime. I have never HELD A GUN to someone. Yes I have made mistakes....I left my purse on the table when I went to buy groceries. I forgot to send lunch money with the kids. I have NEVER BEEN A CRIMINAL. I have been through ALOT myself. I am no angel. But I am also NOT A CRIMINAL. I have never been arrested. I have NEVER been in jail. I learn from my mistakes also but they do not include the COPS or jail cells. So get off YOUR high and mighty horse. My wrong choices in life have never been so bad as to include a manhunt with a countywide LOCKDOWN!


Wrong choice? Sure I have. Many moons ago I made a few bad choices. However, holding a man up with a gun and shooting at others, that's a few more decisions than a bad choice. This took some planning. For you to sit here and defend him like he just got popped the first time for smoking weed or underage drinking is ridiculous. He attempted to MURDER someone you dolt! Not to mention armed robbery! I'm sure the devil does a a nice toasty spot for him prepared.

Sitting In The ...

A mistake would be locking your keys in your car, not robbing a landscaper, stealing his truck and firing a gun at an innocent bystander. I can look myself in the mirror because the only thing listed above I've done is lock my keys in my car.

HuronCo Resident

I understand sticking up for family - but COME ON "SpankyGurl"!!! I'm going out on a limb here but have a feeling that the "Nut don't fall far from the tree". With that being said, you have absolutely no idea the fear that the families in the area faced when we are all notified that this suspected criminal was loose, wanted for suspected robbery and is ARMED! We have children, friend and families all in a close knit community on this part of DeRussey Rd. Not knowing if they caught this jerk or if he would try forcing his way into our homes and try and hurt us or our children - was an absolutely horrible feeling. People were afraid for their lives - yet you defend this piece of garbage. I am sorry, I will not "back off your nephew". If you really loved him, you will pray they lock him up for a long time and hope he gets the help he needs so he is no longer a menace to society.


AMEN!! - I am with you totally on this one, HuronCo Resident!! My child was SCARED TO DEATH - called on the phone wanting to know if he was going to be ok!! Seriously "SpankyGurl" - just because he is "going through things", don't we all??? But not all of of rob a person at gun point and steal a vehicle and then decide to hide.. 21 years of age he knows better and shame on YOU for thinking that this is ok just because he has some issues!! .....Thank God no one was killed.

In my opinon

Sounds like he made more than ONE bad choice! Ellis also was arrested on a Cuyahoga County warrant in connection with a burglary.


Spankygurl ...~ENABLER~




Well he will have plenty of time to "learn from his mistakes" sitting in Mansfield.
Great job Josh.


Oh come on now folks. He is going through a lot of stuff now and not thinking straight. He cannot be held responsible. He just made a mistake. We should all feel bad for him and pat him on the back, while telling him it will be ok. This whole "NOT MY FAULT" society is what the MAIN PROBLEM AMERICA is suffering from. Noone takes responsibility. Everyone else is to blame. Never YOUR fault, blame someone else. You didn't win your little league game, your parents were alcoholics, your home life sucked, your dad lost his job, your grandma's house burnt down, your apartment had bed bugs, you didn't learn to swim, you got bad grades, flunked out of college, your girlfriend left you, blah blah blah. We all have our issues. GROW UP AND DEAL WITH IT. Not everyone who has issues ROBS PEOPLE AT GUN POINT and then (basically) HOLDS A WHOLE COUNTY HOSTAGE! Admit what you have done and be a man about it. As for the family (that's you SpankyGurl) quit making excuses for him, you are NOT helping at all, you are PART OF THE PROBLEM.


Well said!!




Rock on ladydye_5, rock on.


Lmao at Ladydye_5. A mental midget who never sees to amaze us.


This is more fun than the comics !


Glad he was caught. Glad spanky gurl notices we hate trash. I've been through much but never treated others like garbage...unless it was warranted.


Someone is very lucky to be alive. Surprised that there wasn't returned fire. That said, bravo to the L.E. And Auntie: Just what lesson do you want your nephew to learn? BOO F'N HOO. Who doesn't go through a lot in life? Let this be a learning lesson. People are so quick to defend those that usually have been corrupted within close range.


The Chub Club Bus prevails.


So...what did Sheriff Howard bust you for?