Woman hospitalized after being hit in head with beer bottle

Victim allegedly showed "some interest" in the female suspect's ex-boyfriend.
Cary Ashby
Oct 23, 2013
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Authorities are seeking a Plymouth woman accused of hitting a woman with a beer bottle who apparently showed "some interest" in the suspect's ex-boyfriend.

Lora L. Garcia, 44, of 4273 Ohio 98, is charged with felonious assault, which is punishable by two to eight years in prison. Prosecutors filed the second-degree felony against her Monday in Norwalk Municipal Court, prompting a warrant being issued for her arrest, according to court records.

The Huron County Sheriff's Office received an anonymous 9-1-1 at 12:18 a.m. Saturday about two women who were accused of fighting at the Willard American Legion. Chief Deputy Ted Patrick said deputies responded to 3096 Ohio 99, Willard, and contacted one of the female subjects, Jessica C. Blue, 26, of 424 Spring St., Willard.

"She was bleeding from the head and had a cut on her eye. She said she was hit by a beer bottle," Patrick said. "She (Blue) was inebriated and somewhat combative."

Blue was charged with disorderly conduct by intoxication in connection with being "loud and boisterous," he said.

The woman first went to Fisher-Titus Medical Center for treatment of her injuries. Patrick said the suspected victim received several stitches on her head and then was transported to the Huron County Jail.

Deputies attempted to find Garcia.

"She had left prior to our arrival," Patrick said. "Attempts to locate her that evening failed."

The chief deputy credited witnesses with filling in some gaps for the suspected sequence of events. Patrick said witnesses reported there was an altercation between Blue and Garcia in which Garcia reportedly hit the other woman with a beer bottle.

"The altercation started over Miss Garcia's ex-boyfriend (whom) Miss Blue was showing some interest in," Patrick added.

It's unknown how, or if, the two women know each other.

Norwalk Assistant Law Director Scott Christophel declined to comment on the case.



She was drunk....in a bar......which is perfectly legal. She gets hit in the head with a beer bottle and SHE gets arrested???? Did they book her under the name of "Tater Salad?"


Yes, very unfair that the victim got arrested.

Really are you ...

Back in prehistoric times, when a caveman was selecting his mate he clubbed her over the head and made her his own. Times have changed, but apparently not by much. Ex-girlfriend clubs female over head for showing interest ex-boyfriend.

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I might be "loud and boisterous" if someone smacked me in the head with a beer bottle...just saying.


Sounds like an old chick was upset because her ex ol'man was getting some young chick and the young chick was rubbing it in tom the old chick. Old chick gets mad because she really can't compete with young chick. Moral of story?? Old chick get over it, once a man got the taste of a young chick?? some things you just can't compete with. But hey who knows, you may get lucky, find another old man who has no interest in a female based soley on skin texture..


I happened to be at the legion that night. The place looked like duck dynasty and dog town mated and produced multiple multiple times over. I left before this incident happened because I knew it was inevitable...that's what ya get when you have an unorganized free for all open band night for hillbillies that's open to the public.


and where do you come off with the "hillbilly" thing? are you so much better than "hillbilly" Maybe it just have to do with the sort of people who happens to live in that area. "hillbilly" needs a little more respect. "hillbilly" is a hard working family person who just for reasons likes a simple life. "hillbilly" does not mean uneducated, just don't feel the need to explain every action. Welfare infested, drug and alcohol abuser, cat fighters, drama queens in the county, are not that same.

Yall Make Me Sick

You must have fit in with the "hillbillies" & dog town people to make such an appearance. So glad to know your "crap" don't stink & that your God because your just perfect & that everyone should have been thankful to have been in your presence. So lucky!!!


I am sure you meant your comment for Ferball??? rite??

Yall Make Me Sick

Yes! Sorry


Morale of the story... Don't mess with us old chicks!

Everyone is fam...

Hey that's the woman that advertises her crafts all over Facebook! Just Like Nora. Crafty and crazy all rolled up in one!

Yall Make Me Sick

Such a big person to put someone's business out there that has NOTHING to do with the story. Woo hoo winner winner. Your rude & stupid rolled up in one!!

Everyone is fam...

Aww, don't get so butt hurt. Deep breaths!

Yall Make Me Sick

I'm so glad your mom taught you NEVER to take any crap from anyone. You got into a fight who cares it happens. Nobody's perfect except for God in the other comment above. You live & learn. Nothing to be ashamed of things happen. At least it wasn't drug related or sex related. Who cares next story NR...

Everyone is fam...

She assaulted someone over a man. Nothing to be ashamed of? She should be. No man is worth prison time. You are right...no one is perfect but when you act foolish opinions form. Your opinions are all over this blog. You just called me stupid, however patting someone on the back for "not taking anyone's crap" by bashing them in the head is plain ignorant. At 44 yrs old she should have already lived and learned. Carry on with your tirade of words.

Yall Make Me Sick

My point is don't go around outing people & there business because you've read something in the NR. Half their story's are not correct anyways. You don't know her personally or you would never have made that statement. Do I know her. Yes since I was 11. She's an amazing mom, daughter, mother in law, friend. Please don't jump to conclusions to something you've got no clue about. Anybody can write anything doesn't mean it's true. That's my point. Have a great day!!

Everyone is fam...

You're right! Tons of stories on here for your back patting. Let the thieves, rapists, druggies, and other criminals know "things happen", and "live and learn" and "don't take any crap". Hey, since you're such a ray of sunshine maybe you could apply to do some motivational speaking at the prisons! Criminals need some encouraging words. ;)


Outing her? She put herself out there when she decided to break the law. She may very well be a great person but it doesn't change the fact she assaulted someone with a beer bottle.


I agree with you! The point is she assaulted someone. If she can't handle a 26 year old taunting her then she better stay out of the bars. She has made a mess for herself now and I bet she is regretting it, if not she will be.

Everyone is fam...

Thank you! There's times I think everyone around here has their heads in the clouds. If I could charge a dollar for every time a friend comes on here and gives the "good person" song and dance I'd be set for life :)


You're welcome! Unfortunately, a lot of people do have their heads in the clouds and other places! How I see it, if they are such good people then they shouldn't be in the paper. I understand people make mistakes but when you place yourself in bad situations then you have two choices.....1. Leave or 2. Do something stupid that you will pay the consequences for.


No man is with prison time? Lmbo! Do you not understand that being territorial is part of a womans trait. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but you do not mess with a womans man, or children. I would kill for my man. Not saying that in this story he is hers, but only replying to your ignorant comment. Apparently you don't have someone worth fighting for. Sorry for you.

Everyone is fam...

You my dear must not realize your self worth. If you have to worry about your man straying to the point of having to mark your territory or fighting, he was never yours. I have someone wonderful but he respects me enough to never put me in that position. Besides, my kids are worth more to me than to do something so stupid and end up being taken away from them. Protecting the safety of your loved ones is one thing. Feeling like you have to practically pee on your man to prove he's yours is pathetic. I'm sorry for YOU.


I should have read your response first. Lol.


Its not about worrying about my man straying. I as well have a wonderful marriage. But don't presume that we aren't all human. Having to mark your territory is not pathetic. we all do it in one way or another. Some are just more Subtle and private. but regardless, my point was I will go anywhere or do anything for my marriage.. To say someone you love isn't worth fighting for is ignorant

Everyone is fam...

Spending time in prison over a jealousy issue is ignorant. It's as simple as this: You reach a point in your life that you become confident and love yourself enough to handle situations with grace and maturity. Not only that, as a mother it is my responsibility to be there for my children. No man will EVER be worth my children being motherless because I couldn't control my jealousy. And I expect my husband to put our children's well being ahead of his own and mine. I would take a bullet for my family, but I will never feel so low about myself that another woman could shake my confidence in my relationship. Besides all that (which I can't believe isn't obvious to you)...this woman is married. The guy is her ex. So continue on with the word twisting ;)

Everyone is fam...

And let me just repeat YES having to mark your territory IS pathetic. A real man will make you feel secure enough that when another woman shows interest you KNOW he is going to blow her off. A man that makes you feel any other way isn't a man.


It wasn't her man......it was her ex-man. Even if it was that still doesn't give her a right to hit someone in the head with a beer bottle! If you have to fight for your man, then you should question your relationship!