Six killed in Ohio accident with police officer

Officer being treated for injuries
Oct 18, 2013


Police say six people were killed and an officer was injured when a car and a cruiser collided at an intersection just north of Ohio's capital overnight.

The head of the local police union, Jason Pappas, says an officer from suburban Upper Arlington was responding to a robbery report when the crash occurred at an intersection early Wednesday. Pappas says the officer apparently had his vehicle's police lights and siren on at the time.

Pappas says six people in the other vehicle died, including a small child. He says the officer was being treated for a serious head injury at a hospital but was in stable condition.




It was THAT damn important?

I'm really tired of these first responders acting like they are saving the whole planet while killing people on the way.

Señor Clown

It was a robbery in progress call from McDonalds. I'm not making this up.


Robbery means in progress. If the person had shot up the place after and the police had not gotten there because they were not responding quick enough to obey all traffic laws and not use their emergency sirens and lights, you would probably be singing a different tune.


Go suck a rock if you think killing people is cool and you never make it to the scene anyway, (*%!$#^#!


Really? That's mature.

I never said anything about it being cool. It is a tragic ACCIDENT. You would be one of the first to complain if they had shot someone because they didn't get there fast enough because they followed the road rules in an emergency.

Clark W. Griswald

I really hope you never need a first responder


couldn't agree more with luvblues.


Why does the by-line say " Anonymous" ?

What does that mean? The cyber terror group, an off shoot? Or what?

Just asking.


Yea,it is crazy to respond at 100 mph to a minor alert !The robber was probably long gone and had there been injuries I am sure the Squad would have been called !


Where does it say he was going "100 m.p.h."?


Robbery means in-progress and suspect is on site. Thus the urgent response.

Investigation will need to play out if the officer followed protocol by slowing down for the intersection or not but if his lights and siren are on you should stay out of the way some how.

I guess from now own police need to just get there when ever they can get there, no matter the severity of the situation. No sirens or lights need to be used. It should save some money on equipment.

Dr. Information

Goodness. The law enforcement can't win with some of you. If they took their good old time and the place was shot up and people killed, the ones griping would be griping about that. A ROBBERY IS A MAJOR THING and yes police are going to get there as fast as possible.



Collateral damage, right? The cure is worse than the disease, doc.


luvblues, why aren't you pi$$ed at the people who don't yield to emergency vehicles? I remember years ago in drivers ed we were taught to always yield to emergency vehilces.


Lights and siren does not mean you fly through an intersection without making sure its safe to do so. That is taught in their training.


Did this cop "fly through" an intersection? Seems like a lot of people on here are assuming its the cops fault.

Dr. Information

Yeah a lot of assuming without any data or facts. Go on with your ranting.


Guilty before proven innocent.

These are the same people who would be first to complain if this was reversed.


Go read the Dispatch its the lead story, the car w/ 6 occupants ran a red light, realized his mistake, stopped in the middle of the very busy intersection of SR 33 and Fishinger Rd and was hit hesitating. This was an accident. There are 6 remaining children who are w/o their parents and 4 sisters who shoud be in our thoughts.


Yall need to shut up about the darn robbery. Prayers out for the families in mourning is all that needs to be said. Ugh you people make me sick.