Frequent storms predicted in early winter forecast

Weather service says there is a potential for more snow in Ohio later in the winter.
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Oct 14, 2013


Several weather sources have released their weather predictions for the upcoming winter and one, from, has Ohio getting hit by frequent storms.

Storm Center 7 Chief Meteorologist Jamie Simpson said it’s a bit early to make long-range predictions, but if this frequent storm track does develop over the Miami Valley it could mean above average precipitation for the first time in two years.

“While areas southeast of here stay generally warmer than average, and areas northwest of here stay generally colder than average, we will be in the battle zone between warm and cold air,” Simpson said in interpreting the predictions.

He said this could lead to the potential for some ice, but more likely snow changing to rain more frequently.

“We are already potentially seeing this pattern developing through the second half of October, but it’s still warm enough to be just rain,” Simpson said.

The forecast mentions the potential for more snow in Ohio later in the winter.

“This makes sense as the early winter storm track will leave snow cover across the western Great Lakes and Upper Midwest, and that will allow the colder air masses to build then expand a bit later in the winter,” Simpson said.

Snowfall for the entire season is expected to be average.

The Farmer’s Almanac issued its long-range winter forecast back in August, which called for “biting cold and snowy,” conditions in the Ohio Valley.

“It is important to note that long-range winter forecasts are amongst the hardest to make and often are complete failures,” Simpson said.

The National Weather Service usually puts out a three-month forecast for January through March after Nov. 1.


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Cliff Cannon

"....Let it snow,let it snow,let it snow..."


@ CC:

Would you be singin' that song if you were still drivin' for a living? :)

Yrs. ago, I was drivin' on RT 2 east of Huron and had a tractor/trailer jackknife JUST as it was along side me and trying to pass during a severe snowstorm.

I watched him slide into the medium and luckily stop upright.

I did NOT enjoy the adrenalin rush!

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango : " Would you be singin' that song if you were still drivin' for a living? "

We picked by seniority our runs at ' Furntiure ' So I spent quite a bit of the winter driving at very rapid paces----south of the Mason/Dixon line.Which indicates either wimpdom or good common sense.

I also,as winter waned here,went on many March, early April trips in northern Michigan,Minnesota,Wisconsin and best of all Sugarloaf mountain,Maine in search of one more taste of snow.

Final tally hypocrite who liked to make his job easier 51 % Snow lover who loves winter like a little boy does 49 % ( Is the score
ever any different in humans ? :)

Cliff Cannon

@Contango: O.K., I've slept on your question. (" Would you be singin' that song if you were still drivin' for a living? " )

I am still a hypocrite.Yet,would like to add April 3, 2007 we got a foot of snow in Duluth, Minn and on April 1,2008 we got a record setting blizzard in Marquette,Mich.

I say " We" since I was there to enjoy them. Then add,the blizzard in Marquette remains one of my all time favorite trips.

What was really fun, considering I picked 4th. out of 33 drivers was taking the raspberry's from my buddy's for being 'stupid' enough to pick loads that snowed like that on me in April.

P.S. Man, you ask some good questions


@ CC:

Thanks for the response.

You reminded me of the Blizzard of '78.

We were living in Youngstown at the time and comin' home from work from Sharon, PA while driving I-80 west was a REAL adventure.

I drove in the semi's wheel tracks as best I could, because the
plows were MIA.

I heard and felt the snow scraping the undercarriage. I figured if I got stuck I was a dead man.

Cliff Cannon

@Contango: " You reminded me of the Blizzard of '78." Right there, my friend is the best part of " bad " weather.By challenging every part of your being. It leaves with you memories of a life time.

Now,let's take it from the top;" Let it snow,let it snow let it....." :)


Re: " Let it snow,let it snow let it....."

And OH's own Dean Martin sings it best.

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango : Agreed Dean Martin sings it best. Then add, if Dean's " Baby it's cold outside " doesn't explain -----THE advantage---- of winter to the thinking person, nothing will. :)

Dr. Information

I say this every single year. I'll believe it when I see it. To many times we hear doom and gloom from these overpaid predictors and their million dollar non accurate machines.