Trooper finds whiskey flask under seat of suspected drunken biker

Local woman with five prior DUI convictions also charged with resisting arrest, open container violation and no motorcycle endorsement.
Cary Ashby
Oct 12, 2013


A motorcyclist accused of drunk driving faces a host of charges in connection with a traffic stop this week by the state Highway Patrol.

Blanche M. Myers, 53, of 602 Greenwich Milan Townline Road, was reported to be driving recklessly southbound on Old State Road, according to a call to the patrol's Norwalk post. The caller also said the biker had pulled off on the side of the road just before midnight Thursday.

Sgt. Brian Mamere responded and found Myers on South Norwalk Road west of Laylin Road. The trooper reported finding a half-full flask of whiskey under the seat.

Troopers had the bike towed from the scene.

Myers refused a sobriety test, but the patrol later obtained a warrant for a blood draw at Fisher-Titus Medical Center, where Mamere said the woman was taken due to possible injuries in connection with resisting arrest. The results of the test are pending.

The biker was charged with driving under the influence, resisting arrest, an open container violation and no motorcycle endorsement. Once Myers was released from Fisher-Titus, she was transported to the Huron County Jail.

Myers has five prior DUI convictions in 1992, 1993, 1996, 1998 and 2006.

The patrol forwarded a report about the DUI and resisting arrest charges to the Huron County Prosecutor's Office for review.



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