Sax sent to slammer

After learning he would spend the next 12 years in prison, Norwalk man lashes out at judge and prosecutor.
Cary Ashby
Oct 10, 2013


Defendant Jeremy M. Sax frowned when the judge announced Thursday he would spend 10 years in prison for aggravated burglary.

Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway then said the 35-year-old Norwalk man would serve an additional two years for tampering with evidence.

That's when the man with multiple tattoos on the back of his shaven head and around his neck directed his anger toward the court and county prosecutor.

"I understand you give more time (to me) than a child molester in this (expletive) county," Sax told Conway.

"I hope you sleep good," Sax said, turning to face Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler.

Sax repeated the comments. Conway immediately told the defendant to settle down or he would have him thrown out of court and jailed.

At the same time, Huron County Sheriff's Lt. Chris Stanfield and Deputy Mitch Cawrse approached and surrounded the defendant's chair. Stanfield, who stood at Sax's left shoulder, kept his right hand covering his holstered gun for the rest of the sentencing hearing.

On Oct. 3, after nearly two days of testimony, a jury found Sax guilty of robbery, aggravated burglary and tampering with evidence. Jurors deliberated for slightly less than an hour.

The charges are for a violent, March 1 drug-related home invasion which sent the male victim to Fisher-Titus Medical Center to get staples in his head.

Conway said the facts show Sax intended to cause serious physical harm to the victim "as he entered the premises." The judge also said consecutive sentences were necessary to "protect the public from future crimes by the offender" and would reflect the seriousness of the crime.

The victim had requested $700 in restitution. Because the man didn't come to court to testify or for Sax's sentencing and didn't provide authorities with any documentation that substantiated the $700, Conway turned down the request.

Sax and the victim had dated the same 23-year-old New London woman, who went to her ex-boyfriend's Fitchville Township home to retrieve her laptop computer. Charges against her were dismissed later.

Former Norwalk resident Larry Thornsberry, 36, has been convicted of grabbing the victim in a choke-hold from behind while Sax repeatedly hit him with the metal end of an airsoft pistol to get money and heroin from him.

Sax's sister and Thornsberry's girlfriend, Treva M. Campbell, 30, also has pleaded guilty to driving the pair to the victim's home and also away from the crime scene -- at which time Sax threw the "pretend gun" out of the passenger window. A Huron County Sheriff's Office search team found the pistol in a creek under a Jennings Road bridge adjacent to the Fitchville Conservation Club seven days later.

"The defendant did stick a pretend gun in the face of a boy," Leffler told the court Thursday.

The 16-year-old boy testified Sax pointed the gun at him and told him to go back upstairs when he attempted to confront Sax. The boy said he planned to retrieve a baseball bat from a shelf behind Sax in order to help the victim.

Conway ruled Thursday the robbery and aggravated burglary charges are "allied." The state chose to pursue the more serious felony, the aggravated burglary, which was punishable by three to 11 years in prison. Sax faced a maximum of 14.

"I think the court should lock him away as long as they can. We'd like the court to come as close to (14 years) as possible," Leffler said. "(Sax's) record is replete with anger, fighting and carrying on."

Sax's previous charges and convictions include robbery, gross sexual imposition, a post-release control violation, felonious assault, domestic violence, resisting arrest and menacing by stalking.

"Several of these ended in prison sentences," Leffler said.

"It seems like if you have the opportunity to commit another offense, you take it and run with it," the prosecutor said about Sax.

Defense attorney Sarah Nation said very little at Thursday's hearing.

Sax declined to speak on his own behalf.

"No sir," was what Sax told Conway when he was asked if he wanted to say anything -- shortly before his aforementioned outbursts.

Sax can apply for early release after spending six years in prison. Once he's out, he will be on five years of mandatory parole.

Immediately after the hearing, a deputy escorted the defendant out of the courtroom.


The Informer

He is right though, Conway will let these child molesters run around messing with lil girls, while he hammers drug cases. Yes, drugs in this area is bad, but really Conway, when you going to stop slapping these baby rapers on the hand. They just do it over and over again. It's a sickness....See ya in 2025 Kasper.....


He used a "gun" in a crime. That carries a bit more of a slap. Be it an air soft gun, that he cut the tip off of to LOOK REAL. But used it as a REAL ONE. I have no problems putting HIM and child molesters away. Lock them ALL UP !


Are you dumb or just stupid? Drug dealers and addicts get nothing but chance after chance in this county wih Conway on the seat. Go back to your meth and shut it.

Sitting In The ...

It appears no matter what Mr. Conway does you'll find something to complain about. If he slaps someone on the wrist you say "send them to prison" and when he does send people to prison you cry about something else. This man deserves to rot in prison and I would think you would be happy he's off the streets.


Too bad the tattoo artist didn't slip when he did his neck with a tat, right around one of the arteries.


What did he expect? Hes been to prison multiple times.. did he really think he wasnt going to get close to the max? And wow Informer.. seems like you got some anger.. was sax your buddy or something? Did you see his previous charges? one was for gross sexual imposition.. but then again this article isn't about a sex case.


don't get me wrong i HATE drugs and users. but as far as gross sexual imposition. That charge could stem from urinating in public or just asking the wrong chick at a bar if she "wanted to go home with you" and one would be declared a sex offender from that. Just a little facts on wording and our wacked justice system.


I just have a problem with the fact that his girlfriend at the time walked away without being charged with anything. It sure looked to me that she set this up from the start. As for this guy prison is nothing new for him. He'll be in and out the rest of his life.


Cue ball goes down and his sister slammed him. Cue ball's lawyer said, "Ef this, I told you to take the plea deal. Now I don't care."

Let's see what Sissy gets? 21 days if she messes up again. in other words, Sissy gets off.


Way to go Treva ! Oink ! Oink ! Hopefully you will pay him back with a few conjugal visits !


Why's he screaming a child molester gets less time then him.....Is his brain so ate up he forget his past "gross sexual imposition" charge???? Guess he should've taken the plea bargain!

so sick of stup...

so im the girlfriend and the sister the same person?


No his sister is the one in the picture on the other stories. She got no more jail time, unless her parole officer deems it necessary. (She ratted her brother out to get a deal). I LOVE how they turned the comment section off on the SISTERS story ! Guess she got tired of complaining to the moderator.


Where's Farmer (my apologies to actual farmers) T this morning? Was looking forward to reading which new barnyard sound she learned.


She's a pro at telling at this point lol

so sick of stup...

lol never mind i got it...a little early for me..

Dr. Information

Some people are meant for the life of crime. Give him time, he will do it again.


Child beaters and molesters aren't ill, they are EVIL. Saying they are sick, implies they are treatable. IMO, NO cure for that. As for pulling out a toy, guess he's lucky that guy didn't use a REAL weapon.


Bye Bye Nutsax.


So then, he's not a child molester? I guess his definition is different.

Don't you just love how the tats adds to his attractiveness? (blech).


I think they all should've been charged with more serious crimes especially the sister. This was clearly a conspired crime. They admitted they went there to rob this guy so at least conspiracy to commit. I guess if you snitch you get off but what's new with heroin county.

As for the Norwalk Reflector why do you get the freedom of speech and can print what you want but turn off our privilege of expressing our 1st amendment right of free speech? Claiming libel and defamation are you kidding me!! You should look up the definitions of those words before using them because if using facts from YOUR own printed crap is defamation and libel then I dont see how you haven't caught your own lawsuits. You freely print what you choose. Print half the story or use comments from previous dates to make your story seem more interesting. All these defendants are scum period. Sorry our posts yesterday were a bit harsh for the oinker and her family but the truth hurts. I also find it funny you deleted Attorney Nation's comment on how Sax's sister hammered him. Don't understand why your protecting that scum snitch. The truth is the truth. Here's a little help for the completely ignorant staff writer: Definition of Defamation/Libel - the action of damaging the good reputation of someone; slander or libel. Good reputation being the key word there lol there is no good reputation. Your paper and her own testimony took care of that. I hope everyone cancels your worthless paper that does nothing but report worthless heroin stories.



ladydye_5 know you are going to get *removed*. LOL. You cannot speak the truth! I do find it funny Ms Barnyard hasn't been around here yet!


Junkies are up all night so its prob not wakey time yet


His appearance should not matter...He committed a crime and he is going to be and should be punished. His past however should have more to say than anything about his current situation and his future acts. He is now and always will be a loser.


He refused the deal and took his chances with the jury and his criminal past. How did that work out for ya?


he is gun go to prison and hustle his way to comfort lol I hate how people always oo hes gun meet bubba and other ways of sayin if u even have a little bit of backbone it wont happen and I kno sax he is a piece and he knows it...'I have multiple #s' as in prison terms.'thats all I know is dope , who will hire me that's what im known for'


Really? Did you just see what you wrote? Maybe if you weren't so ignorant you would realize it. No wonder you have "multiple #s'". Next time your in, use the free education classes. You can use them. And as all you know is dope, need to find another profession or you wouldn't have the "#'s". You don't seem very good at what you do. Wow....such fools and don't even know it...


umm it was in the little thingys for a reason he said that not me im not a junkie and never have been knew him because he was friends with my cousin about 6 years ago..i will just let the rest of ur ignorant rant go since im assuming u didn't get that sax said that not me.