Defendant punished after calling NPD about heroin deal

Local man to serve sentence at same time as current prison term for theft.
Cary Ashby
Oct 13, 2013


A former Norwalk and Willard man was convicted and sentenced Thursday for calling police about a drug deal that led to his arrest.

Carlos L. Contreras, 34, pleaded guilty to possession of heroin. Following a joint recommendation by attorneys, Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway sentenced the defendant to nine months in prison. The judge also ordered Contreras to reimburse the Norwalk Police Department $100 to cover the cost of testing heroin and some undisclosed pills.

Contreras will serve the term at the same time he does a 10-month prison term at the Lorain Correctional Institution for a local theft conviction. Prison records indicate the prisoner should be released April 14.

"The state will not bring any further charges out of this incident," Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said about the plea deal.

Police confiscated a cell phone belonging to a drug suspect.

"Mr. Contreras called that phone," Leffler said and an officer answered it. "Mr. Contreras confirmed he'd be in the parking lot of Walmart."

Officers arrived and set up surveillance Aug. 14. Leffler said police saw Contreras sell seven heroin balloons to someone, then "swooped in," arrested the suspects and seized the heroin as evidence.

Conway, who has noted Contreras has several prior felony convictions, told the defendant Wednesday: "Hopefully, we won't see you again after this." Contreras agreed, saying he also hoped that was the case.

The man's mother, who was in the courtroom, declined to comment.



should of been 10 years


WOW you can get everything at the Walmart in Norwalk.Amazing.

enough of the bs

So where is the punishment here, he got 9 months for this charge served concurrent with a 10 month sentence that he already has to serve for something else? My math says he should have committed more crime if it would all get put together into the same 10 month paid vacation... Conway needs to go and Leffler needs to follow for agreeing to such lenient so called "penalties" as this but then again nothing new for them. Why do we keep allowing this kind of behavior from our ELECTED officials? This is what is ruining our communities.

Hidden Face

What he did is wrong. He needs to be punished for his actions. He also needs some intense help for his illness. Hopefully he will receive the help he needs behind bars. Anyone who know Carlos knows he will help and give the shirt off his back.