Biker in critical condition after crash

Accident takes place about 11 p.m. on rural Huron County road.
Cary Ashby
Oct 9, 2013


Alcohol is suspected of being a factor in a one-vehicle motorcycle accident late Tuesday being investigated by the Norwalk post of the state Highway Patrol.

William Avsec, 51, of Ashland, was driving a 2011 Harley-Davidson motorcycle south on Butler Road, which is closed for construction. Troopers said he hit an uneven portion of pavement, causing him to lose control of the bike.

The bike overturned and stopped in a ditch, ejecting Avsec, who was wearing eye protection, but didn't have a helmet on, troopers said.

A LifeFlight helicopter transported Avsec to MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland. Hospital spokeswoman Tina Shaerban-Arundel said he was in critical condition as of Wednesday morning.

The serious injury crash happened about 11:07 p.m. on Butler Road near U.S. 20. The Wakeman Fire District, Citizens Ambulance and White's Towing assisted troopers at the scene.

Troopers said they smelled alcohol at the scene, and blood samples were taken for testing. Those test results are pending.

The crash remains under investigation.



Glad no else was hurt.


BAC was negative, he was on his way home from work ... a deer was found well after the accident and this could very well be the culprit. Prayers needed and much appreciated!


The man was on his way home from work..
You just have to put "alcohol- related crash" just to sell papers.
Keep in mind his family probably reads these posts and doesn't need to read anything negative.
Please pray for him & his family.
Norwalk Reflector.. if his BAC was negative (you don't even know yet), why don't you change the headline. Just because someone rides a bike, doesn't mean they drink.


If the results are pending, WHY are they saying it was alcohol related? Irresponsible journalism at it's finest. If alcohol is suspected it should say suspected. If his BAC turns out to be negative a retraction needs to be printed.


I suggest you change the headline reflector before you are sued for slander.


Thats what the cops always do, oh I smell alcohol, or marijuana. prayers for this man hope he makes a full recovery.


Nice to see the headline changed..


Driving on a road that is closed is illegal and dangerous on four wheels, much less two. Prayers for this man but drivers need to follow the law which in turn will help keep them safe.


The Reflector is notorious for F-ing up headlines.. Just yesterday, JO Centers put "Judge ERIE Weisenburger".. Today, Karie Ashby prints unverified information.


The Reflector is notorious for F-ing up headlines.. Just yesterday, JO Centers put "Judge ERIE Weisenburger".. Today, Karie Ashby prints unverified information.


BAC numbers yet or are you just assuming again???

Sitting In The ...

Suing the Reflector...that's hilarious, by the way you failed to mention he has a previous DUI arrest...and considering the trooper smelled alcohol (I know there making it up)I'd be willing to guess he was drinking. Does anyone remember that kid that was "coming home from work" (according to the family) and got killed then it turned out he was stealing stop signs. I would love someone to explain how he failed to realize the road was closed and how he didn't notice a paved road turned to gravel. Remember this is just my opinion and honestly regardless of what he was doing I hope he recovers.


First headline said something along the lines of alcohol causing the crash. Since his bac came back as 0.0 and it was not proven that he was drinking then that is slander. The reflector made up a headline just like the enquirer does. Without the facts. I don't know this guy at all, just tired of the reflector making up headlines everyday and running with them without checking the facts.


Wondering who found him in the middle of the night on a closed road.....was he aware enough to call 911? Having the exact time seems unusual, considering the situation.


Hey sitting in the shadows,you forgot to mention that his first and only dui conviction was well over 10 years ago.Bill is like a brother to me,Ive known him for close to 20 years.He would actually give you or anybody the shirt off his back.I know he drank non alchoholic beer when with his friends so the report of having alchohol in his blood I personally find very hard to believe.As far as riding down Butler road,It is a shortcut to his apartment in Bailey lakes.So as far as your opinion just being your opinion,maybe it should be kept to just positive thoughts.He has a family.Please keep him in your prayers.


Keeping him in my prayers.A man is hurting how and why really matters very little. A man is hurt.


When did they close Butler Road? It must have been sometime this week because I drove it all the way from New London to 60 by Birmingham on Sunday and it was construction at all.