Heroin dealer sent to prison

Norwalk woman says she sold drug because she "thought the informant was sick" due to withdrawal.
Cary Ashby
Sep 30, 2013


A convicted heroin dealer was sentenced to 11 months in prison Wednesday.

This isn't the first prison term for Benilda J. Sepeda, 36, of Newton St. In early June 2010, she was sentenced to 10 months for misusing a credit card. Sepeda victimized a Walmart greeter between Jan. 20 and 22, 2009.

"I know Miss Sepeda means well, but seems to get back into it," Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said at Wednesday's hearing.

In mid-August, Sepeda pleaded guilty to one count of trafficking in heroin for an April 15 transaction in the parking lot of a Cline Street business. Sepeda was on judicial release from Delaware County at the time.

The Norwalk Police Department, which coordinated the controlled drug buy, arrested Sepeda immediately after the sale and confiscated a total of $285. Of that amount, $80 was used for the heroin purchase.

Leffler has said the money was in the defendant's lap and Sepeda said she had only sold heroin to the confidential informant because she "thought the informant was sick" due to a withdrawal from his heroin addiction.

As part of the plea deal, prosecutors agreed to dismiss two counts of possession of heroin in connection with incidents on Nov. 13 and Aug. 15.

Sepeda and Huron County Public Defender David Longo blamed her association with her boyfriend for her behavior. The defendant told Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway this was the second time she's been in his court because of the mistakes she has made.

"I'm an alcoholic; that's my vice," Sepeda said.

"She's the follower. He boyfriend got her into it," Longo said a few minutes earlier.

As of March 26, 2010, Sepeda was arrested as a fugitive of justice in connection with a case filed in Delaware County Common Pleas Court. She was charged with possession of heroin and illegal possession of drug paraphernalia, according to court records.

In the local case, Sepeda was ordered to forfeit the $285 that was confiscated to police and reimburse the department $120 to cover the cost of drug testing. The judge also suspended her driver's license for six months.



There is absolutely NO acceptable excuse to use, handle, or distribute any drug. One dealer may believe they only affect one person... But that person who becomes a junkie affects their kids, family, health, job, and not to mention ALL the other people that the junkie may now cause havoc on.. The neighbor they stole from, the old man that ha his windows broken out for change inside his vehicle.
There are endless amounts of victims.

so sick of stup...

yeah it always someone elses fault as to why they are such such stupid people..i thought they was sick...really? who gives a crap..it was their bf fault..again stupid answer..the only excuse is you and the junkies are just stupid and want to blame your messed up life and decisions on everyone else...its your own dang decision...life is what u make of it... you want to deal or do drugs, well..one day u will pay the price one way or the other...


11 mo?come on!IT,s time to give the max on all Heroin use and sales!And it,s time for new Judges!!!


Well 12 months is the max here and if the Court uses that sentence the offender gets an automatic free appeal at taxpayer expense with a presumption that the sentence is an abuse of discretion. Also, prison is about to become unavailable for all non-violent offenses including drug offenses because the prisons are so clogged with non-violent offenders that there is no room for violent criminals.


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Scranton Tibbs

None of the addicts around here wants help. Go peddle your internet crap somewhere else.


Quack, Quack

Scranton Tibbs


http://www.norwalkreflector.com/... Treva Campbell ladies and gentlemen of the jury. This hereford is monitoring my posts now. She gets sentenced next week, so I'm letting her get it outta her system before she goes on vacation.


She is a bad one. Did she mean well when she used a credit card, or victimized a wal mart greeter? And who else has heroin on hand just in case someone stops by sick, needing a fix?

swiss family

Yes, "Luck, So sick, and Top" I couldn't agree with you more...I am just waiting though, for the bleeding heart to come on here and call it a "disease"...

so sick of stup...

I am so sick of hearing the stupid ignorant excuses these people come up with..cancer is a disease not being a dang junkie..that a freaking choice..they choose to do that crap..they choose to stick that crap up their nose or in their arm or where ever or how ever ya do it..i hate when they say that is a disease..now the war will prolly start but i dont care..


One thing all drug users do (and most criminals) is - they LIE! Their brains are so messed up because they don't whats reality and what's not. Another one down the drain...good riddance!

Put them all on a bus and get them out of here!


Add "know" in between don't and whats :)


Disease.. it makes me laugh everytime I hear someone call it that. I wish people would get a reality check and fast. These junkies are never gong to change.. ever! They get locked up for 5 years and the 1st thing they do is go right back to shooting up or snorting. I can stand people sympathizing with these worthless people. They will rob anyone and not think twice about it. I have no sympathy for anyone who overdoses and dies from heroin either.. they CHOSE to do it.. wake up people! If they don't want help and CHOOSE to get back out and do it again then 6 feet under is where they belong.

U get what u give

Do u know her? She has had it rough & when someone knows your an addicted & push it in your face all the time........She is a good person it just took a hold of her! She would give the shirt off her back! I do not condone herion & i'm always wating to get that call! Unless u've been there don't judge that is in GOD'S hands so leave it there!!!!!!!I'm sure your life is just also great huh? Shame on anyone who judges because u will have your time............U can hide behind a computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ENOUGH SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Boo Hoo.. She made that choice it doesnt matter if its in your face you can say NO!! She likes getting high and thats all she will ever do. She will do it once she gets out too. Im tired of these junkie sympathizers. Go to work and quit stealing off people for your nasty habits.