Life returns to normal for Mill Street Bistro owner

Joe Nagy discusses life after 'Kitchen Nightmares'
Scott Seitz2
Sep 20, 2013


Six months later, life has returned to normal for Mill Street Bistro owner Joe Nagy.

Back in March, the 52-year-old Nagy and his restaurant were a national sensation after both were featured on Chef Gordon Ramsay's television show, "Kitchen Nightmares" in a two-part episode

"Some things have changed here," Nagy said this week.

Details about those changes and other comments from Nagy appear in a story published Thursday in the Norwalk Reflector.



He is still a joke and his "Fine Dining" restaurant is a waste of money


Hope someone buys it and turns it back into a sports bar :)


Agreed! Something that us "Common Folk" can appreciate and afford

Kottage Kat

A Norbilly place
Grits and corn pone
Whaa whooo
Hee Haww


Ok...I usually stick up for the Reflector...BUT why are you so da*n worried about Joe Nagy? Why don't you do stories on the great businesses here instead of some shoddy place like that? It is rediculous how much press he gets for a lousy business. Why not do one on Henry's Flower Shop? Or ask Sears how they're doing? Or Crumbs? Or someplace that actually makes this wonderful little town the wonderful little town it is, instead of someone like him? Forget him. He suks


It's no wonder the place is for sale...who is he trying to kid? I wish someone would bring back the Press Box!

Now The Rest of...

For finer dining the Zinc, Crush in Sandusky or Bar North Bistro in Huron. Tired this place twice the food is average at best, overpriced for what you get and the sad part is you have to put up with the owner who really doesn't get it. Does the management of the Reflector get freebies for their continued free advertising under the guise of an article?


The Zinc is the best place in North Central Ohio.No drama,happy people that appreciate your business.Real fine quality dinning.


Don't know about Joe, but glad Jack & the Press Box left.


Just asking...what was wrong with the Press Box? I never had a bad meal or bad time there.


Just a squirrel trying to find a nut.