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What would you say to me if I told you that your house payment, your property taxes, your utility bills and all the supplies you've bought to take care of your home are not "expenses" but, rather, they are in reality "income?" Would you think I'm just a bit misguided or would you think even worse?
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 25, 2010


What would you say to me if I told you that your house payment, your property taxes, your utility bills and all the supplies you've bought to take care of your home are not "expenses" but, rather, they are in reality "income?"

Would you think I'm just a bit misguided or would you think even worse?

The reason I ask is exactly what just happened to me. I recently underwent a "review" for the purpose determining payments.

Now the unbelievable part. I own several rental homes and somehow, some way, all of the expenses just mentioned suddenly are really not "expenses" but they are counted by Huron County Job & Family Services who did the review as "income."

So my actual business "income" quadrupled and took my payments with it. Can you imagine being told that "property taxes" or "house payments" are, really, income? How would you feel?

Now, I'm not picking on the women who work at JFS, they have a tough job. However, their interpretation of the law, which clearly states that "ordinary and necessary expenses incurred in generating gross receipts..." in a business are deductible, is vastly different from reality.

What is more "ordinary" or "necessary" in owning any property than the payment or the taxes? Have you ever once thought of those things as income?

Of course, there is an "official" explanation for these "incomes."

Naturally, I've tried going above the local JFS heads to Columbus. The lady was real nice on the phone. She agreed wholeheartedly with me that this is a travesty of justice. Then, her apartment sent me a real nice form e-mail basically wishing me luck with my "legal problem."

And you thought "government" was there to serve the people, didn't you?

Surprisingly, I do feel our local JFS service women deserve a promotion, though. Think about it, if we would get them to Washington D.C. using their "math," the federal deficit would be paid off ... instantly.

Cliff Cannon



her name is.......

tami robinson, do you know her?

Deer Swiss Sall...

First of all this is an opinion page not a blog and if you think it's for helping people not tearing them apart then you should shut the hell up. Also, I don't know Jesus personally, but I believe he is quite a nice man, hope to meet him some day but please don't lower my opinion of him because you say you know him personally.

swiss family......

first of all, for the last time, i can assure you that my name is not Tami...and secondly, i am a Christian, so when you people talk about your God, he is my God too. and finally to: "to swiss family" you say that you don't know Cliff Cannon, but you don't think that a man should be crucified for writing his opinion... that sounds all fine and well , but isn't that what you are doing to me?? can i not have an opinion?? or are you not only a hypocrite, you are stupid as well???

re achilles (An...

Because he is a low life. He probably owes back child support and does not like the idea that his children need food and clothes. What a scum bag

mom (Anonymous)

aw, poor cliff. What's the have to actually support your kids? You are a sorry loser. Be a man and take care of your kids. You probably don't even exercise your visitation rights. Are you one of those fathers who has the attitude that "I pay good money for their mother to take care of them there kids, i shouldn't have to babysit 'em on the weekends." Deadbeat. I can't even begin to imagine the crap those JFS workers have to put up with. I bet they've heard every sorry excuse as to why a parent (it's not just the father) has to pay support. My ex even tells me "You know I don't HAVE to pick the kids up every other weekend, I'm doing you a favor. I pay my support." Doing ME a favor??? How about being a father, jacka$$?? All the money in the world doesn't give boys a true, loving, caring father. For those of you men and women who have true shared parenting, KUDOS to you for looking out for the best interest of your children and putting petty differences aside. For those of you who treat your kids as dollar signs, well, I have two words for 'ya and it ain't Merry Christmas!! Whew. Sorry for rambling, people, I just HAD to blow off some steam. UGH.

Deer mom (Anonymous)

you deserve a medal for that statement. well said. anybody can be a deadbeat dad, but the ones who own up to their responsibilities, well you just can't say enough good about them. thank you for your input.

anonther taxpay...

Sure glad you mentioned not just the father - I know a guy who has custody of his small children because the mother choses to be a piece of ****. She's owes money but he ain't bitchin - he's glad to be rid of her . He's a real man & is doing the right thing.

mom (Anonymous)

another taxpayer... you're right! I wish I could cut mine loose completely and tell him to put it where the sun don't shine, however, my kids deserve us to be able to pay the bills and get groceries. It would be such a great day if I could come back and say "forget it, we don't NEED your money, I can raise these boys on my own." Then reality hits. lol. QUESTION FOR ALL: do you think the system goes 'easier' on women who are deadbeats?

mom2 (Anonymous)

I DO know him and he is a slum lord who charges plenty for rent!! Try to get him to fix something. For those who think duct tape fixes anything-your wrong. He may profess to be a Christian, but well, let's say he talks the talk, but when it comes to walking the walk, he aint so good at that. I hope he has to pay big and gets caught for some of the things he does wrong. He will hopefully someday reap what he sows.

digiman (Anonymous)

If JFS calculates a certain amount, then that's what is right and fair. I am sure that an appeal process is avaliable. Use it and then go by what it says. Take responsibility. And no, I don't think they are easier on the deadbeat moms. If parents would just do what is right FOR THE CHILDREN, it would all be good. But, Cliff is apparently too worried that his ex may get more than he thinks SHE deserves, when it's not for her, but for her kids' clothes, house, food, school bills, etc. Blame JFS, blame your ex, blame whomever you want. Ultimately, maybe you need to take a good long lok in the mirror.

so disgusted (A...

Cliff, thanks for giving people a chance to get a glimpse of the REAL you. It truly is a just a glimpse though as to the calculating,lying,cheating, abusive, sicko that you are. You need to be institutionalized. I also agree with the term slum lord!
Your ex has more than likely never even seen the full amount of child support that you were ordered to provide before. You cheated her by "giving" her the rental home your son lives in knowing that he never pays rent.Gee I wonder where he learned that from?
You make your kids work when they come to see you for "your" weekend,scubbing floors, toilets, amongst many other chores. Then you don't even provide money for them to go out and do things with friends. They have to call their Mom for that. That's good quality time-NOT.
I can't believe you've been collecting benefits from JFS! You think THEIR interpretation is disturbing???YOU HAVE A JOB,PLUS RENTAL HOMES WHICH ARE INCOME!!
Go to work and provide for your children-they deserve it.Stop cheating the rest of us and people that really need this benefit.
I hope you get what's coming to you, and your ex get's the child support the kids need. You are a dispicable human.

The world accor...

I couldn't agree with "so digusted" more.
You are so full of yourself. It's no wonder you thought you could go over "those women's" heads. You've always been a chauvanistic pig. I'm so glad they were on the ball.
Seriously making your kids clean you house. Chores is one thing, but that's absurd on "your" weekend to spend with them. How can you expect them to have any respect for you?
You are a physically able bodied person with a job. Last time I checked that was a gift. Get to work,get over yourself and give your kids a reason to have some level of respect for you

Cliff Cannon

In case anybody ever reads this.Please know that 'somebody' is the only one who ever stopped to attempt to discern what the truth was.Bottom line:In court,I made my point ,payed the increase in child-support----even though,I legally didn't have too and most of all never lost my childrens love or respect.
Of course,I know where many of these insults come from and even though they were out right mean,despicible and totally uniformed.I have forgaven them over and over .Wasn't it nice of some piece of dung to drag my son into this isn't it? Are they worthy of forgiveness ?
Of course,the bottom line problem is that the 'Reflector' was just starting this blog garbage in 2007 so they needed ways of calling attention to it. So they took my essay----which I said don't use, with out permission. Cut out everything positive, left everything negative in an attempt to make me look like a 'dead-beat Dad' then threw me under the bus.With out ever telling me this was on-line ! Ain't that nice of them ? Know what? Never before or afterwards,have any of essays been on-line.With friends like this......
At any rate believe what ever you want my life is no popularity contest.Will say this at least I'm no coward like these gut less people who blogged me