Suspected crime duo arrested in Huron County

Helicopter used to spot suspected marijuana growing in the backyard.
Scott Seitz2
Sep 6, 2013


A pair of Clarksfield Township residents were recently arrested on marijuana charges.

Brittany Cory (Cox), 25, and Bevan Dietrich, 34, both of 1743 Ox Road, are facing charges of cultivation of marijuana and possession of criminal tools.

Members of the Huron County drug task force, which included officers from New London, Bellevue, Monroeville, Huron County Sheriff's Office and Bureau of Criminal Investigation arrested the suspects late last week.

Huron County Sheriff's Detective Sgt. Josh Querin said the task force was using a helicopter from Butler County and spotted the suspected marijuana growing in the backyard of the Ox Road residence.

"As part of this marijuana eradication, the helicopter pilots observed marijuana growing in the buckets in the back yard of Miss Cory's home," Huron County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Ted Patrick said previously.

"Our ground crew went to the property and they located buckets with 5-feet high marijuana plants in them. There were four buckets containing six marijuana plants that were 5 feet high. They were confiscated. She (Cox aka Cory) was placed under arrest," Patrick continued.

The bust was part of the sheriff's office's marijuana eradication program which has removed 600 pot plants this summer. The plants are valued at $1,000 each.

Once on the scene at Ox Road, Cory (Cox) refused to allow officers to search the residence.

"She (Cory-Cox) blamed the marijuana on her boyfriend," Querin said.

"We then obtained a search warrant signed by Judge (Timothy) Cardwell," Querin said. "We processed the residence and discovered more marijuana, prescription pills, numerous pieces of drug paraphernalia, an AK-47 assault rifle and other numerous firearms."

Querin said prescription pills, heroin and cocaine still are the main focuses of the HCSO, but deputies will continue to make marijuana busts as well, utilizing the resources made available to officers.



Re: "No wonder Huron County has a problem."

Cut 'em some slack. Times are tough in Huronbilly


An American To hate the sheriff is one thing but to perpetuate a LIE makes you a liar.
Hate the leader not the solider trying like hell to keep toxins away from our kids.Querin ain't related to Howard.You keep trying to disgrace and discredit Querin.Somebody in this area has to do something about dope.If it troubles you pot is ILLEGAL MAKE IT legal.Until then why you gotta lie? don't be a tell the truth.Pills and an AK-47 are off the streets this week.Oh and some pot's just pot til you find it in your kids room.Thanks to all those that took it off the streets.


Since you have all the answers, and Querin is not "related", how did he jump ahead of seniority and experience? Why the constant barrage of media reports for every little pot arrest when previous detectives rarely got a mention? What are they trying to sell us? Tell us why the McLaughlins were pushed out and several other long term, good loyal deputies were bypassed in favor of these newbies (Bardar,Xander, Querin) who had literally no experience?


No fear Contango.......this mentality is spreading and spreading fast. It will eventually reach all the places that still think that it could never come to that in "our town".

60% of our state budget funds Medicaid each and every year.....we are a medicaid, entitlement driven state where mistakes, abuse, slaps on the wrist and no punishment for crime IS the norm.

Had a FB discussion (you know where your actual name and picture is shown behind your comments) yesterday with some folks about Medicaid. It seems as though some people just do not get it. I can say over and over and over again that Medicaid was created for the elderly who simply need help, as temp help for someone who lost their job or is working 2 jobs and still needs coverage or for the mentally or physically disabled. People still take offense to this and feel they have to tell their story and that I should not judge.

We all are hypocrites. We judge people every. single. day. I worked in several Medicaid clinics from Cinci all the way to Mansfield and let me tell you, the abuse by ABLE BODIED PEOPLE WHO CAN WORK but refuse to is sickening. They don't show up to appointments and when they do they bring their 5 kids so the staff can babysit them for free. I remember having a discussion with one of the staffers who manages the clinic I was attending. She said for every one person that actually deserves to be on Medicaid and appreciates the help, 10 do not and do not appreciate the help at all. Her words before entitlement became a hot topic word was "These people amaze me, they actually think this is all paid for by some magic fairy. Many of these people think they are entitled to have it all without having to work for it".

Huron County's judicial system is making it worse. Now our local criminals believe they are ENTITLED to a couple free get out of jail cards for their crimes AND they are getting growing support from the endless cycle of kids and friends who keep reproducing kids who grow up with the same mentality.

Do I have an answer? Yes. Get caught once with an illegal drug. Mandatory, week in jail followed up by 60 days (8 hour days) of community service that must be completed within a year. Second offense..... a year in jail. Stupid enough to go round 3....permanent ban from ever living in Huron County again.

Instead of bringing in good people from outlying areas, we are driving the good people from within our county to other places, while bringing in TRASH.


Re: "we are driving the good people from within our county to other places, while bringing in TRASH."

Good description of the dynamic that helped to make Detroit what it is today.


Re: "permanent ban from ever living in Huron County again."

Authoritian nonsense.

An entire publically financed drug enforcement industrial complex has been created over the last 100 or so yrs. in the U.S.

Too much money is being made by those who would keep it illegal.

There are far too many who believe that prohibition is control. It is not, it a loss of control.

Control and tax drug usage. Partially remove the profit motive.

Why do most people who consume alcohol not make their own moonshine, beer or wine? It's too easy to buy it!

It will never be eradicated by punitive measures.

Portugal legalized drugs and found that usage actually declined.


What would stink would be watching marijuana get legalized on some level here in Ohio while awaiting trial for a marijuana offense. This obviously is illegal but a far cry from a dangerous crime that is endangering todays society. 6 plants and a knock off the middle of no where. That doesn't seem like its going to have a detrimental effect on anyone. If it took a helicopter to find it they obviously weren't telling everyone or selling it. 6 plants will only give you about a pound and a half. Theyre outdoor so they're going to be bigger and more bushy than indoor but yeild a more open fluffy bud. That all equals less weight. They weigh the plants now to determine charges. So 6 immature plants (they still needed a month before full flowering) won't even weigh that much after two days of drying. They were growing for their own use it sounds like. In a way its doesn't support the drug trade or the black market. The criminal tools they found could be whatever...that's all interpretation. I see them getting a minor possession charge, a fine and no jail time. Since the Dept. of Justice changed the way that marijuana laws will be inforced (last week) it will be interesting to see the outcome. The DOJ outlined a section about how they would enforce the growing of marijuana on public land. Public but not private. That tells me that they're more than likely looking to decriminalize growing on private land. All of this...along with peoples opinions will be fun to watch develop over the course of this transaction into legalizing marijuana.


I totally agree with everything you say!


Some good points being made, and I'm pretty sure this article could be written about 50% of the adult population in some areas of the country. No Bonnie and Clyde to be found here, as the original title may have suggested. It should go without saying that laws should be a reflection of popular opinion, not vice-versa. If that's the case, we're in REAL trouble. Obey them, but as the needs of society change, vigilantly question them. I have a hard time using a single metric not related to violence, thievery, environmental crime, or the use and trafficking of highly dangerous, addictive drugs to determine one's worth to society, and subsequently the denial of "basic" rights. Excuse the cliche, but chronic speeding is illegal (not to mention a clear and present danger to others), so let's start taking guns away from those people, too. They can't possibly be "upstanding", even if some are elected officials with elevated senses of self-importance. It's all relative. Our country went through this 80 years ago, and has seen times of prosperity since; protect your civil rights - write, serve, and vote.


What a waste of the taxpayers hard earned money! This will be legal everywhere soon! Go after the hard cores DRUG dealers and leave these people alone! By the way, it definitely wasn't worth that much!


Munchies from smoking dope contributes to making people fat, as clearly seen here.