Intruder seen standing over two sleeping kids in Norwalk home

After being alerted about 5 a.m., wife yelled for husband, who retrieved his firearm.
Cary Ashby
Sep 4, 2013


A suspected burglar was arrested after being seen standing over two sleeping juveniles early Sunday.

The Norwalk Police Department responded to 1 Seitz Way at 5:18 a.m. for the report of an unwanted male suspect inside the residence.

"It was reported a white male had entered the residence and was standing over two juveniles sleeping in the family room. The male left prior to our arrival, but was last seen wearing a white shirt and tan pants," Officer Jared Ferris said in his report.

Police found the suspect, Kelly V. Still, 30, of 180 Whittlesey Ave., and arrested him in the front yard of 13 Oakwood Drive, an area which intersects with Seitz Way. He was charged with burglary and transported to the Huron County Jail.

"He made no other comment than his name and he said he didn't steal anything," Capt. Mike Conney said.

The victim's granddaughter woke up to find Still standing over her and she asked him who he was, Conney said.

"He ignored that and walked into the dining room. That's when the family dog started barking (unusually)," he continued.

Conney said the wife was the first family member besides the granddaughter to encounter Still.

"She yelled for her husband ... who retrieved his firearm. He yelled down from the top of the stairwell he had a gun," Conney said.

Officer Timothy Skinner, who arrested and identified Still, reported the suspect appeared to be "highly intoxicated," but his report offers no further details. Conney said the victims also suspected the man was drunk.

"It seems from this report they don't have any idea who this guy was," Conney said.

If convicted of burglary, Still faces six to 18 months behind bars.



Double tap center mass.....



Scranton Tibbs



Would you both like it so much if that were your kid or part of your family?...I think not.


If he was my kid or part of my family and he was found standing over someones kids, no I would not like it. BUT I would understand that they deserved it and why it was done.

Scranton Tibbs

"Would you both like it so much if that were your kid or part of your family"? WHAT? EVERYONE is someone's kid and part of someones family. Serial killers, rapists, drunks, priests, cops, firemen, nurses, etc,...ALL have families and are someones child. That hardly excuses anything. Your logic is seriously flawed. Sharpen your crayon know it have ALOT to learn.


First off bud, if you actually read my comment, I did not pose my question as an excuse to get blacked out drunk and stumble into the wrong house". I did not say "well since he has a family he has an excuse to do that. And yes genius everyone is someone's kid as you put it. You completely avoided my question. I'm simply wondering how you would feel if this was your brother or your son, I bet you'd be thanking that family up down for not pulling the trigger like you would have.
Your reading and perception skills are flawed!


I would be upset and sad if it was my brother or son yes. Anyone would be. I would also be the FIRST one to say that they also DESERVED what they got. If you are so DRUNK to black out and WALK into someones home and STAND OVER children in the middle of the night, I am sorry you deserve whatever the homeowner does! I have never know my brother to ever drink that much to black out. And as for my son, I hope to teach him to never be that drunk in public to black out and walk into someone's home.


The paper is really making this into something it was not. "Standing over someone Kids" as the paper puts it is deceiving. The implication is he was after the kids. Nothing could be further from the truth, this guy was so drunk he thought he was in his own house, who he was standing over was really by happenstance and not a motivation on entering the house. This is a good example of poor reporting.


I agree! I'm not surprised the paper put that headline. First thing I thought when I saw the headline was oh man he was trying to kidnap them or hurt them. The paper could have worded it differently!

Scranton Tibbs

Who is bud? And yes, compared to your recent posts on here I DO feel like a genius.

swiss family

technically Scranton..... neither Adam or Eve were anyone's "kid"


He is lucky he is alive, he should be thankful. It sounds like he was drunk and went in the wrong home...

enough of the bs

The correct answer is he went into the RIGHT home, he was able to walk out of a house where he was standing over two sleeping kids and the homeowner with a gun was alerted and let him leave alive... come into my house like that and you will turn red...


Wanna be tough guy, your comments should embarrass you. You are a good example of what should be an exception to the second amendment.


This is getting insane around here. This is happening entirely too much lately. Conway needs to stop being so lenient and prosecutors need to stop making so many plea deals. Put these idiots away already! He is just lucky he didn't walk into my house.


I don't get it, so there have been a lot of blacked out drunk people walking into the wrong homes? He's not a drug addict, he was not burglarizing the place.
The proper title for this article should be "Drunken man walks into wrong house, lucky to be alive!"


These idiots should start getting shot maybe then they'll start to sober up. This kind of thing is happening lot and doesn't seem to be going away.

Aim for the crotch!


No not the crotch, if they live your getting sued. .


I understand how scary it would be to find a stranger standing over kids in the middle of the night. Believe me, I would have been scared. But, I do know this man and he is not that kind of person. He is a good guy and made a terrible mistake. People make mistakes. These comments about "idiots should start getting shot maybe then they will sober up" just disgusts me. Is this our only option? To just kill. I fully support a person protecting their household, but the people behind these screen names seem very quick to 1) judge 2) pull the trigger. Stop judging people based on a poorly written news article when you have no idea who they are.


you don't have to know who the person is, if they are that drunk they really have a problem, and why was he just standing over the kids, sounds like he has bigger issues than just being drunk. so lucky that the homeowner had restraint. tired of people defending drunks and junkies saying they are good people, and that they just made a mistake.


Whatever get over yourself , actually it's idiots like you who feel everyone should be as perfect as you or be locked for life or shot, I'm sure you have made legal stupid mistakes years ago that had it been in this day and age maybe you would be classified with "your type of groupies"! I'm sorry but I'm so tired of people's one way minds I understand we will have criminals and repeat criminals that just seem to worsen each time, but honestly how is the judge even gonna stop it they have to continue making there criminal choices to land a permanent address in prison OK, get real with yourself a 1 time drunk or 1 time "junkie" as you call them all do not deserve life in prison REALLY!! Lolpl


He's not a junkie, he does zero drugs. He drinks twice a week max. He is a good person, as I'm sure you are (since you like the Buckeyes), he has no issue with kids, he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and given the WORST headline he could imagine. This will change his life for the better.


wow, enable much?

Scranton Tibbs

@ROFLMAO --- Exactly.


I don't give a damn "who they are" They enter someone's home uninvited and they deserve to get shot. I don't give a damn whether they are drunk, high, yada yada. So yeah, maybe it is our only option , now, since it's becoming more prevalent.

Take your poor defense, "judging and mistake" cards and stick them where the sun don't shine.

Don't need to play your god card , either.

Why was he standing over those kids and what were his intentions towards them? And how did he enter? Break a lock? Open window? What?

Be thankful you're buddy ain't on a slab , right now. That homeowner showed more restraint than I, or many people would have.


You're missing the point bud, he was not aware this was not his house, nor did he have any idea where he was. So he deserves to get shot for that? Wow, remind me never to cross you.
Why was he standing over children, who happened to be sleeping in the living room where the front door was? Probably because he was trying to figure out who they were, where he was, and so on...He had zero bad intentions, I know this for a fact, so you can stick your comment where the sun don't shine as well. He did NOT break in, the door was unlocked.
Be thankful this is a messaging board, and not real life, or you'd probably be in prison for shooting an unarmed man, who had no evil intent walking into the wrong house.


Here's my question which I'm sure will start a bunch BS. Although I believe we should not have to worry about locking our lives up, hey it is what it is and we all read these wonderful titles this magnificent reporter posts on this paper, if you are having grand kids spend the night , why in gods green acres would you not lock a front door or any door for that matter??? This world is filled with more than drunks and druggies we have rapists and murderers who prey in this kind of mishap, seriously


Your comment is right on. After friends of mine were robbed I don't keep anything unlocked anymore. It's a shame. Idiots like this-even tho he was "just drunk" is lucky to be alive. As for going to prison for shooting an unarmed man, in another persons comment, if he is in someones house at night it is better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.


My thoughts exactly alwaysatfault, I was thinking why would anyone have their door unlocked at night.