Oxycodone dealer gets jail time

Prosecutor: "He's had no real punishment so far."
Cary Ashby
Aug 31, 2013


A convicted drug dealer with a possible job in Clyde was sentenced Wednesday to 90 days in jail on the work release program.

Tyler D. Townsend, 28, of 1420 E Main St., Lot 38, Bellevue, will serve the jail term at the discretion of his probation officer.

"He's only spent three days (in jail) so far, he's had no real punishment so far," Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said.

As part of Townsend's three years of intense probation, he must pay $105 in restitution to the Ohio Bureau of Investigation to cover the cost of drug testing. That amount will be paid out of the $749 seized by the Bellevue Police Department. Townsend's driver's license is suspended for six months.

The defendant, who was fined $1,000, said police seized some of his father's money when they raided his house.

"I only had $45 in my wallet," Townsend said.

Officers later seized $250 when they arrested Townsend on his indictment; a Huron County grand jury secretly indicted him in February.

"About the PSI (pre-sentence investigation), I must have had a misunderstanding with him. I apologize for being uncooperative," he said.

Townsend pleaded guilty May 28 to trafficking in oxycodone. As part of a plea deal, prosecutors agreed to dismiss a second, similar count and a possession of oxycodone charge.



So...he still will have "no real punishment"...90 days in jail on the work release program?!?!?!


Right on Ladydye.. I read this daily and have come to realize this counties judicial system is nothing but a joke. I understand the jails are crowded and what not, but you need to start hitting these people in their wallets first and foremost. Then you actually need to have and enforce random drug testing..I've stated before that them pill heads can clean up in 2.5 days, so you go to your p.o. every other week you can party your a$$ off then clean it up two n a half days n test clean...Yeah it's terrible, but it's the truth.. Enforce " RANDOM DRUG TESTS "


I have a solution for the overcrowding too. 25 to a large room. You get a mat, a pillow and a blanket. I do not care if you have no tv, no library, no cable, no hbo, no online college, no 5 course kosher meals/vegan meals, no windows. You are in jail, not the Hilton.

ben castin

He looks like he could be the brother of the
guy from Tennessee that hit the guy in the face with a plate


Kosher meals?????? Obviously you have not been to the county jails.... the food is flippen horrible. Its so bad I wouldn't feed it to my dog, but as far as a dorm style incarceration, they allready have that, at least in Erie county, but I totally agree about the testing its a joke and most addicts know when they can use and when to hold off due ti a upcoming test....I am not so sure that hitting them in the wallet will help, mist don't pay what they are allready ordered to pay, and if they do its just enough ti keep the law off their back. Its a tuff job determining what to do with these kids, and we are in the midst of a epidemic with opiate based drugs in this area, and the minor thefts that come along with it. Families and a community is being destroyed and I pray that people will open there eyes and their minds so that we can come up with solutions to save our area and children from this maddness