Unlicensed teen drivers take parents' van and crash

Girls, ages 13 and 15, drove to Walmart and the elsewhere before the van went out of control and airborne.
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Aug 27, 2013


Two teenagers’ wild ride ended on top of a rock on North Depot Road Monday afternoon.

The girls, ages 13 and 15, took the family van without permission, drove to Walmart and then west to Saybrook, where they were heading north on Depot Road at about 12:30 p.m.

Witnesses said the van was traveling about 60 mph, when the 13-year-old driver hit some gravel and lost control of the vehicle. The van ran over a mailbox, a small tree  before coming to rest atop a large rock.

No one was injured, police said.

The rock the van rested upon is part of Jim Carlson’s front-yard landscaping at his residence, 7241 N. Depot Road.

“I was getting the mail when the van went airborne,” he said. “(The girls) bailed out of the vehicle and started running down the road.”

Neighbor Roger Tomkinson, 7146 N. Depot Road, who also was getting his mail, ran after them.

Carlson said Tomkinson hollered, ‘Stop! It’s the police!’ and the girls stopped.

Someone called the police and within minutes, the Ohio State Highway Patrol was on the scene.

The girls sat in the grass crying as OHP Trooper Erik Souders accessed the situation. Neighbors and passersby stopped to look and find out what happened and if anyone was hurt. The van did not appear to have been significantly damaged.

“Speed and inexperience caused the crash,” Souders said.

The teens were released in the custody of their parents or guardians, Souders said.

The accident is under investigation. Souders would not provide further details late Monday afternoon other than to say no charges have been filed.


By Shelley Terry - Star Beacon, Ashtabula, Ohio (MCT)

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Scranton Tibbs

Future Teen Challenge candidates in the making.


glad they nor anyone else were seriously injured. actions have consequences.. charge them with theft, driving without a license, failure to control.. and anything else you can! they need to be punished for their actions so they learn from them. they, or anyone else could've been killed by their moronic decisions!


No, mommy and daddy will blame someone else. It is not little princesses fault. It will be the gentleman who put that big rock in the front yard, I mean HOW dare he. It is dangerous to do that, someone could have been killed on such a thing. What if princess would have flipped the van? She will cry about how she wasn't loved enough and mommy wouldn't take her so she had to drive herself there. She just had to have those new jeans for school or she would have been bullied. Yeah, that's it, its the bully's fault.


I want one of those vans. takes out mailboxes and trees and ends up on top of a big rock with no significant damage..


yes ladydye.. you're right. mikey.. try an astro van! LOL my mom had one like it, she backed it UP ONTO a rock!! hahaha it was sooo funny! once someone jacked it up and got it off the rock, it was still perfectly fine. lmao


"Tomkinson hollered, ‘Stop! It’s the police!’ and the girls stopped."

Will Tomkinson be arrested for impersonating an officer? The way our justice system works, I wouldn't be a bit surprised.


good question.. i say throw the charge at him & see if it sticks.


Cool story, its a simple joy riding charge, and a hand full of traffic violations. Yea they should be punished and would be super surprised if charges are not filed, but you act like they should be hung on the court house lawn at high noon. It wasn't the first tern to take the parents vehicle and wreck it and it wont be the last... sorry guys.... there will be just fines community service and probation here. Save the ropes for the next kid that wrecks his parents car after taking it without permission.


You people really need to worry about your own lives. Wow.


AEversole & arnmcrmn would you be saying that if they would have hit you or someone in your family? If a child would have been struck while playing IN the yard?


By Shelley Terry - Star Beacon, Ashtabula, Ohio (MCT)

©2013 the Star Beacon (Ashtabula, Ohio)

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