Motorcyclist killed in wreck

Crash occurs when helmet-less biker tries to pass vehicles and one of the cars makes a left turn.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Aug 21, 2013


The state Highway Patrol is investigating a two-vehicle fatality crash that occurred Tuesday afternoon on U.S. 23 in Seneca County's Loudon Township.

Kenneth L. Pelton, 43, of 13965 Hartley Drive, Carey, was driving a 1993 Harley Davidson motorcycle south at 4:08 p.m. when he went left of center and began passing southbound traffic, troopers said. At the same time, Cindy Ann Hoepf , 50, of Alvada, slowed down and attempted to make a left turn into a private drive when she was struck by Pelton's motorcycle.

The collision caused Pelton to be ejected from his motorcycle, and his motorcycle struck a mailbox prior to its final rest.

Pelton, who was not wearing a helmet, was pronounced dead at the scene. It is unknown at this time whether alcohol was a factor. 

Hoepf did not sustain any injuries as a result of the crash, troopers said.

U.S. 23 remained closed for approximately three hours while emergency personnel were on scene. Troopers were assisted on scene by the Seneca County Sheriff’s Department, New Riegel Fire and EMS, LifeFlight, and John’s Towing.



So she truned infront of the motorcycle. So will she be charged ? ?


Apparently she was ahead of him going the same way. In which case he is at fault.
I think I seen the bike on a wrecker last night after it was removed from the scene. Was not that badly damaged but that is not always an indicator of the way the rider hits or what.


Nope you are wrong there. He actually had control of the lane and she turned in front of him. She will be charged. I know from experience.


Nothing. The motorcycle passed a vehicle that was making a turn.


They were all headed south bound. Why should she be charged for making a legal left hand turn from her own lane, the idiot on the bike tried to pass everyone. I think he paid the ultimate price.


If you are legally passing a car the car turning left would be a fault.


DAH! so if you are turning "left, and the guy behind you a few spaces doesn't want to wait, he/she can go into the opposite lane and "legally" pass everyone else slowing for your turn?? Do you realize how dumb you sound?


You sound dumb as usual. He probably meant if you execute your right to pass BEFORE a person in front of you turns on their left blinker then the person turning left who didn't check their mirrors would be the one at fault.


Case, you are an idiot. Think hard. If someone is passing legally then there is another issue at hand. Turn on your brain housing group.


The issue is some billy biker who felt he was so important, he wanted to gas it and pass some slowing traffic, but made the mistake, not realizing the reason for the slowing was a turning vehicle. Mistake or lapse of judgement or "i am too cool for school attitude" either way he paid the price and i am sure this wasn't his first aggressive move on a bike, but his last. Now how do you argue that? THE END

Scranton Tibbs

I will get on my knees tonight and pray to God that you never drive a motor vehicle again.


why would the lady be charged? she was ahead of him, attempting to make a PROPER left turn. he was trying to pass cars at the same time she was turning. he ran into her. she had the right of way, whats she supposed to do.. look in her rearview mirror and be like, OH WAIT someone is trying to pass me, i have to wait for them. uhh no.


Yup. That's exactly what you are supposed to do. Check your mirrors before you make that turn. What if that was an emergency vehicle with lights and siren and you didn't hear it because you weren't paying attention? If she were making a PROPER left turn, she would have checked her mirrors. What if your turn signals don't work? Some people don't have a clue because they don't check them or no one tells them. Like I said, I know from experience. I was passing a vehicle that was driving slow with hazards on in a passing zone. They just decided to turn left all of a sudden into a drive way and they were fined for not maintaining an assured clear distance because I had control of the passing lane.

hit the road jack

I hate to pop your bubble but I was passing an 85 yr. old man coming up 250 one time and he had his RIGHT turn signal on and just as I got beside him he turned(left) and guess who the highway patrol cited? thats right me! so you can take it from there.


Maybe she didn't use a turn signal? How would the biker have known she was turning? Not saying this is the case but you never know. Sad case for all involved. RIP.

Estrella Damm

LOL fail on those who don't know passing laws.


unfortunate that this has happen but seems every year people deal with this several times. i always have to read every summer to drive extra careful because bikers but some bikers think they run road and have to follow the traffick laws as others and this ends up as the result. bikers should be more aware of their surroundings after all they chose to travel on a less safe vehicle than others. i have nothing against bikers my dad has been a biker for more than forty years but has also been a cautious biker.


Most people do not drive according to rules that apply to all. Reflector since M.C.operator didn't have a helmet can you also tell us his shoe size? Neither are important here


RIP Ride hard,die free

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swiss cheese kat

The vehicle in the lead always has the right away regardless of what the arm-chair driving instructors on here have to say. Have you ever seen the "Pass With Care" sign? The sign tells drivers that passing is permitted on the stretch of the roadway, but to be careful while passing other vehicles.

Sign for the uninformed.


Once again you are wrong. I have personally dealt with this first hand. THe person passing has CONTROL of the opposite lane. If they are in that lane making a proper pass in a passing lane, they have the right of way. I have dealt with this through the court systems so I think I know what I'm talking about. Sorry but YOU are misinformed.


I never said "not to check her mirrors" or "don't look for emergency vehicles" because those are two TOTALLY different things. a biker is HARD to see, an emergency vehicle is NOT. when she looks in her mirror and sees NOTHING she assumes its okay to go, the biker could've entered the other lane after she checked her mirror 20 times. obviously if shes checking her mirrors it would be pretty hard to miss an emergency vehicle, but a motorcyle, is very easy to miss.


FYI...Here's the Ohio Digest of Motor Vehicle Laws states.

If the motorcyclist gave the proper notification to the vehicle he was about to pass (sound horn and signal intent to pass - pp. 36) and the lady in car making left turn gave proper signals too (A turn signal must be given at least 100 feet before the intended turn. This may be accomplished by using either a mechanical signal or the appropriate hand/arm signal - p. 36), then the final rule applies...(When a driver is being passed by another vehicle, the law requires the driver of the slower vehicle to maintain a constant speed and stay to the right until the other driver has safely passed. - p.40)

As to who did what...that's what the Highway Patrol, witnesses, and courts have to determine, if possible.

Left Turn – Ohio Digest of Motor Vehicle Laws - p. 36

The driver of a vehicle intending to turn left:
• At an intersection where traffic is moving in both directions on each road entering the intersection shall make the approach in the right half of the road nearest the center line. The turn should be made into the lane on the right half of the street nearest the center line.
• At an intersection where traffic is restricted to one direction on one or more of the roads shall make the approach in the extreme left-hand lane. Turn into the lane farthest left where traffic in that direction is allowed.
• Is required to yield the right-of-way to any vehicle approaching from the opposite direction. Prior to engaging a left-hand turn, the driver must wait for oncoming traffic to clear the intersection. One may advance into the intersection as a prelude to turning, provided that no other traffic control devices prohibit this action.

A turn signal must be given at least 100 feet before the intended turn. This may be accomplished by using either a mechanical signal or the appropriate hand/arm signal.

PASSING - Ohio Digest of Motor Vehicle Laws – pp. 39-40

Throughout the United States, vehicles travel on the right-hand side of the road. Ohio law provides that on a road with only one line of traffic in each direction, drivers are to use the right half of the traveled portion of the road. Under certain circumstances, however, vehicle operators are permitted to pass slow-moving traffic that is traveling in the same direction. It is generally safer and more consistent with the law to pass on the left of slower vehicles. Under any circumstance, the law requires that a driver signal the intention to pass by using a turn signal prior to passing.

Passing to the Left
When passing traffic traveling in the same direction, no vehicle shall be driven to the left of the center of the road unless the left side is clearly visible and is free of oncoming traffic for a sufficient distance ahead. Passing shall be completed without interfering with the safe operation of traffic approaching from the opposite direction or any vehicle being overtaken.

Passing is not permitted under the following circumstances:
1. When approaching the crest of a grade or a curve in the roadway where the driver’s view is obstructed and the driver cannot see if the pass will interfere with oncoming traffic.
2. Within 100 feet of a bridge, viaduct or tunnel when the driver’s view is obstructed.
3. Within 100 feet of approaching an intersection.
4. Within 100 feet of a railroad grade crossing.

The limits above do not apply to traffic traveling on a one-way street or on a roadway with two or more lanes for travel in the same direction.

When passing to the left, the law requires that a driver overtaking another vehicle do these things:
1. Sound the horn to warn the driver of the vehicle being overtaken that he/she is about to be passed.
2. Signal the intent to pass.
3. Pass to the left of the vehicle being overtaken at a safe distance and return to the right side of the roadway only after the overtaking vehicle is safely clear of the vehicle being overtaken.
4. Return to the right lane as soon as the pass has been safely completed and before coming within 200 feet of any approaching vehicle.

When a driver is being passed by another vehicle, the law requires the driver of the slower vehicle to maintain a constant speed and stay to the right until the other driver has safely passed.


yes but it says nothing about passing while the car ahead is turning, it's just saying about passing a slower moving vehicle. it clearly says in the article that he attempted to pass her AT THE SAME TIME she was attempting to turn left, which means as she was turning left, he thought it would be a good idea to pass. it'd be different if he was already passing her, and almost completed his pass when she turned into him. but she was turning AS HE WAS PASSING which means HE ran INTO the side of HER car.