Woman accused of selling heroin at a local grocery store has bond revoked due to new charges

The 22-year-old suspect is charged with complicity to trafficking in heroin, receiving stolen property and possession of heroin.
Cary Ashby
Aug 21, 2013


A rural Monroeville woman accused of selling heroin at a local grocery store had her bond revoked Tuesday.

Holly A. Daniel, 22, of 2165 Dogtown Road, was already in custody at the Huron County Jail. She is charged with complicity to trafficking in heroin, receiving stolen property and possession of heroin through Norwalk Municipal Court. The fifth-degree felonies, which are punishable by six to 12 months behind bars, are in connection with respective incidents on Feb. 22, July 22 and Aug. 11, according to court records.

Daniel was in Huron County Common Pleas Court for a further sentencing hearing Tuesday morning on possession of heroin. Judge Jim Conway said after her June 26 sentencing date, she failed to report to the probation office and then "cumulated new charges."

The court set a new sentencing hearing for Nov. 6. Conway said that should give defense attorney Curtis Koch and prosecutors time to possibly come up with a resolution.

Daniel's bond on the municipal court charges is $15,000.

"Regardless, because of the circumstances, the court will have her held without bond," Conway said.

On Aug. 11, Daniel and a 31-year-old Sandusky man were arrested at a Milan Avenue grocery store in Norwalk. Huron County Sheriff's Deputy Josh Kaufman had set up surveillance and then arrested Daniel inside the store before the suspected heroin sale could take place.

Detective Sgt. Josh Querin earlier talked about the receiving stolen property case he investigated with Sgt. Chuck Summers.

"Holly Daniel is also under investigation for using a family member's credit card to support her heroin addiction and purchase other items for herself," Querin said.

"She has been using the credit card at various locations throughout Huron and Erie counties. ... These transactions total more than $1,500 and have occurred during the last month," he added.



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I'm rarely, if ever, serious :-)

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