Heroin defendant 'not off the hook,' but released from jail

Woman previously sent to CBCF after being seen shooting up heroin in front of Norwalk mobile home park office
Cary Ashby
Aug 21, 2013


A judge hopes the jail time for a Willard woman convicted of attempting to swallow pills during a police investigation will be a sufficient "wake-up call" for her.

Former Norwalk resident Justina M. Hall, 26, appeared in Huron County Common Pleas Court for a brief probation violation hearing Monday. Judge Jim Conway revoked her bond in late July when she stipulated there was probable cause for violating her community control sanctions.

Hall was accused of testing positive for opiates and failing to report in for her probation office visits. She earlier was discharged from the Worth Center, a substance abuse treatment center.

"This was her first positive test," probation officer Andrea Cooke told the judge in July. "(She's been) struggling big time with her heroin addiction."

During Monday's hearing, Conway warned Hall the probation violation wouldn't be dismissed, but said the state could do so if she followed the terms of her community control sanctions. There will be a hearing scheduled for about three months from now.

"This is a second chance. You're not off the hook," Conway told the defendant.

"I appreciate it," said Hall, who was released on a personal recognizance bond.

A heroin-related case is why she is on three years of probation.

In October, Hall pleaded guilty to attempted tampering with evidence. A passing driver reported seeing Hall on the steps of a Milan Avenue Norwalk mobile home park office, sitting with a syringe to her arm Sept. 1.

"(Norwalk police) found Ms. Hall in an intoxicated condition," Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler told the judge earlier. "Her purse was brought out. She tried to lunge for some pills and tried to swallow them."

On Dec. 12, Hall was ordered to spend four to six months in a community-based corrections facility, a form of prison which focuses on substance abuse treatment and education. She also was fined $250.




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i'm actually eightteen lol. & yes she HAD worked there, but any one who we find out to be a felon is terminated. You should probably get your head out of your a$$. if you'd like we can discuss this civilly in person? Im defending my place of business, i've been there for almost two years and i dont appreciate people who have NO idea what they're talking about, talking $hit on the reflector site, or ANYWHERE for that matter.

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If you're concerned about anything, talk about HER. not wendys, she doesn't work there and its pathetic you people get on here and talk $hit back and forth, get a life? lol, get a job, a hobby, DO SOMETHING worthwhile lol


I Dont know you Ashley and im certainly nit taking sides but think before you post honey first you said wendys does not hire felons then you retracted your statement by saying the felons get terminated...... just sayin


And she's back in jail already..... Was arrested for a dirty urine this morning! Way to go Justina, what a GREAT mother you are!

Scranton Tibbs

YESSSSSSS! ....and the drama continues to unfold.

funky.not a junkie

The system is built so that once you're in it, there is no getting out. Maybe if this country actually CARED about people then we could set up a LEGITIMATE rehab facility that works and is filled with people whose passion is to help. I'm disgusted by the way our city shakes their head and wags their finger and basically says "ok, go ahead and do it again. See ya soon! Can't wait for you to pay more fines, means more money for the city. Plus once we re-arrest you, we can look like we're actually doing our jobs as protectors and enforcers." Absolutely disgustingly pathetic.