Drug convict gets second chance in Teen Challenge

Local man previously kicked out of Christian-based substance abuse treatment program.
Cary Ashby
Aug 22, 2013


A New London drug convict who had been kicked out of an intense, Christian-based substance abuse treatment program is getting a second chance with Teen Challenge.

Clayton A. Richardson, 29, pleaded guilty to contraband into a detention facility in early December 2009. In exchange, the state dismissed one count of possession of heroin.

During Monday's hearing, Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway said Richardson was kicked out of Teen Challenge at one point, but officials recently indicated they were "willing to take him back." The judge ruled another hearing about a suspected probation violation would be postponed to see if the defendant could complete "at least" six months of the program and if that happened, the state would withdraw the complaint.

"It's a very good program," Conway told Richardson and wished him luck.

Richardson put five balloons, or doses, of heroin, in his body in order to avoid being prosecuted for drug possession, Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said earlier. Corrections officers caught the prisoner with the drugs in the jail March 30, 2009.

The defendant was placed on five years of probation in January 2010.

In early August 2012, Richardson admitted there was probable cause he violated his probation -- his third suspected violation at the time. A prosecutor has said one of the allegations was the defendant tested positive for opiates.

Richardson will remain in jail until he's transported to the Teen Challenge facility in Youngstown.


Scranton Tibbs

Great idea sending him back to Teen Challenge. Smuggled drugs into jail inside of his keister (a shame the balloons didn't break and he overdosed, problem solved), multiple probation violations, and testing positive for opiates. I'm absolutely sure that the second time around he will find Jesus and go on to become a doctor that helps underprivileged children in third world countries. All of this courtesy of the fine people doling out justice in Huron county, paid for by all of us.


He is paying for the teen challenge himself or at least his family is. So your precious tax money that will just get pissed away on somthing else is still safe and sound.....


It is not about the tax money, it is about a druggie that will continue to lie, steal, cheat people of the county. It is about a loser who will continue to be a leech of society and suck the people of the county dry. How many "chances" does one get?

Scranton Tibbs

In Aeversole's world you get as many "chances" as you need. Everybody is good. She is a criminal's best advocate.

Everyone is fam...

Tax dollars still feed and house him while he screws up and is in and out of the system. Regardless of who is paying for him to get kicked out of the program again, he is still a leech on society.

Everyone is fam...

Oh well. Stayed tuned. In a couple months the headline will read "Drug Convict gets Third Chance in Teen Challenge".


...29 is the new 19?

Richard Cranium

He looks like that actor/comedian Tom Green.

Scranton Tibbs

He DOES look like Tom Green! Kind of that 50 yd stare.