Police: Woman caught huffing in Walmart bathroom

Norwalk resident charged with abusing harmful intoxicants.
Aaron Krause
Aug 18, 2013


A Norwalk woman allegedly caught huffing cans of spray duster at Walmart was arrested Wednesday and charged with abusing harmful intoxicants.

The incident reportedly happened on Friday, when an employee walked into the bathroom and saw one can of duster fall to the floor from a stall. She could hear another one being discharged, Norwalk Police Capt. Dave Smith said.

He said the employee had to force the door open and found the woman fully clothed, but with the can up to her mouth. The employee called police.

Smith said the woman, Miranda Fligor, 28, of 76 S. Linwood Ave., was alert enough to communicate, but seemed depressed. She was taken by North Central EMS to Fisher-Titus Medical Center for treatment.

After Fligor was charged, she was arrested on a warrant in connection with the abusing harmful intoxicants charge. It's a first-degree misdemeanor, carrying maximum penalties of six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.



Nice.......work guys....lol


Did she pay for them ?


Let me guess, she's a good person? She just made a mistake.


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You are so right Lucy,The epidemic in the country of pills and heroin have soared.


There will be rooms set aside in the Bath House for huffing


I wouldn't go as far to say she's a good person. She's done a lot of messed of things in her life and has had ample time to turn things around but has yet to do so.


Yep Kris,she has had chances. Those kids must mean nothing to her,they will be gone.


Aren't they already? I thought her sister just got custody of one of them. Regardless, it's very sad.


All 3 children were taken away. Son with grandpa, middle child is with her father, youngest is with an aunt. Children are doing well, can't say the same for the mom. We just keeping hoping the love for the children will win over the love of the drugs. Kids still need mom in their life sober.


What's really sad is people do have sicknesses, and you people with your "perfect" rude comments are really helping these young people ... I don't even know this lady , but I do have children her same age and as a parent , I find it so sad that there isn't any help for these young ones besides sitting in a jail cell, she apparently is sick and needs help at learning how to cope with issues besides turning to this, if more people would put effort into pulling together for this younger generation and helping them realize this is not the way to turn when stress in life becomes an issue then maybe just maybe we can help control what is going on out here..


Isn't any help??? WHAT?? thats all there is in this area is drug help centers. If any non-drug user just needed a helping hand he would be sent to the back of the line. That is why all the boo hoo's are gone. People on here, in our community, country, are sick and tired of the excuses drug users say and all there bleeding heart followers, as you. It's like they say obesity is a disease. With millions of help aids, counselors, gyms and such.. I still see ALOT of OVERSIZE people. the same goes for drug users, but they still do there drugs.. Bust them all. Keep my streets and property safe from possible thefts and harm.


Cancer is a SICKNESS. I do not need to help theses people. I have people who really do need help. I help people that WANT help. She turns to this because she LIKES GETTING HIGH. I have no desire to help someone who lies, steals, and huffs while sitting on a toilet at WalMart! She is not sick....she is a person who once in her life made a CHOICE to use drugs. It is a CHOICE. She will now someday need to make a CHOICE to STOP. There is plenty of HELP for them, but until they CHOOSE to use it, it doesn't work. I help my neighbors, I help the elderly lady across the street, I help the woman in the wheelchair at the store, I help the kids in my kids school, I help those I know NEED/WANT it. I do not help DRUGGIES who do not care about anything other then themselves and the next high.


I agree with you 100%! You cannot help someone unless they want to help themselves. What good will it do to send her to treatment? She's been there before and she's back to her old ways. So why waste the time and resources on someone who clearly doesn't see a problem with what they're doing?

swiss family

ladydye......I agree with you 100%... they made a CHOICE to turn to drugs.. they knew that it usually doesn't end well but they still made that Choice... now it is up to THEM to CHOOSE to get clean.. and you are right.. to the people who claim that it is a "Disease" you are not only pathetic, but you are the perfect "enabler".. if you are willing to blame something bigger than the addict as a cause for their actions, you might just be one of the reasons that they are as far gone as they are...Cancer is a Disease, MS is a disease...Lupus is a disease...etc... alcoholism is a CHOICE and a bad one at that..


Many of these kids don't WANT to deal with the issues. They won't see the NEED for help. They listen to their friends and some adults who choose to ESCAPE (not really) the issues rather than dealing with them. We have one or two generations of escapists, and it's only going to get worse until they learn to DEAL with the "issues" in their lives. As has been said, there IS plenty of help available for those who really want it. Too bad some of those resources are wasted on some who use the help as a dodge or escape from dealing with the real issues in their lives. I say, get them OFF the streets, first, out of the escapist environment, THEN get them the intense counseling they need. Let them be immersed in an environment where they don't have as many distractions and escapes, and let them focus on dealing with their issues. If someone is drowning, you toss them a rope or life ring, then GET THEM OUT OF THE WATER and teach them to swim. You don't just put them on a raft till the next big wave washes them off and back into the water. I am all for helping people, but they have to WANT IT and be willing to do their part, too, instead of wasting valuable resources.


Alwaysatfault...I agree with you in that there are people out there who need help coping with the issues that led to their drug abuse. However, you cannot help someone who doesn't want to help themselves. She has had PLENTY of time to get her in life in order. And she hasn't. The last time I saw her was at Charlie's Bar in 2008. She was 8 months pregnant and completely and utterly wasted. How am I suppose to want to help someone like that? Especially after reading this article? I owe her nothing. The community owes her nothing. She has had chance after chance to get her life straightened out and refuses to do so. So you tell me...how do you suggest we help someone like this?


Some of her family are still trying to be there for her. She has support if she would reach out. The child she would have been pregnant with in 08 is doing great with her dad.


As an addict i have found that AA has helped me. I am now 5 months clean and sober, and i have realized that drugs and alchohol are not the way to solve your problems. going to counceling and to AA have been a god send for me. i never realized how bad my addiction was untill i had my children taken from me. now i realize i had a problem and i got the help i needed but like i have learned, once an addict always an addict! a Drug is a drug it don't matter if it is pot, alchohol, cigaretts, or pop. every one has some kind of addiction, some people are addicted to work! they burry their sorrows in work, some alchohol and some drugs but if you really believe that an addict can't change I HAVE and the program helps if you really work with it.


My heartfelt congratulations to you. It's a long hard road to maintain sobriety.As for working a program,if you want it badly enough,you will succeed.


That Fligor name is trouble. Ask Norwalk, PD.

Scranton Tibbs

Well of course she is depressed. Her life has been reduced to ditching her kids to go sit in the can at the local WalMart and huff cans of spray duster. Give her the max. Sounds like she needs a good 6 months in the pokey to straighten her out. And take away her kids. Poor excuse for a mother. Disgusting broad.

Scranton Tibbs

I'm sorry, that was probably insensitive. I forgot, she has a "disease". She needs treatment (at my expense) and a cutesy poem to read about PILLS.