'Freight forwarding scheme' targets Norwalk resident

Local police say they have investigated one other similar scam in recent history and admit they could see more.
Aaron Krause
Aug 19, 2013


The job offer came through Craig's List and was intended for a Norwalk resident.

The job responsibility entailed receiving packages, re-labeling them with shipping labels and sending them out.

The targeted person received $7,000 worth of ink toner cartridges, but the matter came to authorities' attention before anything additional happened.

Norwalk Police Capt. Dave Smith said it amounted to a "freight forwarding scheme."

Officers learned about it at 2:44 p.m. Wednesday, when the regional investigations manager for Office Depot contacted Norwalk police after learning more than $7,000 worth of merchandise was delivered to a Norwalk address.

"He advised a freight forwarding scheme was taking place and the recipient in Norwalk was most likely unaware of it," according to a police report.

Smith said this case marked the second freight forwarding scheme in Norwalk in "recent history." Less than a year ago, a local resident received a job offer online to ship televisions overseas.

Smith said the person perpetrating the scheme sends items to a private address to make it harder for authorities to investigate the possible theft of the items. Many times, the scam originates outside the United States, Smith said.

"I imagine we could see more (such schemes)," Smith.

He was asked what people can do to avoid become victimized.

"If it doesn't make sense to them or if it's too good to be true, it's probably a scam," the captain said.



Who is dumb enough anymore to fall for these schemes? Because you know the best job offers come from Criagslist.


I wondered how the Office Depot regional manager became aware of the shipment from where ever to an address to a person in Norwalk. Was this somehow connected to Office Depot? Or was the merchandise stolen from them? Why would Office Depot care?


I've received emails like these very similar, and right away you know they're a scheme! who would be dumb enough to fall for this? one said something like, all you have to do is box the items and send them elsewhere and I'll pay you like $500 a week, really? if it were THAT easy I'm pretty sure EVERYONE would be interested. you would have to be really stupid to fall for this stuff. wow.


Yeh BUT.. you'all can't go putting down craigslist. There are alot of respectable employers searching, individuals selling, even dating which are very legit.

Scranton Tibbs

People who fall for these schemes deserve what they get. It's the price you pay for stupidity.