Health issues help free felon early from prison

Man convicted of narcotics charges served a little more than 11 months of his two-year prison term.
Heather Chapin-Fowler
Aug 14, 2013


A Huron County felon was released from prison early following a hearing Monday in Huron County Common Pleas Court.

He had been convicted of narcotics charges and cited health issues as the reason he needed to be released early.

Eduardo Gonzalez, 56, was convicted of possession of cocaine and oxycodone following a search warrant of his residence conducted by Willard Police Department, according to Assistant Prosecutor Richard Woodruff.

Judge Jim Conway allowed Gonzalez to be released after he served a little more than 11 months of his two-year prison term.

Gonzalez was ordered to comply with probationary sanctions that include maintaining employment, submitting to drug and alcohol evaluations and counseling, paying fines and court costs, in addition to other conditions.

If the payment arrangements aren't met in a timely fashion, Conway said Gonzalez could be ordered to fulfill community service to meet his obligations.


Scranton Tibbs

"I'm sick, can I just get out of jail now please?" Conway: "yeah, sure, no problem. Just get a job and stuff." Hey Judge Conway,the guy has "health issues", do you honestly think he is gonna go get a job? Half the people in the county are healthy and either won't, can't, or don't work. What makes you think this fine upstanding citizen will be any different? Your incompetence on the bench boggles my mind.


Scranton your incompetent thoughts baffle me. The way you bash Conway everyday for doing what is right. Conway holds peoples lives and futures in his hands. You cant throw every addict and middle man in prison. This man is terminal, and should be released. Normally f4 and f5 non violent offenders do not go to prison for their first or even maybe 3their 2nd offense. It is Proven that other programs such as cbcf and drug court work better as an alternative to prison. Conway has a hard job determining whose family and whose life is worth a shot a change and whose is not. There are kids and families Involved, and if he can change just a few of these peoples life for the better, then he is getting it right. That is one more kid with a mother or father that is clean and now a productive member of this community. Keep up the good work Conway.

Scranton Tibbs

This is the FIRST time I have ever posted ANYTHING about Judge Conway. I recommend you check your facts on MY posts before commenting on them. I challenge you to find even ONE post I have ever made about him. I have commented on the legal system, but never have I said anything about Conway until today. You're one of the minority in this county that supports him. So before you label my thoughts as "incompetent", please do some research before insulting me.

Scranton Tibbs

Furthermore I also see NOTHING in this article that states that he is "terminal". Maybe he is, and maybe he isn't. Maybe you have information the rest of us don't since you obviously work with these people daily. So although I do respect your sympathy for these addicts, I don't think this is really the place to be sharing their personal health information. You won't find many sympathetic ears around here that care about these addicts. They steal, lie, sell drugs to get more drugs. People around here are tired of it, and you can't blame them.

swiss family

@ Scranton... I whole heatedly AGREE with you.. the guy committed a crime, I believe it was a felony.. I feel bad if he is terminal, BUT that is not my concern, or the Judges either... he says he will get a job??? Highly unlikely especially if he is sick... I think as a society we are becoming too kind hearted when it comes to crime. Look back to the 18th century did they let people out of prison or jail because they were sick?? the answer is NO , in fact they executed the criminal much faster and with more of the public involved, so that any and everyone his crime affected, got their closure... So we allow them to sit for years. on death row. somehow believing the "crap" that they tell us that it is somehow cheaper to keep them alive forever than it is to kill them as the sentence was supposed to be....

@ AEver... I think that you and your way of thinking is what is at the heart of what is wrong with the justice system... why should we care if he has cancer, or if his parents die while he is in there??? why should we care about any of his problems , when he was caught creating more problems for "Us" as a community??? Also you claim that the "drug rehab homes" work I would really have to check on some totally unbiased statistics to believe that ..look how many locals fail it and then somehow escape the punishment that they deserve

There is a reason that crime is sky rocketing as it is.. actually there are many reasons, but I believe that one very big reason is because of all of the bleeding hearts out there who when they first hear about the crime want them to "fry" but after their fancy lawyers dress them up, polish their appearance, and bring up some past trauma that they endured that made them act the way they do, people like you say .....aaaawwww I didn't know he had issues.. poor guy.... that is Bull#@$% like the saying goes fool me once shame on you... fool me hundreds of times Judge, so shame on you.. in my opinion


Gotta go with Scranton and Swiss here. Health issues...then why be out committing crimes? U did the crime, do the time! Also, as for CBCF...this area anyway...does NOT seem to work! They fail to complete, are kicked out, or end up back in trouble again. (the majority of addicts, not all) ecspecially if the are in here and court ordered to go. Can't help those who don't want to do it for themselves.


People don't normally go to prison for minor drug felonies... F 4 and F 5 that are non violent rarely get time.....and sorry Scranton if you are not one of the many that bash Conway on the daily... I don't work for or with the county, but I do work with people that have changed their lives around for the better... I also see the same losers that will never change... I whole heartedly believe people are good at heart and with the right circumstances ( educationally and financially) can benefit society. Even if they have made poor choices in the past... Is it wrong to want to see people do good and what is right?..


Rehabs and cbcf programs have a small success rate, but it does work for a small %... you don't here about the ones that got there lives together because they are not in the paper. It is a option for people that want ....key word want to is difficult to suffer the people that are going to really change and Fha people that just go to avoid lock up


@AEver I don't care for Conway. I think he's lazy.....I think he just shows up for court and someone else tells him what to do. In fact, he pretty much does what is suggested by the prosecutor. Maybe the weak link isn't Conway...maybe we need a prosecutor interested in justice & order and not just clearing his cases.


Possible I ve never been infront of a Huron county court, and don't plan on it..