Pair busted at Norwalk grocery store on heroin charges

Deputy takes quick action after learning the drug transaction was about to take place inside a grocery store.
Scott Seitz2
Aug 13, 2013


A quick-acting Huron County sheriff's deputy took down a pair of drug dealers at a Milan Avenue grocery store on Sunday evening.

"Deputy Josh Kaufman, who is a K-9 handler, has been getting involved more and more in drug investigations," Chief Deputy Ted Patrick said.

"At 8:35 p.m. Sunday, Deputy Kaufman received a tip about a heroin transaction that was about to take place inside the city limits of Norwalk inside a grocery store," Patrick said.

"The store owner was gracious enough to allow Deputy Kaufman to set up surveillance inside the store," Patrick added. "He observed one of the drug dealers and knew there were two warrants for her and immediately took her into custody."

The woman arrested was Holly Daniel, 22, of 2165 Dogtown Road, Monroeville.

"Heroin was found on her and also one syringe," Patrick said. "She was charged with trafficking in heroin."

Patrick said a second individual was arrested in the "getaway car" in the parking lot.

"Steve A. Patrick, 31, of Sandusky, was outside waiting in the parking lot," Ted Patrick said.

"He was approached by Corporal Jeff Kerber and arrested after he was found with 2 grams of heroin and also $4,180 in currency in his pocket," Ted Patrick said. "He was charged with possession of heroin."

Daniel and Steve Patrick were cooperative during the arrests, deputies said.

"The vehicle was towed to the sheriff's office and efforts will be taken to confiscate it," the chief deputy said.

"Four green pills and one white pill were also seized and they will be tested," Ted Patrick said. "Deputy Kaufman did a fine job with this investigation."

Daniel was already on probation through common pleas court for drug-related offenses, according to court records.



Holly and her family are trash. nothing but trash... worthless drunken beaten abused mother who drags her skinny 90 yr old looking self into work everyday to pay for all her and the entire familys additions and problems. Obviously you are related or dont know them. The dad... also worthless, drunken woman beater. And everybody in 3 counties knows it. But YOU obviously.


I don't know about white trash but she's clearly plain old everyday trash. And, no, not everyone makes mistakes.


By the look of her picture, she looks rather proud of herself. What a smile for a BOOKING photo!


Its funny because I have been told by ALOT of people that the people make jokes to make you smile.

Everyone is fam...

If A LOT of people are giving you info about what goes down in jail, then maybe you should re-think your choices of friends. If I were being booked in for a major offense, Larry The Cable Guy himself wouldn't be able to make me smile. But, as you've said, everyone deals differently.


Just because people tell me about what "goes Down" doesnt mean those are my friends. LOL you people and your assumptions. I have heard corrections officers say that they will make faces at the people so that they laugh...

Everyone is fam...

Mhmm, sure they do! I'm soooo sure corrections officers become stand up comedians for the bookies. I also heard from a lot of preschoolers that unicorns are real.


All I can do is laugh at you. Im done with this non-sense. It seems everyone is allowed to voice their opinion on this site until someone else has a different opinion. And a lot cops aren't crooked either, are they? :) Have a nice day.


There is a perfect example of the shoe on the other foot..until you walk a mile in a COPS SHOE, do not judge. I am tired of everyone saying all cops are crooked. Not every cop is crooked. I know MANY cops who are not. Do not judge them until you walk in their shoes. You do not know how they deal with things until you know the life they lead. No not all cops are crooked. And yes I know ALOT OF married to one too.


Of course criminals are gonna say cops are crooked. She's not even worth arguing with anymore, may god bless and protect your husband and all other law enforcement!


No not all!! I know alot that are amazing at their job and get work done the right way. And thats what Im saying about others, the whole dont judge until you know applies for everyone, not just law enforcement. But I agree there are alot of good cops out there.


Especially the ones who busted this waste of life selling drugs in a grocery store

Everyone is fam...

Laugh if you must. But where did I say you weren't allowed to voice your opinion? Just like you were disagreeing with ME, I was disagreeing with YOU. You couldn't have possibly expected anyone on here to agree with your defense of "mistakes" and "everyone dealing differently" and the most comical of all "corrections officers telling jokes" so the inmates smile. No. Your problem isn't because you aren't allowed to voice your opinion. Your problem is you are realizing how asinine your arguments are.

Scranton Tibbs

What do you think this is? Sears portrait studio? She's probably smiling cause she is all f'ed up on only god knows what.


Exactly!!!! I don't give a damn what they were saying or doing, there's nothing funny about hitting rock bottom! And I have many friends that work at the jail, and trust me they could care less how you look in your picture! With all the trash going in and out of their they don't have time to "make jokes" so you're smiling in your mug shot!

ben castin

maybe she will find jesus


or allah.. but enough about fiction and fairy tales & on to a big bacon sandwich.

Scranton Tibbs

^ I get up every day looking forward to comments like this ^


And have the autopsy results been released yet if how their "totally healthy" baby boy died? There was a rumor they were out partying and didn't report it to the police for 24 + hours!

Scranton Tibbs

All of these stories have the same theme. Some pillbilly junkie trash slips up and gets busted with drugs. The Reflector writes an article and posts a few mug shots and a nice little story. And here is what happens....100& of the time:

1. A certain group of people want the offender to "come to Jesus". Glory!

2. A certain group of people make fun of the accused. (this is where my 2 all time favorites: cjbell &mikeylikesit fit in. Myself included)

3. Some trashy hilljack friend of the accused gets all in a huff about people "talkin bout ma friend" and create an account to defend this person. (this ALWAYS backfires)

4. The typical defense is laid out.
a: You never walked in his/her shoes
b: He/she is a really good person, just misunderstood, etc.
c: You have no right to say these things (we DO actually)
d: "come out from behind that computer! What's yer real name?"

5. Defendant goes before judge, says they are sorry, and are sentenced to 6 months or less in a "community-based corrections facility (CBCF), a form of prison which focuses on substance abuse treatment and education" the Reflector like to explain in EVERY article, because they think the general public has NO CLUE by now what a CBCF is.

6. All is forgotten, then pillbilly trash gets busted AGAIN and we repeat the cycle.

I LOVE this stuff. Thank you Norwalk Reflector for entertaining me, and more so, thank you junkie trash for giving the fine people at the Reflector job security. Cheers to you! Or instead maybe you would like
to borrow my lighter for your crack pipe. Either way. Thank you :-)


You're 100% right.....LOVE IT!!!!


You are so right! 100% correct! Mapped out exactly the way it goes. Well done.


Classic and spot on !


You hit it on spot, Scranton. But, as I have said before, I went through the same cycle(18 years clean come November)for 6 1/2 years before I finally pulled my head out of my a**.It can happen, not often and I'm not defending her, trust me,but it can happen. I see people everyday that struggle and hate themselves because of what they've done to their lives. And all I can do is give them a little glimmer of hope that they can do the same and get clean and stay clean. Because of ethics, I can't share my personal experiences. But, I can practice empathy and compassion.I've had some successes and alot of failures, but no one gave up on me and I refuse to give up on my clients. I don't condone stupidity and I would be one of the ones who probably would've wanted to beat her a** for doing this crap where my kids and others are,don't get me wrong and I don't believe in coddling anyone- the poor pitiful act of I had a screwed up childhood, screwed up parents doesn't fly with me either. We all have choices and consequences of those choices. I'm sure she's suffering pretty bad from withdrawals right now. But, that's what you deal with when you're strung out. No sympathy from me.

Scranton Tibbs

Hey, maybe she just needed money to finish coloring in those amateur tattoos. I'm not judging people with tattoos. I have some myself. Then again I'm not 22, I have a job, own a home, and I'm not trying to peddle heroin in the dairy isle at the local grocery store.


Haha, really in the dairy isle?


Lady dye you are foolish if you think she was the dealer out of this pair.... they didn't catch her with the measly two grams worth 300 dollars, or the four grande
. It seems like she was wrapped up by her addiction and her dude in the photo was preying on her habbit, and had her doing the dirty work.... its a little different.. making a minor move to support your habbit doesn't actually mean you are the dealer/ supplier. You just know someone...... unfourtanitly that's how it normally happens when your are addicted to things as powerful as heroin, your judgement and common sence goes right out the window......I commend the police for snagging up another low level middle man and posting it in the headlines like you just popped Frank Lucas. Good work rather way you just stopped a few people from getting high today. Instead of wasting all that time money,and effort on popping this low level Nickel and diner may be you should have been tailing him to his connection and so on, and just maybe you can catch the guys with the ounces and some actual weight that will clean up the area a little more effectively, you would think... but any way good job


OK...I could care less if she is the dealer or not. She is a druggie who has NUMEROUS offenses. Meaning she has been caught more than ONCE. Not a one time mistake but a continuing CHOICE to do drugs. I have no sympathy for her or her friend the dealer.

the bull

Love when the family & friends try to defend these scum bags.


Scranton Gibbs you are your post crack me up. You are right about what you said, but you can not send every drug addict to prison for getting popped with minor amt and committing their minor thefts that I see in here every day.. most non violent F 5 and F 4 do not go do real time for their first or even possibly their second conviction. Conway has a hard job and peoples lives are left up to him and the decision s that will effect the out comes of families, and there future. It is hard to determine which person will change there life around with counciling and who will return to the streets and non scence that got them in trouble the first time..... prison doesn't fix a addict but counciling and rehab is Proven to fix a few, a very small few but never the less.