HCSO has plenty of fair activities planned

2013 Huron County Fair starts Monday.
Scott Seitz
Aug 11, 2013


The Huron County Sheriff’s Office has a number of activities planned for the Huron County Fair, which begins Monday.

“We have some new programs that really focus on the kids, parents and safety,” Sheriff Dane Howard said.

“I attended a recent fair board meeting and Dick Wiles came up with a great idea,” the sheriff said.

“In the event a child would be misplaced or lost we will obviously very aggressively search for that child,” Howard said.

The sheriff said Wiles suggested parents take a picture of their child on their cell phone before they go to the fair.

If a child is separated from their parents, that photo can be forwarded from the parent’s phone to the deputies.

“We have a database of phone numbers,” Howard said. “The photo can then be sent instantly all over the grounds. I think it’s a great idea and I commend Dick Wiles for his idea.”

Howard said the K-9 demonstration will take place at 6 p.m. Friday at the Gail Pickworth Judging Pavilion.

“We’re including a mock car crash as part of the K-9 program this year,” Howard said. “We’ll have the suspects flee from the vehicle and show how the dog exits the patrol car. This will let people see what the dog can do.

“We’ve moved this event inside this year out of the weather with plenty of seating,” he added. “All the K-9 handlers will be part of the presentation, as well as agencies from Ashland and Erie counties.”

The dogs will also demonstrate how a vehicle is searched for drugs and obedience work as well.

“I think this will be an informative experience for the citizens,” the sheriff said.

The K-9 handlers who will be featured are Detective Sgt. Josh Querin, Deputies John Vogel, Josh Kaufman and Mike Lloyd, as well as Special Deputy Bob McDowell.

R.J. Beck will provide security cameras at the entrance and exit of the fairgrounds. The feed from these cameras goes directly to the sheriff’s outpost on the grounds.

“This is to ensure kids’ safety,” Howard said. “These cameras had an impact last year keeping predators away.”

Howard said before the cameras were in place, in past years, individuals were found to be lurking at the entrance of the fairgrounds who should not have been there.

The Kids Print identification program will take place again this year at the HCSO booth where children can receive an ID card.

The Kids Print program will be available from 1 to 7 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday and Saturday.



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@Game time-Pretty emotional response. Stay with facts please. Being close to some employees as you are, you should have those right? Or are you only close to the "happy" employees and only hear how everyone else is disgruntled?
Strange you would name a particular deputy. Get that name from your "close" friends? It should be removed though, what you did there is wrong. If he were named in the article that would be fine but he wasn't.


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Glad that some notice. Remember election time.


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