PRUTSOK: Our plan is to print and deliver a newspaper every day

Metropolitan daily newspapers such as the Plain Dealer face different challenges than community newspapers such as the Norwalk Reflector.
Andy Prutsok
Aug 7, 2013


EDITOR'S NOTE: The following column was published in Wednesday's Norwalk Reflector:

I played golf, or some poor facsimile of it, in the Eagle Creek Club Championship over the weekend. While my game stunk, it did afford me the opportunity to be around of lot of people and to speak to many of them.

More than one person brought up the changes that are taking place at the (Cleveland) Plain Dealer.

In case you missed it, the PD laid off about 50 newsroom veterans in preparation for the elimination of three days of home delivery. Monday morning was the first that PD subscribers walked out onto their driveway and found no newspaper waiting on them. There will still be a print edition each day but you'll have to pick up the other three editions from a single copy outlet if you want to read it those days.

"Does the Reflector plan on doing anything like that?" I was asked.

The emphatic answer is "No." I don't know how to be any clearer than that.

It's no secret that the media industry in general and newspapers in particular are in the midst of no small amount of upheaval and your hometown newspaper has been impacted by changes in the media/advertising landscape as much as the next guy.

And just like the next guy, we've been brainstorming and planning for several years to deal with the changes. We have a strategy and central to it is the printing and delivery of a newspaper every day but Sunday, just as it has been for the past 183 years that we've been reporting the news for Norwalk and Huron County.

Community newspapers such as the Reflector, the Willard Times, Bellevue Gazette and any of the other hundreds of newspapers that serve small-town America are different animals than the metropolitan behemoths that roam major cities like the mammoths and giant sloths that once foraged this very land.

Those animals were either hunted to extinction or simply out competed by smaller, nimbler animals for food and resources. That's not unlike the challenge metropolitan daily newspapers are facing as small, niche websites, large national sites, cable, radio, TV and alternative newspapers devour advertising and circulation dollars and audience attention on which they once feasted.

Obviously, like with the mammoths and sloths, what's being left on the tree limbs and in the fields is not enough to sustain their massive size.

But our purpose here is not to dwell on what metropolitan newspapers are doing, but what the Norwalk Reflector is doing.

While I can't overly stress that we will continue to produce and deliver a daily newspaper for Norwalk and Huron County, that does not mean that we're not constantly seeking other avenues to get the quality, local content our talented news staff produces in front of as many people as possible and via whatever venues or devices are necessary to do that.

In addition to print, we're pushing our news out to the Internet, email, tablets, smart phones and social media. routinely receives more than 4 million page views a month and the number of people we're reaching via mobile devices has more than doubled in the past year and will likely double again this year.

I dare say that if enough Norwalkians want to read our news on sandwich boards, we'll field an army of people to walk up and down the streets carrying them. We'll skate to where the puck is going.

Mercifully, there doesn't appear to be much demand for sandwich boards at this point. What there is demand for is quality, trustworthy news, photos and opinion focused on local people and local issues printed on paper delivered to porches and driveways and that's where the Reflector's primary focus will remain.

We want to see you and have you see us every day -- except maybe tomorrow when Don Hohler plans on putting my golf score in the paper. Feel free to skip that one.

Andy Prutsok is the Reflector's publisher. Reach him at



Best wishes for much success NR.

Increasingly as small town newspapers have been dropping like flies, Norwalk is VERY lucky to have a daily of your caliber.


Agreed,plus where else would Truckin and the rest of us argue ?

Fibber Mcgee

Online or in the driveway( well.. most of the time). I'm glad we have a local paper. bad can your score be?

Cliff Cannon

Personally, I have but one complaint with the " Reflector ". Mr. Prutsok, you do not write often enough. Given, your talent for intelligent observation, you should write daily.

I must add, as usual, " Contango " makes a great point : " Norwalk is VERY lucky to have a daily of your caliber " Thanks to all " Reflectorites " for making this great accomplishment happen.



Off-topic, but I ain't gonna scroll down to the CVG article to post it.

A "classical liberal" economic approach (think Norwalk):



Stop putting in Blast's From The Past from 1901,even I don't know those people.Use info from times we would know people or their parents.I love to see sports stats from past in our life time.

swiss family

wow.... another shameless butt kissing. from CC... !!!!!


Re: "wow...."

Unlike you, he was on-topic. :)

Cliff Cannon

@ Mr. Family : You truly have my pity sir.

P.S. Got a really great idea : Save yourself some grief. Stop reading my comments. Or is that simple solution to "complex" for a brain wired like yours ?

swiss family

cc it is not " to " complex for me.... but writing correctly might be " too " difficult for you to handle....lololololololololol Please Cliffy... please write another one of your insightful,letters to the Editor again.. I am having withdrawal symptoms here, not knowing what you think and feel about every topic....or better yet, could you just write a book about all of your thoughts and your activities and challenges.. I am sure that many big name studios would love to make a movie about it...hahahahah

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango : I like the idea's for fixing Detroit. Of course, doing away with career politicians & bureaucrats is always a good idea to me.

One of my favorite political quotes is from Jean Marat a leader in the French revolution. As a crowd was storming the Bastille. He said " There go my people. I must find out where they are going.So I can lead them "

Marat, is of course, more famous for the painting of him. Sitting dead in his bath tub, after his lover turned him into a human pin cushion.

The moral of the story is given the career politicians ability's to screw things up. The only thing that changes in human history is their names.


@ CC:

Hong Kong showed how an area with few if any resources, short of a strategic location and people could become (and remain) an economic powerhouse.

Several British governors are to be commended for fighting to keep it in a state of low regulation and taxation.

The Chinese appear to be following a 'light touch' approach as well.

IMO, there is little if anything the local bureaucrats can do. The path to a "Norwalkian Renaissance" leads through Columbus and especially DC.

swiss family

what was the TOPIC again?????


Re: "what was the TOPIC again?????"

You're off-topic AGAIN! Sheesh! :)

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango : Sadly, I agree any really big manufacturing breaks are going to go through Columbus ( See Norwalk Furniture rebirth) or worse D.C.

Also, I must admit, from time to time seeing the number of clueless , stupid idiots that offer useless, moronic comments on the topics of the day.

I do, in fact, have a twinge of sympathy for politicians, who have to deal with these losers on a daily basis. Don't you ?

swiss family

@CC.... so if you feel sorry for the politicians that have to deal with the "clueless,stupid idiots that offer useless moronic comments on the topic of the day" why don't you just stop doing it???? I know your ego makes you believe that you are the most interesting and important person that you know, others clearly do NOT feel the same as you do..I NEVER ask myself while reading ny story..."gee I wonder how CC feels about this?"and I NEVER find myself longing to read your never ending, topic jumping, lunacy which is in your editorials in the newspaper.. EVER...maybe you should check yourself, and try to understand that not everyone needs to know your every though, experience, and challenges.. sometimes people can know too much about a person that they used to think highly of, if you know what I mean..if I may make a suggestion, why don't you and your buddy, who you discuss every topic in the world with form your own "coffee club" and keep that wealth of intelligence between you two, and spare all of the others who could care less what you 2 think


Re: "so if you feel (snip)"

Yea, try to stay on-topic would ya? :)

Cliff Cannon

@ Mr. Family : You truly have my pity sir.

P.S. Got a really great idea : Save yourself some grief. Stop reading my comments. Or is that simple solution to "complex" for a brain wired like yours ?