‘Closed up’: Sudden closure of Norwalk’s Mickey Mart surprise to mayor

Station closes Wednesday
Cary Ashby
Aug 1, 2013


“Closed up.”

That’s what a handmade sign on the door says at the Mickey Mart at the intersection of League Street and Whittlesey Avenue in Norwalk.

The sudden closure of the gas station and convenience store has come as a surprise to city officials.

Norwalk Mayor Rob Duncan said he “absolutely” is as surprised about the news as anybody else. He doesn’t know when the decision was made to close.

“Mickey Mart never contacted us. Marathon never contacted us. I just did a little research (after I heard),” the mayor said.

Since Wednesday, yellow tape has blocked drivers from accessing the parking lot from both League Street and Whittlesey Avenue. Plastic yellow “sorry — out of service” sheets covered each of the gas pump handles Wednesday afternoon. The gas pumps are now gone.

Inside the convenience store Wednesday, Mickey Mart employees packed up various items. A vendor asked a worker about who was going to take certain display stands and merchandise.

By mid-afternoon Thursday, a Mickey Mart van with a trailer was holding large fixtures wrapped in plastic. The inside of the store was virtually empty.

Corporate officials at the site said “our lease was up” and said they were taking the fixtures to a warehouse, but referred further questions to owner Dan Coles. A Mickey Mart spokeswoman said Coles would be out of the office for several days.

Norwalk Economic Development Corp. Director Ellen Heinz and the mayor said they don’t know anything about the lease expiring. As of Thursday, Heinz was in the process of getting some information and still was making calls about the situation.

“I’ve heard there will be changes there, but I don’t have all the details. Some of the things are still unfolding,” she said.

Duncan said the city wants to help Mickey Mart relocate to a new location in Norwalk.

“That’s our strategy,” the mayor added.

“I think they’ve been there at least 15 years or so. … We really want to work with them to find a place in Norwalk if possible,” Duncan said.

Property manager Greg Bleile didn’t return a call for comment Thursday. He is the co-owner of the ACE Hardware in the same shopping center, Midtown Plaza, where Mickey Mart is located.



Kinda like Obama???


To truckin: for your information dont judge! And that job was all 8 of us had. That kept us afloat and yeah we would complain that we never had any money, but look at the economy. Jobs are not a dime a dozen. We all made it work though. Dont judge unless you have walked in our shoes!!!! I could say a couple of things about truck drivers too but I am better than that and apparently better than you on the judging part. Next time you want to make a nasty comment on here I will have you banned. Go get a better life than sit on here and judge good hard working people.


sounds like the truth hurts.. all the little perks the gov hands out will still be there, just not all the other cash for smokes, booze and stuff..because when you don't have to worry where your food or rent money will come from it's easy to spend extra cash on extras. That brings another point, why is it low wage income folks who claim they are broke and no money, yet they always are the one's with cigarettes and lots of costly tattoos??


Wait a minute truckin, I agree with you about 99 percent of the time, but don't blast these employees that are working, at least they are working. I will never bash someone that is working and trying to better their lot in life. Maybe they have a full time job and and supplementing their income at the gas station. You and me are not to judge, heck my dad worked 3 jobs in the late 60's to save up for a down payment on his house, I know I wouldn't be bashing him for that. These employees were tax paying Americans I am proud of them. I am sorry you lost your job, I know a few gas stations that are going to be taking application, I hope you find employment.


Truckin is your typical illiterate bigot, who most likely is a good little tea-bagger. Anyone who acts or "sins" differently than he (or she) is scum, and is too stupid to realize we all get government perks, just in different ways.


I am really not trying to bash a worker, But come on? Doesn't anyone but me know our tax code and human services rules, you must work a tad to get alot.. PERIOD. and don't anyone ever get po'd when they see someone who works at some place, with a low wage, yet you see them with multiple tattoo's? buy cookies and crap at the store with a gov.card, pack of smokes in there pocket, shopping big time around jackpot tax season? yet the same ones standing in line for free school supplies for their out of wedlock kids? BUT oh ya they have a job. We all know that job doesn't buy all the extras and if they really were ONLY working to try to get around they would NOT be smoking, tattoo's at around $3-500 a pop. Sorry I have seen too many as such, so my mind is too clouded to MAYBE see the few who really are trying..


I hate to see the jobs lost! WE will not shop at Cardinals when the sun goes down!All the undesirables come out!Most of there long time workers are unfriendly.Aldis is the best!!!


Tramp stamps, Body piercing,are the new Industry!!They need a shop in that Area!


RE Truckin I'm really at a lose for words with you your saying because you sit behind a wheel of a truck and drive and happen to get paid more then these girls that you are better then them? I would love to see you work at one of these places for just one day! You would actually have to get up off your A$$ and do something and deal with every person that walks in that door weither they be in a good mood or bad! and just an FYI for you!!!!! I have no tattoos, no piercings, and I could pass any drug test you gave me with flying colors and Ive worked my a$$ off for 3 years at this company working holidays and weekends to support my kids I AM A TAX PAYING AMERICAN!!! just because I dont get paid as much as you for just sitting doesnt make you any better then me!!!!! but since I am younger and Can pass any drug test and need a job maybe I should just come take yours and let you see how it feels!!!!

hit the road jack

Don't let him get to you,hang in there,employers will go out on a limb for people like you with a positive attitude and most of all not afraid to take a drug test,some places will even train people like you knowing you'll be at work tomorrow and not strung out on drugs,good job and I hope you find work soon!


Re: "...knowing you'll be at work tomorrow,"

As has been said: 90% of success is just showing up.

Unfortunately, many perspective new hires look good on paper and then either won't take or fail the drug test - welcome to 21st Century America.

The sad truth about the demographics of Norwalk: Increasingly it's seniors on fixed income, the poor and disabled on public assistance, while the best and brightest continue to leave for elsewhere for jobs and a future.

I know many that would leave if they could.


As you get tired of my attitude, i get tired of your . Tax Payer?? So many people think they are a taxpayer because a lil' gets taken out of there check each week. Most will then get way more back in returns then ever put in..but they never think of that


Oh one more thing if it wasnt for us low wage workers as you put it who the hell is going to get you your sh** while your out on the road and need to stop and get fuel and your goodies and SH** exactly if it wasnt for people like me and these girls you wouldnt have anyone to deliever to and no one to sell your product so maybe you should think about that the next time your head is to clouded !!!


I dont know which one of my coworkers this is, but thanks for the back up. You said it perfect. Without us low wage "tattooed, pierced" gas station employees truckers would be out of a job. Minus the boss, the ten of us made that job work and we would.complain,.but everyone does. We loved what we did, but we loved our customers the most.


I'll rephrase: Truckin & Contango should run for office. Both have all the answers. Never de-grade those who work.


To think I have been working since I was 15 and just working and PAYING TAXES all this time and yet you have people like him tell you it ain't enough??? I don't care what you say I am a tax payer I pay my taxes every year and work year in and year out so I don't need someone like truckin to sit there and tell me otherwise so you just sit there in your little truck and do what you do but the next time you make a stop to get fuel why not be a little nicer to the cashier behind the counter and remember if it wasnt for them you wouldnt be needed either !!!! Re hit the road jack Thank you very much for that its good to know theres people out there that do understand the hard work no matter how low the job may be!


to trucker there was some that had two jobs that worked there and they do not have any kids. they where just tring to pay their rent and buy food. and i drive truck too but would never put someone down for tring to live. and i am pretty sure they could pass a drug test and thay dont get food stamps but i hope go get them now.becasuse if they dont find a other job soon they mit be homeless .good luck to all of them

Cliff Cannon

@haterwalkerme: " becasuse if they dont find a other job soon they mit be homeless .good luck to all of them " I join you in wishing good luck to those who lost their jobs here.

Being a regular shopper, I never saw anyone there who wasn't extremely nice and fun to do business with. Certainly, those helpful personality's coupled with their drive to build good lives for themselves through their hard work will lead to future success's

May I add, I personally know one of the former employee's then add, she is a phenomenal women who I admire deeply. So knowing what I know, I can assure you she will not end up " homeless"

P.S. Thanks for the thought provoking comment


Truckin this id my point on this my wife worked at that store I am a low wage worker my self but can guarentee I can work circles around u see I work 19+ hrs a day yea its
wend fri sat and sunday. Plus 90% of truckers have s weight problem cause they sit and they cant pass a piss test alot do speeders to keep them awake my step father drove for 30+years so yea


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Difficult to understand the relevance of the mayor with the closure of this business.