Gas station in Norwalk closes

Employees pack up
Cary Ashby
Jul 31, 2013


“Closed up” is what this handmade sign on the door says Wednesday at the Mickey Mart at the intersection of League Street and Whittlesey Avenue in Norwalk.

Yellow tape blocked drivers from accessing the parking lot from both streets and plastic yellow “sorry — out of service” sheets covered each of the gas pump handles. Inside the convenience store, employees were packing up and a vendor asked about who was going to take certain display stands and merchandise.

The owner, whose name wasn’t available at press time, wasn’t available for comment.



that sucks! I used to run through there to get gas on the way to work


That's odd, wonder what brought this on?

Cliff Cannon

Total bummer !


We heard it was closed up to become a parking lot for Gardners.


I didn't realize that Gardner's was busy enough to need all the extra parking space


Very interesting. Place always seemed busy. Good spot for a gas station. Maybe they are going to renovate or rebuild.

hor mone

Capital said Jay, scratching his left nut.


aw that sucks! it's so convenient being the only one in the area.. instead of having to go back to the other sides of town. LOL yeah gardners is sooo busy of course they need all that extra parking space! ;)


Who cares?they should close gas town also!you can buy your gas 20 cents cheaper in Sandusky any way!

God Of Thunder

All kidding aside, why is gas cheaper here in Sandusky than Norwalk??? You'd think it be the other way around..


Re: "gas cheaper"

Possible answers:

Greater competition and higher transportation costs.

hit the road jack

If it weren't for Speedway at rt. 2 you would be paying higher prices,believe me.


You're right Speedway drives the prices in our region.


what suck is the employees didnt know anything they where told at 5 in moring that they where closing and didnt have a thank you nothing good by you are out of a job.


IMO, owner's fear of theft and retribution. Not uncommon.


As a kid growing up in Norwalk decades ago, I can remember a gas station on almost every busy corner. Remember Clark, Sinclair, Sohio, et al.?

Gas is a loss leader (about 3¢/gal. profit) Stores make their money on cigs, pop, lottery tickets, food, etc.

If the gas station business were profitable, you'd see 'em sproutin' up like mushrooms around town.

Maybe it's time for WalMart to put in pumps and kill the competition.

hit the road jack

Coles could buy gas cheaper than joe blow,they have a chit load of gas stations,that way they buy in volume andget big discounts on it and yes Walmart would be the nail in the coffin to gas stations in Norwalk. Years ago they used to make .25 per gallon too but people like this killed the gas station business period,now you can't find one to get a tire fixed.


There are no volume discounts from the refinery, the RAC price is the price all gas stations pay. It goes up and down don't see the prices going up and down each day, that's why the price jumps and falls are more noticeable with the higher prices, and NO they didn't make .25 a gallon years ago, but they do make it make it now sometimes. Inflated prices have caused them to increase their profit margin as credit card fees eat up profitability.

"now you can't find one to get a tire fixed." Do you know why that is? Electronically Fuel Injected motors, you can't work on a small block 350 anymore, you have to hook the motor up to a 25k diagnostic computer and pull a code to tell you what is wrong with the car. The days of a "grease monkey" fixing you car have passed, now you need a technician to fix your car. That's why gas stations sell pop, cigs, lottery, beer, etc. It's much more profitable to sell these things than fix a car.

hit the road jack

What would getting a tire fixed have to do with fuel injected motors have in common? their were plenty of places that replaced exhaust systems,did brake jobs,replaced headlights.......
and yes they did make .25 a gallon years ago,probably not all the time but I have talked to quite a few owners of gas stations from the 60's and 70's and they told me that it was not that uncommon. I don't know where you get your info on the RAC price either but I can tell you that quantity of fuel purchased will get a discount,ask truckin how much below the posted pice he pays for fuel,if you think their operating on a .05 margin your friggin goofy!


I guess if I have to go across town to get gas, I may as well shop at IGA they sell gas there too. sorry gardners Won't be shopping to much at your store any longer. I don't understand needing more parking lot, there is parking lot from Riteaid down to league st. I read in the news all the time we are to fat as Americans and need to walk more, so they put us more parking space right at the door


Shame on Gardner's! Want to bet they open a smoke shop or gas station of their own!?


Shame on Gardners? Its called competition and expanding.


Nothing wrong with competition and expanding.@Arn. as long as it's adding jobs and not taking them away, and it would have been a nice gesture by mickey mart to let people at least know a little in advance that we maybe closing this store so they could look for other jobs, people do have to pay rent , utilities,buy groceries to feed the family. this may not be a main income, but it's the part that pays a few bills that would go otherwise unpaid or late all the time. remember the American dream now is two people working, to just get the essentials paid.


The parking lot expansion was a rumor someone heard, and you people just believe it automatically and blame Gardner's? I doubt it's even true. Do you guys really think Gardner's is somehow going to close down a gas station?

Karma Watcher

Funny how someone mentions what they heard and it becomes fact. Parking lot? Maybe there is a more logical reason? Just saying! Shouldn't point fingers until facts are stated!


Maybe Gardner's is going to open a gas station LIKE the IGA?


Re: "closed up to become a parking lot for Gardners."

Depending on who owns the real estate, it would IMO make very little sense to close down a rent paying entity and turn it into a non-revenue producing parking lot.

Unless another station moves in, it would cost tens of thousands of dollars to remove the tanks, raze the building and then pave and stripe it.

Maybe the property (Gardner's included) is being sold to a management co.?


Mickey Mart did not renew their lease bc of issues with the building. Maybe in time Garders will occupy the lot but they are not the ones responsible for the station closing


micky mart could of gave the people that work there some kind of notice but they didnt .yesture at 5 am they just told them we are closing .no go work at other store or anything just your are out of a job.they had them call the other ones .one girl didnt get the call and went in to work at noon and found out that she didnt have a job. the company didnt even call any of them and tell them anything. i think that was pretty dirty.


I agree. The workers are expected to give at least two-weeks notice, and I think the store should also do that. That may be the only money they have coming in.