Gas station in Norwalk closes

Employees pack up
Cary Ashby
Jul 31, 2013


“Closed up” is what this handmade sign on the door says Wednesday at the Mickey Mart at the intersection of League Street and Whittlesey Avenue in Norwalk.

Yellow tape blocked drivers from accessing the parking lot from both streets and plastic yellow “sorry — out of service” sheets covered each of the gas pump handles. Inside the convenience store, employees were packing up and a vendor asked about who was going to take certain display stands and merchandise.

The owner, whose name wasn’t available at press time, wasn’t available for comment.



They could move them to other store's we don't know that isnt what there doing.


no they didnt yes i do know.they just walked in and told them stored closed and that was it ,no going to aother store just you are out of a job .

Sitting In The ...

That's prime real estate I highly doubt they close a cash cow like that to add more parking spots when they have enough already. The building was older you watch a new one will go up in its place.


It is a Mickey Mart,doesn't Mick own them ?

yogi bear

yes he does. With the money he has and made off that store, I am sure he has something else in mind.


I do not use ANY Micky Mart station. If they are not willing to allow Rails to Trails then they do not need my money. Yes Mick Coles is the one who fought it.

Now The Rest of...

I only go to Mickey Mart because he stood up to the Nazi tactics of the metro parks, and he won.


Mickey? You mean Mick Coles


The entire plaza that Gardener's is in (including the gas station) is owned by Greg and Lisa Bleile. They have owned it for a while. Matter of fact they just opened the ACE Hardware. Did they hire back any of the employee's from P&R? Gardner's wanted more parking if they were going to renew their lease otherwise they would not renew. So why not accommodate the only grocery store with a state liquor agency. Gardner's probably wants in on the gas/smoke shop side and used more parking as a reason to push Mickey Mart out and open their own.


o.k i cant take it anymore. some of you people are so ignorant it makes me absolutely sick. first of all look at this situation like this. Gardners is one of the only locally owned businesses in town that hire local people who live here and spend their money here. If their able to expand their business and create a job or to good for them. i really doubt they bullied coles off the property for parking. the coles are the bad guys here. they knew that lease was due! for how long who knows, only them,their not going to be honest at this point. look how much time some of them girls gave to them. they've given the coles so much. sacrificed time from their families on holidays and weekends to try and make ends meet and feed their kids. what thanks did they get from the coles? maybe a promise of a job at another store? In fremont or sandusky. so now their expected to budget now an extra $150 a month for gas to get to their $8.00 an hour job. thats crap idont expect some of you to understand how what you may see as a a little bit of money can be so much to some. to some $150 is a whole weeks wage at these small shops. in the mean time coles is making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year maybe a mill. or 2 on hard working people like me and the people he just screwed over. what does he do for our community besides take from us. how many of you idiots went across town and gave that donkey more of your money? guarantee a few! so if you really care about those people who got screwed and your town think before you speak. im sure mom taught you that one. make her proud. BOYCOTT COLES ENERGY THEY DONT CARE ABOUT YOU OR ANYONE IN OUR TOWN. TIME FOR THEM TO GO!!!!


Use a capital letter when you start a sentence!


The days of a two week advance notice when a business shutters is LONG gone. It's been that way for years .