Deputies find $187,500 worth of pot plants

There is a suspect in the case
Scott Seitz
Jul 31, 2013


Acting on a tip Tuesday, Huron County sheriff’s deputies confiscated 298 marijuana plants at an area located off Baseline Road.
“This was about a mile-and-a-half off the roadway in the wildlife area,” Detective Sgt. Josh Querin said. “It was a heavy vegetated area that was overgrown.”
Querin and Detective Eric Bardar responded to the scene early Tuesday after a resident filed a complaint.
“After walking 1 1/2 miles, we located a pretty sophisticated growing operating,” Querin said. “We removed all the evidence from the wooded area.”
Sheriff Dane Howard and Special Deputy Dave Battles also assisted at the scene.
“If the 298 plants would have continued to mature, they each could have produced about a quarter-pound of marijuana,” Querin said, adding that was a conservative estimate.
“That would be about a total of 75 pounds,” he said. “At about $2,500 per pound, that’s a total of about $187,500. These plants would have matured in a couple months if we would not have pulled them out of the ground.”
Howard said there is a suspect in the case, but no arrests were made Tuesday.
“Detectives are actively pursuing all leads,” the sheriff added.
An Ohio Department of Natural Resources officer assisted at the scene.
The marijuana was placed into evidence at the sheriff’s office.
Querin said after the investigation is closed, the plants will be burned at a discreet location.
“That will be videotaped and documented,” Howard said.
“My detectives worked hard to secure this evidence,” the sheriff added. “Heroin is the primary focus of this office, however, if we receive reports of growing operations, we will act on these.”



That price is a little "HIGH"..


The law ALWAYS exaggerates the price of their prize. That's a well known fact.


Littering and........... Littering aaaaannnnnnnddddd.............


yeah sure, or yes sir?


I'm a little surprised the paper don't check some of these facts it took me 30 seconds to find the currant price.




...what I can't understand is: of all the flipping battalions of weeds that come up in my vegetable garden, along my walkway, in the flower beds; those that entwine their way up my saplings or beroot themselves on the trunks of my mature trees... never, 'ever' does a wayward pot seed find its way onto my property to burst forth into bloom and taunt me with those glorious memories of the 60s...


It is pretty obvious to those that live in the area know who the suspect is.He's been growing it for years out there but proving it will be the hard part.I actually doubt that there will be much effort in trying to arrest him as he'd almost certainly get off.


I like how it said burnt in a discreet