FitzGerald takes shots at state budget during stop in Norwalk

Democrat to run for governor in 2014.
Joe Centers
Jul 31, 2013


Ed FitzGerald, Democratic candidate for governor in 2014, was greeted by a crowd of about 30 people at Crumbs Confections in Uptown Norwalk on a rainy morning Saturday.

FitzGerald is county executive for Cuyahoga County. A story about his visit was published in Monday's Norwalk Reflector.

To see pictures of the event, click HERE.




Now The Rest of...

This political opportunist, trying for another elected office without finishing his term for the second time in two different elected offices. He represents a party that left the state in a $8 billion deficient when they lost the governor's office last term.


Hey Ed, as Cuyahoga County Executive, why don't you tell us about their budget?