Ex-Wakeman cop sentenced

BEREA - A former Wakeman reserve police officer faces a 30-day suspended jail sentence if he violates his probation for two counts of public indecency. Daniel J. Deusenberry, 26, of Strongsville, was sentenced to three years of probation and fined $150 on each charge Wednesday morning in Berea Municipal Court. Judge Mark Comstock ruled the defendant could serve a five-day sentence in the Strongsville Police Department jail or do 50 hours of community service, said a probation officer who declined to be identified.
Cary Ashby
Jul 25, 2010


BEREA - A former Wakeman reserve police officer faces a 30-day suspended jail sentence if he violates his probation for two counts of public indecency.

Daniel J. Deusenberry, 26, of Strongsville, was sentenced to three years of probation and fined $150 on each charge Wednesday morning in Berea Municipal Court. Judge Mark Comstock ruled the defendant could serve a five-day sentence in the Strongsville Police Department jail or do 50 hours of community service, said a probation officer who declined to be identified.

"We usually give them 90 days to complete everything. Most people do take the community service (option)," the female officer said.

On July 25, Lt. Mark Carney of the Cleveland Metroparks Ranger Department filed two citations of public indecency against Deusenberry, stemming from incidents on March 15 and 30, June 25 and July 23. Carney was unavailable for comment this morning.

Court records further show Deusenberry pleaded no contest Sept. 26 in Berea Municipal Court. He was found guilty of committing sexual activities with members of the same sex in a Cleveland Metroparks bathroom in Strongsville.

During Wednesday's hearing, Comstock prohibited Deusenberry from entering any Metroparks premises for three years, the probation officer said.

Deusenberry voluntarily resigned from the Wakeman Police Department last week, Chief Tim Hunker said. Late last month, Hunker told Channel 3 News he would recommend "termination" if the officer didn't resign.

Deusenberry, also a Strongsville youth football coach, had been placed on "administrative leave pending resignation" as of July 24.

Former Chief Don Newbill hired Deusenberry to be a reserve officer, a volunteer position, Feb. 11, 2000. The Strongsville man is married with children.

When Channel 3 tried to talk with Deusenberry at his home in late October, he declined an on-camera interview, but said he was getting help for "deviant sexual behavior." There was no published telephone number for Deusenberry.


WAKEMAN (Anonymous)

see what a great chief we have,he didnt want to hurt his feelings so he let him resign?!?!?!
the guy lied to the football team lied to us as wakeman villagers and this is what hunker thinks us wakeman people deserve,feed us b.s and keep us in the dark!!hey hunker you let us down with the animals you didnt have a set to fire this jerk! you are in the spotlight! you look more and more like a fool everyday!!!! you surround yourself with idots on your dept and then you shine! well guess what its starting to back fire! theres gonna be a new mayor in town and hes just who we voted for!!

Hey Clueless (A...

There is always a process an employer has to follow before firing an employee. If not the employer can be sued. Do you want the Village to lose lots of money? When was the last time you filled out an application? An employer is not allowed to ask a person's sexual preference! So who is the idiot now? So go on and Point the finger at yourself and call yourself a fool as you look into a mirror. Your right a pro police mayor and council, Thanks to the Voters. Good job Hunker and Wakeman P. D.

josh (Anonymous)

we are lose money every night they have milchen working/sleeping for our village!! someone should ask the chief or council(at a meeting so its public record) if they have ever caught any of their officers sleep on duty,once,twice or more!lets see how the new mayor handles that! well we can see josh wasnt sleeping at 1;37 am! lol
maybe the new mayor will have all internet sources checked to see who is using the internet at work for there own personal use!!!!lets clean up our dept.!!!! no more pillows,no more blankets and no more internet!! do your job!!!!!!!

comment for chi...

I think the problem is this,Wakeman had grounds to fire this man and didnt! My father is a police officer and i know that they hold you to a higher degree beacuse you know the law,you enforce the law and you have respect for the law.
This Wakeman officer drug wakemans name in the mud and Mr Hunker had the chance to save face for his village and made the choice not too.
This was pretty cut and dry ,he was arrested.
He was caught on tape and from my understanding ,Mr Hunker knew this was happening before they even arrested him.
i would have to agree that hunker needed to fire him and had grounds to do so.
This man hasnt worke in out village for awhile and plus,(call the police station at 440-839-2511 if you need proof)
he was "talked to" about his behavior about working with female officers.
This man had problems all along.
Someone stated they wanted to hold a town meeting.
when and where beacuse i feel "us" as a village has questions for Mr Hunker and i feel they need addressed.
If Mr. hunker doesnt want to hold a meeting with us villagers,we all have the option of letting our voices be heard on record (anything stated in council meeting is in the mins.) at the next council meeting!
Someone stated pro-police council and pro police mayor?
We vote for these people and if we as villager have problems with the police dpt. and they dont listen to us then they call and will be recalled.
So for your Pro police comment,i think you should either live here in wakeman or try and run it correctly or get out beacuse we are fed up with how things are going.
We voted for the police dept levey and they bought a new polce car instead of paying our officers?
Yes we needed a polce car but they could have bought 3 used ones with low miles and had 3 crown vics for the price they paid for 1 car that they need to get all new items for.(lights,ect..)Our tax dollare arent hard at work and im tired of being quiet about it!
I have no problem voting for the police dept. and helping pass leveuys for items it needs but we need protected and we need officers who want to be here not because they need to hold onto their commissions.(fyi. when a police officers goes through the accademy the have 1 year to get on with a dept. or they have to go back to the academy for refresure course,most people dont want to sit in this calss again so they look to get on a dept,this brings us to wakeman,its an easy dept to get on and there are no tests to take ,sign me up,!!lol) anyway they drive from cleveland other places far far away from wakeman to work for free for 16 hours a month,these officers do there time and go home,they dont care about wakeman or its people ,they dont have to see us for another two weeks why care??Brings me back to my point,why not use our tax levey money to pay caring officers who work here more and have to answer to us for there conduct here!! If a complaint isnt on paper it doenst count! Many many complaints have been brought to the chief and mayors wolfes attention but,as the mayor says some people make complaind but they dont count! (becuse they arent "good citizens")
We voted for change ,let see if it will hapen if not then we have the choice to recall!!!

Disgusted. (Ano...

Dan Deusenberry is a disgrace to the badge that he wore....PERIOD. He is/has always been a liar and one hell of a story teller. He should have been fired and would have been after his conviction...but he resigned before his sentencing. His wife is also a goof because she is still with him even though he has admitted that he is gay. Get some self esteem already and kick his a$$ to the curb. He is doing nothing but embarassing his family, his kids, and himself. He is loser in every sense of the word. Look at what he has done to the people of Wakeman...and to the people of Strongsville (where he lives). He gave the youth football league a nice black eye from all of this mess also. Way to go Dan....you should be proud!!!!!

Why (Anonymous)

Why would a man like this do something like that? He would have to figure he would get caught.

Sad (Anonymous)

I really feel for his wife and kids. They must be going through so much. I wonder if she will stay with him?

Lets hope so (A...

Lets hope so.

lets hope so (A...

I hope everybody get the help that they need. They need prayer and counsling.

Who will pay fo...

Im sure the union will

Sorry (Anonymous)

I sounded a little snotty. I don't even know if there is a union.

wake up josh (A...

hey, lets come together as a whole and take shifts waking josh up!!that would save our tax dollars.
mr morman you take the 2 am shift!!

I'd be... (Anon...

glad to take my shift!! But then again, if he's awake he has more chance to make an @ss of himself in public!

busy (Anonymous)

Comment deleted for defamatory content.


Hitting on the youngsters up there is an understatment! He has one big mouth too! I hope his wife is watching this blog!

lol (Anonymous)

Comment deleted for defamatory content.

Picking on? (An...

Oh Dear Lord, we have yet to begin picking on him. If the trueth hurts, sweep your doorstep! ORAL??? How long did it take her to find it? Hope it was a long enough ride home!!ROFL

yuck! (Anonymous)

you guys are going to p*ss the wpd officers off and they are going to start threatening us again!"click it or ticket A*S" i think thats how josh put it!!!

phone number (A...

does anyone have josh milchens home phone number?
we could call his wife!

TRUTH! (Anonymous)

Comment deleted for defamatory content.

Comments got ou...

Some of you people are just so gross. It sounds as though you might have dirty thoughts.

Colleen (Anonymous)

GROSS? Maybe, probably is, but the point being is, we're paying this officer to perform a service for our community. Not to lay around and sleep on duty, and definately not to engage in sexual activity. You and I would be out the door with a pink slip for the unemployment line!! WAKE UP WAKEMAN! Get rid of the dead weight in this town. Our homes and businesses are not safe on the midnight shift.

question (Anonymous)

does josh own a red thong? maybe hunker passed them out to all of his best officers!! lol

Red Thong (Anon...

I hear someone came into sterk's and gave Josh a red thong!!

red thong (Anon...

are you sure he gave him a red thong or was the guy wearing a red thong and gave josh something else? you know josh is sgt and dan was under him! lol
ha ha i said lol i must be from the trailor park!!!!(or we all laugh and laugh at josh )

ROFLMAO (Anonymous)

Josh is really easy to laugh at...roflmao! Welcome to the traier park, enjoy yer stay...

ok (Anonymous)

I think you people got out of hand with the thong


He's the one wearing it!!! Proudly from what I hear...omg, can you imagine getting caught wearing a red thong in public?!?

Thongs aren't a...

Especially if you're SGT. Panty Sniffer!!