Norwalk man indicted on three felony charges

Couple accused of drug sales at residence in Norwalk mobile home park
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 22, 2013


A man accused of drug sales out of a Norwalk home he shared with a woman has been indicted by a Huron County grand jury.

Joseph R. Ringlein Jr., 27, now of 6 Ford Ave., was indicted Friday on one count of trafficking in marijuana, one count of possession of morphine and one count of possession of criminal tools.

In April, he and Christina Heredia, 33, were arrested after local law-enforcement officers executed a drug-related search warrant at their First Street residence, which is located in the Westwood Estates mobile home park.

"He (Ringlein) is facing a possession of criminal tools charge scales he had in the suspected weighing and sale of marijuana," Huron County Sheriff's Detective Sgt. Josh Querin said after the arrest. "We do expect additional charges after lab analysis."

Querin said Heredia was charged with permitting drug abuse, a fifth-degree felony.

Also seized were marijuana, drug paraphernalia, prescription pills and $440 in cash.

Querin said he doesn't believe the residents had a prescription for the pills.

The investigator said there were no major issues in the arrest.

"They weren't compliant at first," he said.

Ringlein and Heredia were transferred to the county jail to await a bond hearing.

"They admitted to drug sales out of the residence," Querin said. "We will continue to step up drug investigations."

Heredia was not among the 11 people on the indictment list.



meanwhile, jim lahey reports that ricky and bubbles may somehow be involved..


Wow, 27...I would have guessed he was like 40-45. Glad I didn't do drugs when I was young or I'd look like I was 90 by now. Although, it does seem to age the women much more.


I remember in high school this guy was selling drugs to the younger crowd what a joke


What an idiot! He needs to be locked up. A few years ago, he would hang out with my nephew, who was about 14, and get him drunk and high! Lock up the loser and start making examples!