Deputy charged in car accident

Crash injured Sgt. Todd Corbin and female inmate whom he was transporting.
Scott Seitz
Jul 12, 2013


A Huron County sheriff’s deputy has been charged with failure to control stemming from an early morning traffic crash June 26.

The state Highway Patrol conducted the investigation of Sgt. Todd Corbin’s cruiser crash which took place on Ohio 162 near Mill Road about 1:55 a.m.

Corbin was traveling eastbound on Ohio 162 when his cruiser swerved to avoid striking a deer. Troopers said the cruiser traveled off the right side of the road, came back on to the roadway, went off the left side of the roadway, coming to rest in a field.

Corbin was transporting a Berlin Heights woman who had just been arrested at an Ohio 99 traffic stop near Holiday Lakes by Deputy Shannon Lyons.

Lyons was transferring a separate prisoner from the same traffic stop.

Corbin and the woman were treated for “bumps and bruises” at local hospitals.

Maj. Mike Cooksey is handling the internal investigation of the crash.

Officers removed the diagnostic modules and an air-bag sensor from Corbin’s cruiser on June 28. By reviewing these devices, troopers can determine if the air bag was deployed, seat belts were used, brakes applied, and possibly how fast the vehicle was traveling.

The state Highway Patrol has not yet completed the complete crash reconstruction, which was requested by Sheriff Dane Howard.

Corbin returned to full duty this week.

Corbin’s cruiser was a 2007 Ford Crown Victoria and had 172,000 miles at the time of the crash.

Howard didn’t say much Thursday about the situation.

“I want to reserve any comment until we receive the complete crash reconstruction report,” he said. “We hope to have that back in the next week or so.”



Nice to have you back and not seriously injured Sgt. Corbin.

Too bad the admin couldn't express that instead of reserving comment. Kind of makes things plain as day doesn't it?


So many other deputies have been involved in accidents, have they all received a citation? Have they all had their diagnostic modules and sensors tested?

Sgt Corbin, even though machinations are in place to push you out like those before you (i.e., Annette/Bob) keep in mind you are the respected individual in this scenario.
Keep doing the good work you do and hang in there :)




Corbin is getting special treatment. More time is being put into investigating his crash than the last 4 deputy crashes. The good old boy system is alive and well at HCSO.
Howard, couldn't you have at least said you were glad he was not seriously injured and back to work? You fell over yourself when Harris smashed into that lady. Oh wait, Corbin is a threat to you and the boys.


Corbin deserves to be cited just like anybody else would be. This guy is going to end up getting the county sued and costing tax payers all kinds of money. Not to mention totaling a cruiser, yet you people want to get on here and whine about a ticket that will cost him probably $100.00.


"This guy" ? Are you serious? What's the matter, did he take you down to the ground and cuff you? Or is it you just don't like men who put their lives on the line for you and their country? Jealous that he was awarded the Navy Cross for his bravery? Or are you jealous because even without his duties as a deputy and soldier he is a good, honorable human being?

With Sgt. Corbin, what you see is what you get: A good man who is respected by other good men.


jumparound has had a run in with Corbin at some point and time. This person has an axe to grind no doubt. Ignore what they post.


I do not understand why they are charging this officer when the officer from Erie Co reported the same thing and it was stated that when anyone swerves to miss a deer they aren't charged. That officer never returned to work. At least this officer has proven himself to be a decent and honorable man. He obviously wants to work where he could be home sucking up short term disability!!!!


Glad all is well with your health Todd. You are an outstanding SGT. Best wishes in a speedy end to this incident...


Hope the deer was ok.


OK so why is the Sheriff spending money on a investigation that the State Patrol just handed him? He should have every thing he needs right there in that report. Trust me there very thorough! Has he done this for all the accidents his deputy's have been involved in? What about Harris's accident, He retired on a medical for the accident he caused! So as a tax payer I'm guessing the county will be going after him for any money that they would get sued for.Right?


The reason why? It's Corbin and he is not a member of the club at the SO. Every other deputy accident had Howard expressing concern and being glad the deputy was back to work or concern about the injuries. This case? Reserving comment.
Corbin should be cited like any other citizen, his discipline from the crash is what will be interesting. The same as others or more severe? Harris almost killed himself and someone else, what was his discipline? same for the deputy involved in a crash transporting a prisoner at 4&20.


Glad you are back Todd. Jerk77 = anhedonic.


Just researched the Harris wreck and noticed he was given two tickets for his accident. I think when the state patrol completes the crash it will come out that he was driving way too fast...keep up the stellar work of costing tax payers dollars on a cruiser and a lawsuit!!

Yall Make Me Sick

Glad your ok SGT Corbin. Keep doing your job.


well when you have stupid people in the public requesting investigations, questions arise and---- wala! you have wasted money down the tubes. It really was pretty cut and dry. Dear runs out, officer tries to miss it, unable to get car under control after missing the dear. the end. Thank you for your service SGT CORBIN


Corbin is a great man and man of true character. Its an accident, they happen daily. Thats why there are airbags, brakes, bumpers and insurance. Glad to see you back TC.


I think its safe to say that Howard will never be re-elected. Bad form.


He ran unapposed last time If the R party would get off there butt and find someone to run I would think they could pull this off. I see no reason for anyone in the county to run unapposed EVER!!


It is a matter of timing and retirement. Civil service does not allow active duty LE to run, or didn't. Howard forced out his threats with Corbin next. The others he brought into the club. Look how many retirees he brought back. Instead of promoting, he just brings them back at their retired rank to keep inbreeding. People thought Sutherland was notorious for GOB, Howard takes it to the next level. They need some Clorox in the gene pool out there


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No, they don't all get charged, just look what SF got away with!!