Heroin dealer guilty

Man who claimed he was getting heroin from 'some Mexicans in Columbus' gets convicted of selling the drug in Norwalk.
Zoe Greszler
Jul 12, 2013


Ryan L. Porter, 21, of 7967 Gilger Road in Shiloh, was convicted of trafficking heroin Tuesday in Huron County Common Pleas Court.

Early this year the defendant allegedly sold two balloons of the drug to an undercover informant at 58 Gallup Ave.

Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said Porter told the informant that he was getting the heroin from “some Mexicans in Columbus,” who were wrapping the balloons in dryer sheets to prevent the dogs from smelling it.

In February, a Huron County grand jury secretly indicted Porter on a fourth-degree felony charge.

Porter was supposed to appear Monday in Huron County Common Pleas Court, but apparently was being detained elsewhere and was unable to make it. His pretrial was rescheduled to Tuesday morning.

Porter pleaded guilty to the incident and the judge ordered a pre-sentence investigation. His sentencing date was set for Aug. 29.

Porter faces six to 12 months in prison with $2,500 in fines and a license suspension of up to five years when he is sentenced Aug. 29. The judge also had “no objection to the bonds previously set.”

Porter pleaded guilty to the incident and the judge ordered a pre-sentence investigation.


Yall Make Me Sick

Spanish NOT "Mexicans" racist much?

All taken

It was a quote!


were they from spain or mexico? next these politically correct libtards will get pissy for calling people from America, americans..


...because it makes all the difference in the world whether he bought from Mexicans or Spaniards...or little green men from Mars...

He's "from" Shiloh (not that I care where he's from..); he went to Columbus TO BUY DRUGS... which he then brought TO NORWALK to sell... either to one of our children who isn't already on drugs or someone who IS already on drugs... either way, he was involved in creating more crime, more expense for our community in terms of policing, courts and treatment or incarceration, and more frustration and heartbreak for the family of whoever he was going to sell the drugs to.

..and he wasn't able to make his court appearance HERE because he was being held elsewhere on some other offense - so puhleeeez don't nobody say he's a "first offender" - it's not even the first time he's been caught.

Who cares who he bought it from? The point is he brought it HERE to OUR town to sell it to "one of us". We can and should get into a discussion about "them" another time - the point here and now is he brought it HERE, to our town.


relax mamma.. I don't care who he bought drugs from or for that matter who ends up taking them. I don't care. my point was that I didn't know it was racist to call people from mexico, Mexicans.


this much I do know. if he shoots a black kid, no matter what color or race he is, he's white.

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Mexican people refers to all persons from Mexico. Quit trying to pull the race card.

Yall Make Me Sick

Omg. I was kidding... Learn to lighten up.


Wouldn't someone from Spain Be called a "Spaniard" and the language they speak would be Spanish.?


yeah, I think you are right. I got other names for just about every nationality but they're not very "politically correct".