Huron County jail guard fired after relationship with inmate

Sheriff discovers woman had been exchanging letters and placing phone calls with inmate.
Scott Seitz2
Jul 10, 2013


A Huron County corrections officer has been fired after having an inappropriate relationship with an inmate.

Lindsey Miles, who had been employed at the sheriff's office for about 10 months, was terminated late last week by Sheriff Dane Howard.

"She was exchanging letters and placing phone calls with an inmate which is a violation of policy," Howard said. "This information came to me early last week that she (Miles) had been conducting this relationship with the inmate for almost two months."

The sheriff said Miles was still a probationary employee because she had been at the HCSO for less than a year.

"I interviewed her myself and felt it necessary for the security and sanctity of the jail to let her go," Howard said.

Howard said these types of events don't take place too often.

"There have been other things over the years and I can't really speculate what happens at other people's facilities," he said. "We do our very best to monitor it."

Chief Deputy Ted Patrick said Miles had placed money in an inmate's account so he could call her on her friend's phone.

"That is against our policy," he said. "She funded those phone calls."

Patrick added inmates cannot receive phone calls.

As to how Miles' supervisors learned of the relationship and if any other officers knew about that relationship, that still is under investigation, Patrick said.



Grossssss. Won't be long til she is banging the dog food.


I tried not to touch this story. But I went to his Facebook page and he speaks of “changing”. I remember once when I was a bad bad boy, and did some changing. It wasn’t a woman that changed me, but Jesus Christ. It took awhile for others to believe the change in me, and it took me longer to see it…to believe it. That was 1993/1994. I’ve slipped twice in these 20 years, but not enough that anyone would know unless they read it here. Fact is, though she may not be Jesus, maybe she is the reason he is changing. Maybe a woman like that is what a man needs to give him a reason to change. Maybe not. But whatever the reason for any change, well, I like him better with this change, than a man who may face the guns of our household some night while breaking in, all due to drugs or other bad intentions. I give him the benefit of the doubt and as for her, sometimes no job is worth a life or a soul if love can save him. I’d rather he be in the arms of this woman tonight, than in the headlights of my sons car the moment before a head on impact due to drugs or alcohol.


FINALLY....a voice of reason. Well said! Amen.


she did wrong but aint like she commited a crime i bet 80 percent the women bashing her have dated a BAD BOY least once. im guessing theres a bigger reason she was really fired ( like hmmm maybe refuseing to date certain peoples stooges)


I absolutely LOVE all the angry, disgruntled people trying to get the rest of us to listen to their point of view. Having your comments removed by the moderator proves that, well, you have no class. I feel like I'm on my teenage daughter's Facebook newsfeed.


I'm far from angry, actually I'm very pleased with the outcome of the situation. She made a bad decision and now she has to live with the consequence. I do know that she isn't the first (and I'm sure not the last) guard to establish a relationship with an inmate! Dane needs to monitor the conversations between the two more closely. I hope that she can help the man involved change his life. However, I know people that are addicts that wouldnt changed for their own children....GOOD LUCK!!!


Now that she's unemployed and I'm sure he isn't working, I wonder if they will stay in his cardboaed box under the bridge or hers? Just curious


So who's next on the butcher block of Chef Howard? Corbin or Querin?