UPDATE - Woman who was reported missing could face charges

Police say wife confessed to having an affair and was not missing or sexually assaulted
Scott Seitz2
Jul 9, 2013


The case involving a Greenwich woman who was reported missing for about 24 hours over the weekend took another turn late Monday.

Dominique Stephens, 20, was last seen outside the Hunter’s Brew bar, which is located in the village’s downtown late Friday night.

Her husband, Mark Stephens, reported her missing Saturday and a massive search was conducted by family, friends, law enforcement and through social media.

Between 10 and 11 p.m., Dominique returned home.

Mark Stephens said late Saturday Dominique was last seen with a man who might have gone by the name, “David or Doug, from Shiloh.”

The husband also indicated online his wife was possibly the victim of a drugging of her non-alcoholic drink while at the bar.

Late Monday, Greenwich police chief Steve Dorsey said Dominique was not kidnapped.

“The missing woman has confessed to her husband that she had an affair on him and was not missing or sexually assaulted,” the chief said. 

“The police reports will be sent to our prosecutor to review for making a false police report,” Dorsey said.

Earlier Monday, Dorsey had said Dominique would not cooperate with police.

“The victim did return home,” Dorsey confirmed. 

“She does not remember all that occurred while she was missing. All she remembers is that she went to New Haven to get a pack of cigarettes, then waking up at an unknown location in Huron County and drove home,” the chief said was the woman’s initial story. 

“She has been asked numerous times to let an officer interview her and she has declined so far. Until we have better cooperation from the victim we cannot proceed forward with any type of investigation,” Dorsey then added.

Mark Stephens had provided this message via Facebook Sunday.

“Dominique Stephens is home safe now! She is in bad shape, but Legend (the couple’s 10-month-old son) and I will make sure she has a full recovery mentally and physically,” husband Mark Stephens said Sunday via Facebook.

“If anybody wants to stop over and give her some cheering up, you can. The small things count,” Stephens added. “I appreciate everyone spreading the word. After seeing a community get together to save a mother/wife, it really gives me hope for humanity. You guys are awesome and thank you.”


Gone Fishing

Bahaha who didn't see this coming... Maybe aly or lilly? Smh...


She looks like fun to me. Yeeee Haww


gee like we didn't see that coming. She should be charged! You can't make a hoe a housewife! Mark you need to take that baby and get the heck out of that bar/apartment. Raise him right and get some respect for yourself. I hope that the mother gets the help she needs and turns her life around before the baby is old enough to understand what kind of mom he has. No one deserves to sit at home wondering if there wife was kidnapped but i'm sure he had some idea of what she was really up to.



Yall Make Me Sick

You took the words right out of 99% of the people on here's mouth. Bet somebody feels STUPID!!!!


False police report, lying to law enforcement, drugs, underage drinking, child abandonment, child neglect, child endangrment....just to start


C'mon Scott Seitz. Why did ya have to remove the previous story just when it was getting interesting? Well, for anyone that missed it.....here's the post from her husbands facebook account. Enjoy! *To aly, art or lily....can't wait to hear you defend her some more...lol

I apologize for the inconvenience for everyone thinking Dominique Stephens missing and raped. The truth came out today that she actually left her son upstairs and went downstairs into the bar and left with a stranger because he said he would get her high. She left to Shelby and got a hotel with this stranger(Justin Trotter) from Shiloh and had consental sex with him. She came back 24 hours later with bruises on her high on the drugs (Marijuana, Alcohol Adderall, and Opiates) and told everybody she was kidnapped and raped and even had a rape kit performed from a sexual assault nurse. I will do everything in my power to get custody of my son because I do not want him to be in a bad situation where the mom has a drug problem, depression problem, cutting herself, abandoning her child, as well as the grandmother having an alcohol problem and them both going to the bar and leaving the baby up stairs constantly, yet I gladly stay upstairs to take care of him. I financially, physically and emotionally supported my son since 8/24/2012 and provided everything he needed such as diapers, medicine, clothes, formula, milk, baby wipes, toys, transportation to doctor appts. I want him to be healthy and happy and be in a stable home which I know I can provide for him since I have money saved up and been working a job consistently for 6 months straight.. I still love Dominique but I am very hurt because I know this affects our son and he deserves the best life has to offer him.


I have a great deal of respect for you young man for coming out and putting this out in the public. It shows a responsibility in you and a desire to do the right thing and try to live "right" I hope things work out for you.

Yall Make Me Sick

Me to. I have a lot of RESPECT for a real man who has been scammed just like the rest of the readers. Even though we all stated different! That's a real man who is going to take care of his baby because his wife has different ideas of fun!


ABOUT TIME. she SHOULD BE CHARGED for all of this. everything she put everyone through. (even though we all knew she was lying) this is what you get when you run out on your husband! quit acting like a child and take care of your baby and husband instead of running around with other men!


Here's another cold hard fact....she will be in front of Conway, crying about her awful drug addiction and will absolutely get NO punishment for her actions.....just like all the other junkies in our area. "Conway" kinda like a "highway" except it is the preferred route for all criminals in huron county to get nothing more than a slap on the wrist and "intense" probation.....lol Oh yes....very, very "intense".


Yes giving your son a better life is the best thing you can do. Get him out of the situation while He is young and doesn't quite understand What exactly is going on. Praying for happiness for you and your son.


Sorry Scott, my mistake....previous article wasn't removed, just moved.


For anyone wondering how our wonderful judge Conway's "intense" probation usually works out.....enjoy the following article

A Bellevue man admitted Monday to violating his probation by testing positive for drugs twice.

Jess W. Rudolph, 36, admitted to multiple probation violations, which included a March 19 dirty drug screen for cocaine, opiates and two other drugs plus an April 9 positive drug screen for opiates.

"He tested positive for (opiates) at the probation department and (cocaine) at the Huron County Jail," Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said in April.

Rudolph also failed to report to his probation officer at least four times since January and since June 19, he failed to obtain a substance abuse evaluation. The defendant also failed to make payments on his fine and court costs.

Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway said he spoke with Erie County Common Pleas Judge Roger Binette, who agreed to send the defendant to a community-based corrections facility, a form of prison which focuses on substance abuse treatment and education.

Rudolph faces a possession of heroin charge in Erie County.

In June 2012 in Huron County, Rudolph pleaded guilty to having 15 balloons of heroin during a speeding-related traffic stop.

The heroin balloons came out of Rudolph's pants leg, but the cooperative defendant "didn't want to talk about it," Leffler said earlier.

Rudolph was fined $250 as part of his three years of intense probation for possession of heroin, but wasn't given any additional jail time. The court also ordered him to pay $40 in restitution to the state Highway Patrol to cover the cost of drug testing.

He was wanted on an unspecified Sandusky Police Department warrant when Trooper Steven Drew stopped him Sept. 6, 2011 on U.S. 250 in Hartland Township. The trooper clocked Rudolph going 70 mph in a 55-mph zone.


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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Who called this one?? This wanna-be mother/wife has done it again!! Grow the frick up and be a woman! Seriously....this saddens me that this is how girls are raised nowadays. Let's stop making our children grow up with no daddy, in grandma's bar, mommy ain't around...gee, wonder why she's been like this since her early teenage years??!?!? That poor baby boy has this sorry excuse of a "woman" as a mother, I can't imagine growing up in this situation! How about instead of all these teen girls having idols from shows like Jersey Shore and Teen Mom (you know, you ain't cool until you're in Middle/High School and you've got a baby-gut sticking out and squeezed into an extra small tight shirt) why not have role models like hmmmmm...I don't know?? Maybe an actual MOTHER who sticks around with the father of ALL of her children. A marriage that lasted with daddy. Mommy takes care of the household and the kids....I'd say you have a better chance at turning out to be a decent LAW ABIDING citizen that way. Oh well, we just got to witness some comedy relief! #OHSNAPYOUGOTCAUGHTWITHYOURPANTSDOWN


His wife is the juvenile judge. Another joke.




The day my husband and I heard she was missing he said she probably ran off with another man and I said no I don't think so boy was I wrong...SMH


Well she ran out on her husband and didn't expect him to call the law I guess. Then when she gets home she not only has to answer to him but the whole damn county. At least she didn't keep the rape story going if it wasn't true.


Say what say what!! My last comment was deleted for whatever reason so let me clean it up a bit. She's a W just like her mom is a big W!! This story would super funny if there wasn't a child involved in this mess. I feel so bad for the kid.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHa!!!! What did i tell everyone?? and people were on here telling me i was wrong and didnt know anything.. oh but i only speak the truth my friends.. i know her and what shes about. Please charge the little hussy and max her out!!! 180 days in the county! she deserves every bit of it!!


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Well said! ^^^^ I knew i was right from the start. But there will always be blind and gullable people in this world.


I know her personally and I knew it was all fabricated!


i know her very well.. i have for years and i knew from the start it was all made up lies by this trashy girl whos ruined some peoples lives before.


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I swear, the dumbest, most trashy people I've ever seen or known of...OHIO at it's best.


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My CSI skills just came out..3 stories in the paper today. This chick goes missing, a guy gets killed by a train, a Mexican robbed by a male and female....these 2 left hunters brew, needed money and robbed the Mexican, she panicked and pushed him into the train, hid out for a day and came up with an a story about drugged and raped. Sounds far fetched but I bet mythbusters would rule this theory as "plausible".....