Armed robbery at migrant farms

Robbers take off with undisclosed amount of cash
Scott Seitz
Jul 7, 2013


NEW HAVEN TOWNSHIP — A migrant worker was robbed at gunpoint Saturday afternoon at his work-camp apartment, according to Huron County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Ted Patrick.

The suspects, who are a man and woman, fled in a black Ford Ranger with an undisclosed amount of cash, taken from the victim, who was employed at Buurma Farms, 4889 Ohio 598.

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How would your opinion change if this were an American citizen - a "white person" who was robbed?

...another HUMAN BEING got robbed, of money HE WORKED FOR, doing a job we all benefit from but don't want to do for the pay and conditions offered.

If we have a problem with that we should - go apply for the job and do it; complain to the boss about the pay and conditions; don't buy what the migrant workers pick.

Let's not come to the defense of drug abusers who "we've known for a long time, are reeeellly good people going thru hard times"...let's not complain that this or that drug "really isn't that bad" and THEN complain because the judge gives them CBCF...for the third or fourth time.

Whoever this victim is - whatever nationality, however they're here, THE PERSON ROBBED IS THE VICTIM. If we feel WE'RE being victimized, whether by our community circumstances, the economy, the drugs taking over our communities - we need to address THOSE problems to solve them.

NOT looking to throw rocks at your head - believe me, I feel the same frustration and anger and sometimes even fear, with the same ISSUES; but WHO got robbed isn't the issue - that SOMEONE got robbed is the issue.


Mammamia, good reply!


Every American Citizen is entitled to the same protection under our laws.Nationality has no bearing!I agree oh DeaD FAN !


Touchy? relax, the guy said it right..sure he threw in a slang word, but who cares, Americans are not that touchy, every nationality has called another slangs forever, you must be of an outside race with no intentions of being an American, but want all the same rights? stop whining.. He never said anything about not being a human, money stolen from a worker. What i got was the truth "a heroin addict getting away with stealing someone's money, another day in Willard"