‘It’s pretty ugly;’ 2 men in trouble

Greenwich dealing with an abuse case
Joe Centers
Jul 5, 2013


Two elderly men are in trouble after allegedly coercing a teenage girl to have sex with them.

Richland County Children’s Services contacted Greenwich Police in April to report the 15-year-old victim reportedly had sexual conduct with two males, ages 76 and 80, according to a police report.

The abuse had occurred multiple times, the victim told authorities. “It’s pretty ugly,” Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said.

“She felt she didn’t have a choice. They befriended her and then they preyed on her. They didn’t give her a choice. ...I know it’s not something she wanted to do,” Officer Aaron Smith said.

Smith was assigned the case by Chief Steve Dorsey after the children’s services’ representative contacted him, according to the report.

The abuse initially occurred with the victim’s 80-year-old grandfather on multiple occasions, according to police. “The grandparents said the girl is promiscuous and they take no responsibility at all,” Smith said.

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WHY are these men NOT in jail!!! One of these men was HER grandfather, for gods sake! To do this to her, and then to blame her,REALLY. Leffler DO your job!!!!




How sad for the little girl! I hope Leffler throws the book at these 2 old geezers! God does not like ugly!


This "Little Girl" at 15 has been a biological adult for some time. If this is who I think it is she has been promiscuous since puberty.


So you are saying this is OK because she is promiscuous? It is ok for "grampa" to have sex/force sex on her? You are as SICK as he is.


All I am saying is that this is not a little girl and she has likely been promiscuous for quite a while. All that other stuff you are saying.


A 45 year old woman is NOT a little girl either.....but R A P E is rape. Rape is no different if you are a 15 year old girl that has went thru puberty or a 45 year old woman. I do NOT understand your comment at all. Other than you are trying to say this LITTLE GIRL has had a rough time trying to grow up in a not so easy world and her grampa and his buddy talked her into having sex with them. I do not know a 15 year old that would WANT to or admit to having sex with an 80year old. That is NOT really something you would brag about. I am sorry YOU said she is NOT a little girl...NOT me... I have a CHILD that age. SHE is A LITTLE GIRL. They are STILL babies at that age, they will just not admit it.


By no stretch of even your imagination is this rape. At most even with the limited facts we have its "contributing to unruliness" and it may not even be that. If you think that 15 year olds are little girls you are living in the distant past. 15 year old female virgins are scarce these days. The age of consent in Ohio and other states is under attack because of our modern world situation. I'm not in favor of it but I prefer to live in the real world rather than bury my head in the sand.


They would most certainly be in big trouble in any other county besides heroin county.


Actually no. Unless there was force involved most of the bigger counties would probably not even investigate this matter criminally. A children services referral for counselling would be all that would be looked into.


..exCUUUUse me???? Are you really saying ANYTHING to the effect that she deserved it or asked for it? Are you really avoiding addressing the fact that: these two males are plenty old enough to know this was wrong no matter what the young woman's actions were? ...that they had the DUTY to walk away and even the option to report her IF this were the case? ...that HER GRANDFATHER had a duty to protect her, even from her own lack of judgment..IF this were the case?

Or are you saying these two males were too old and senile to know what they were doing...in which case they ought to be locked away for the safety of others as well as themselves... I'll accept that.

...are you saying that if a minor "came on" to you that you would go ahead and have sex with the minor and excuse yourself as being the "victim"??? ...in which case you'd be willing to excuse someone else who did this to YOUR child, if the explanation was your kid initiated it all???


Good for you mammamia- it's like saying if a woman or child is wearing certain types of clothing, she's asking for it or just because she's promiscuous,she can't be raped- what the h*** is wrong with people!!??


All I am saying is how these matters are handled in more enlightened counties is different than how they are handled here. I was saying none of those things you are listing - you were saying those things - and neither of us knows the facts yet.


And what enlightened counties are you referring to? I've lived all over this country and been involved in the legal system as well as social services, and I can guarantee you, an accusation of two men aged 76 and 80 having any sexual contact with a 15 year old girl would not be condoned or tolerated. Your insinuation was obvious by your comment that this young lady has/is promiscuous.Why else would you post that? What gets me is how many people in this county are not even aware of how many of our children are sexually abused in our county because it's not released to the media.


An accusation of forcible sexual conduct would get the attention you assert. That is not this case even by stretching the limited facts that we have. This contact which by the way was initiated by the girl gets a counseling referral in an unruliness case for the girl most places.

Sitting In The ...

If found guilty I say euthanize both these losers


If one of them can produce an I.D. I'm sure they'll be allowed to go on their merry way.


You got it. Pretty much you get away with whatever in this county.



This is the law...not opinion. If she was 15, then a crime on some level, was committed. Both parties involved need therapy and help.


The crime for having sex with a 15 year old who is sexually active (as sadly most of them are today)is called "Contributing to Unruliness" and is a misdemeanor prosecuted in Juvenile Court when it is prosecuted at all. which is seldom. Since psychological studies tell us that the average age of first intercourse for females is now 13 1/2 years there there has been discussion in the legislature about lowering the age.

Señor Clown

The crime of a person who is 18 years of age or older having sexual contact with another who is less than 16 years of age and not their spouse is called 'Unlawful Sexual Conduct With A Minor', and in this case would be a third degree felony charge. Ohio Revised Code 2907.04, if you'd like clarification. Please do some simple fact checking before offering legal counsel.


Senor - If you'd bothered to read the case law on this statute you would know that it is seldom used on sexually active 15 yr olds. There is no charge to use the law library in the Courthouse but it might take 4 or 5 hours of your time.


it's pretty ugly in here too..


Why is everyone so worried the chief put his best man on it. Let em go Aaron. The real question is what excuse will he and the chief give council this time? NO ARREST,NO SURPRISE.


Wow, this is ridiculous. I can't believe this story even made it in the newspaper. I don't blame anyone for feeling sorry for her considering how well she made herself sound like the victim, but the true victims are the older men. I've know this girl for a couple of years now and I can promise you this is all just a cry for attention. Who honestly believes that two random men who are basically in their 80's would target her? Yeah, ok. Believe what you want, but until you know the facts then gossip isn't a wise decision.


...thank you for all you did over the couple of years you've known her, to find out WHY she was crying out for attention;...for all you did to either try to get her help or report her to someone - anyone - who could do something - anything - about the situation... For all you did to warn ANY responsible adult that this young woman was acting in an out of control, inappropriate and possibly dangerous way.

...because surely you didn't just stand by and watch, shrug your shoulders and decide it was none of your business (THEN)...?

...but according to the news report, these were not just two random men - one of them was her grandfather. So either SHE targeted THEM, as you seem to believe - AND THEY TOOK ACTION TO REPORT IT, TO STOP HER TARGETING THEM...or they didn't. Do YOU know the facts of which choice they made? If they ALLOWED her to "target" them and decided that justified their having sex with her then perhaps they're not competent enough to be making ANY decisions...


The legal age of consent is 16 in Ohio. Although we do have a Romeo and Juliet law, that would not apply here, since the accused are 76 and 80. As for the people on here who know her and have known for years of her actions-sexual or otherwise,and assumed that she was acting out for attention because statistically most young girls are having sex at the age of 13 1/2, did it ever occur to any of you, that the so called cry for attention could have been a cry for help? Statically speaking, the could have been one of the prime indicators of abuse or an undiagnosed mental illness? Bipolar Type 1 has symptoms that include self destructive behavior which includes sexual promiscuity. It's not "normal" for a young girl to be having sex at a young age,statistically speaking, no matter what you believe. I was one of the ones who acted out when I was younger and was later diagnosed with Bipolar Type 1 so I know better, I've worked with teenagers for a long time, not to mention I'm a mom, I know better. Yeah there are some that are exceptions but the majority of time, that isn't the case.

Yall Make Me Sick

Why is it ALWAYS the girls fault? She asked for it or she dressed liked she wanted it or she was acting older & looking older then her age. Well then act like the adult & walk away nobody said you had to stay there & take advantage of her OR wait for her to come onto you. BOTH them old men should be ashamed of themselves. For 1 he is the GRANDFATHER to this girl no grandfather should look at their grandchild in any other matter or way then just as a grandchild. Is this what old perverts do now a days for fun?


I'm reading the story, it leaves a lot of opening for questions.1 why would two old men 76, 80 need to befriend a 15 year old. doesn't she have family and friends? was she homeless? 2.The abuse had occurred multiple times, the victim told authorities.“She felt she didn't have a choice. Why didn't she have a choice? was she living there and had nowhere else to go?. I read some of the comments too, now they were interesting. Sarrak your comments were based on reality, I felt you condemned no one not knowing the full facts , but you based what you said on the knowledge set forth in the article. the rest of the comments were based on emotions not facts. Fact of the matter is, it's and article alleging something. I know I'm living in a dream world when I say this, but are we not innocent until proven guilty? and doesn't allege mean, an assertion made with little or no proof. Where was the parents of this girl? was she sexuality abused by the grandfather from the time she was little ? is this why she is allegedly promiscuous now? Not enough FACTS in the article to condemn either , or, the old men or the girl. This will be a wait and see, if anymore is ever printed on the story


There is no reason to be debating the issue. If the men forced her shame on them, they will face their own punishment. If she did so happen to come onto them then shame on her and shame on the old men who weren't smart enough and moral enough to know what was right to do in that particular situation. Either way the men should face charges seeing as the Age of consent is 16 and by no means should that be disregarded for any reason in this case.
If the people commenting are mature enough to have an opinion on the case then they should also be mature enough to respect and appreciate others opinions even if they are absolutely opposite.
I'm sure the men and the girl have enough that they are going through as it is. We don't need to contribute to their stress levels.