Patusky Norwalk’s new safety-service director

He'll start new job July 17
Scott Seitz
Jul 2, 2013


Norwalk Mayor Rob Duncan announced Tuesday that Robert Patusky, of Norwalk, has accepted the position of safety-service director for the city.  
Patusky will begin working for the city July 17. 

Currently employed at Fisher-Titus Medical Center, Patusky holds a master’s of business administration degree from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Wash.
Patusky, who is originally from Connecticut, earned his undergraduate degree from Case Western University.

He has lived in Norwalk since 1992.

The safety-service post is a mayoral appointment.

Patusky, who has also worked at Sunrise, said many of his duties there are similar to what he will do.

“The safety-service director plays an integral role in the administration of city business,” Duncan said. 

“In addition to many other tasks, the director plans and directs activities of parks and recreation, sanitation, police and fire from an administrative level, meeting with superintendents and police and fire chiefs to discuss and resolve operational problems,” he added. 

“The director also oversees the issuing of licenses and permits as provided by law, regulates parking within the city as well as attends council meetings to express concerns, provide information and recommend measures,” Duncan said.

The mayor is excited about Patusky joining the city.

“Bob is bringing experience, a varied skill set and notable cognitive reasoning abilities to the city. He also possesses excellent communication skills with both employees and the general public. I am looking forward to Bob becoming a part of our team,” Duncan said.

Patusky, 55, is an active member of the Norwalk community, coaching youth sports, participating in United Way fundraising and teaching at the Norwalk Alliance Church. Patusky and his wife of 30 years, Patti, have four children and two grandchildren.

“We think Norwalk is a great place to raise a family,” Patusky said.

“I’ve known Bob for almost 20 years,” the mayor said.

There were 32 applicants for the position.

“We had an excellent group of applicants,” Duncan said.

Patusky replaces former safety-service director Mark Schloemer, who resigned, effective June 19, to accept a position with the Westfield Group insurance firm in Lodi.

Patusky was narrowly defeated (52 to 48 percent) in the 2010 Huron County auditor race against current auditor Roland Tkach.



Read yours


"Read yours" :)


FYI: City website still has Mr. Schloemer listed.

May wanna fix that.


Bob Patusky is not official until July 17.


Bob Patuksy is not official until July 17, so it would not be appropriate to have his name on the website now.


Re: "...would not be appropriate to have his name on the website now."

Not my inference.

Adding an interim contact or outright deletion is too difficult?

It's only been almost two months - what the hurry right?


Contentious may wanna fix that


@CONTANGO-Your comments are absolutely right. Anyone who thinks Schloemer did not have any connection to Duncan before being hired as SSD didn't see him standing by Duncan's side at Republican headquarters before, during, and during and after the last Mayoral election. As I recall, he had just lost his position as a political aide, so guess volunteering to help with the campaign paid off.


I've known Bob for nearly two decades. I've watched him (and his wife) raise his kids, and work in the community. His life and love of Service, as well as his academic and employment credentials make him more than qualified for this position. Kudos to the mayor for getting this one right, and Best Wishes to a great friend with a servant heart!