UPDATE: Car fire apparent suicide

It could be weeks before the body is identified.
Joe Centers
Jun 30, 2013


A dead body was found in a burned-out car Sunday morning at the Milan Wildlife Area on Lovers Lane Road just inside the Erie County border.

Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth said the body is that of a 33-year-old Norwalk woman who apparently committed suicide.
She hasn’t been seen in about a day, he added.
Sigsworth said investigators located a license plate in the debris, and learned the vehicle’s owner is 33-year-old Norwalk woman.
Sigsworth said while authorities believe the person, who has yet to be identified, committed suicide, Erie County Coroner Dr. Brian Baxter will rule on the official cause of death —  a process Sigsworth said “will take some time.”


Sitting In The ...

That's insane ....

Karma Watcher

Prayers to the family.


Wow....so sad.
She cried out more than once!


So, so sorry!

unknown user

so sad


I just wonder how the newspaper got ahold of it soo soon... everyone at the scene had to keep quiet about it...one person at the scene was asked a straight out question from someone who obviously knew about it already and all he said was "yes"... I guess thats not a good thing to do with a situation like this but I think its bull crap...


So sorry to hear praying for the family


was it a car or van? one time this paper says van as does the SR.. now its a van... make up your minds!!


Blue angel plz read what u just put of course it's a van!!!


Blue angel plz read what u just put of course it's a van!!!


I know it was a van.. I was just saying the newspapers can not determine which one it was


the person has been identified by people on facebook... friends of hers...


I am sorry, but I cannot believe it being a suicide. How do you kill yourself then set the vehicle on fire? I am glad Sheriff Sigsworth is waiting for Doc. Baxter's ruling. Lets not have another sad event like the Limberious case. PLEASE!!!! Lets be sure. ECSO, you know what y'all are doing. Keep it up.


BlueAngel angry about everything on earth except what actually happened.


@StuHart....what r u talking about?


she's only tried to kill herself like 5 times guess what this time it worked... this is the same person who jumped out into the path of the car at the corner of milan ave and Williams St


Blue Angel must be the most unhappiest person on earth, or the only perfect one.


@DOC5798a..............DUDE.. why are you on my case...... geesh...not perfect in any way, shape or form.. and im am so sure your not either.... and I am not unhappy...I have a wonderful life... what about you???


RIP Roberta- I hope you found the peace and serenity you were searching for


There are many ways to make yourself "pass out"....it's possible she did just that after lighting the fire. Those that think this isn't suicide are wrong, Roberta has had severe mental health and chemical dependency issues for many years now. I pray her children and family find comfort in their time of sorrow.....RIP Roberta <3


If anyone is able to talk to the victim's family, please refer them to North Central Survivors of Suicide support group. www.northcentralsos.org or the facebook group: www.facebook.com/groups/NCSOS. It is a peer-led support group for persons that have lost a loved one to suicide. Or contact them by email: northcentralsos@gmail.com. Much love and prayers to the family <3

Cliff Cannon

I had the great privilege of being her Dad's friend in high school. Then, we had beautiful daughters, the same age and I always thought very highly of my friends daughter.

Tonight, as this horrible unspeakable tragedy unfolds with the loss of his daughter. My heart, my prayers as well as my tears go out to my friend and his grandchildren in this maximum hour of grief.